Degree FAQs

5 Best Online Bachelor's Degrees

There are several reasons to earn a degree online - and many schools offer online bachelor's degrees in a wide variety of fields. We took a look at these undergrad programs to find the top five fields that are best suited to online learning.

Best Graduate Schools With No GMAT Required

Want to go to a graduate school but without the burden of needing to take the GMAT? The good news is there are quality graduate schools that don't have a GMAT requirement. We examined some top graduate schools that admit students who have not...

Does Having a Degree vs. No Degree Affect Employment Opportunities?

If you're unsure about whether earning a college degree is right for you, read on. Learn whether your employment opportunities will be better if you do earn a college degree.

Literacy Degree Programs and Schools

Literacy is sometimes offered as a specialization through master's degree programs in education. Find out about courses that may be included in a literacy specialization, and read information about becoming a teacher who focuses on literacy.

Top 5 Best Online Colleges for Today's Students

Many colleges today recognize the need for more flexibility in education and are responding with online options and benefits that make quality education available to more students. We searched for schools that ranked highly in several areas to...

What are Academic Degrees?

Most colleges and universities award academic degrees upon completion of particular programs of study. Academic degrees are required to begin working in many career fields. Read on to find more information about academic degrees.

What are Accelerated College Degree Programs?

Attending an accelerated college degree program will help you earn a degree more quickly than you would in a standard program. Depending on the type of program you attend, you could be awarded a single degree or dual degrees. Keep reading for...

What are Common Two-Year Degree Programs?

Depending on your career goals, earning a two-year degree could prepare you for a new job or an opportunity to transfer into a four-year school. Some programs, such as nursing and business administration, tend to be common choices, although you...

What are Popular New College Degree Programs that have Emerged?

As the world of technology continues to expand, what new education options are open to college students? Read on to learn more about degree programs in biometrics, data science and social media.

What are the Education Requirements Needed for a PhD?

In addition to prerequisites for entering a Ph.D. program, doctoral candidates usually must complete a prescribed amount of coursework, pass a doctoral examination and complete a dissertation in their field of study. The following article...

What are the Highest Paying Jobs with a College Degree?

If you're looking for a job that pays well and doesn't necessarily require advanced schooling, read on. A college degree can prepare you for careers in some of the nation's most lucrative fields, including engineering, management and promotions.

What are the Requirements of Bachelor's Programs?

Most bachelor's degree programs require students to take major courses, general education classes and electives. The undergraduate curriculum is designed to take about four years to complete. Specific requirements of bachelor's degree programs...

What Are the Top Colleges for Education Degrees?

Discover some of the key characteristics of top-ranked education programs in the nation. Read about three schools with well-regarded education programs, and check the national rankings for ten additional schools. Explore the undergraduate and...

What is a Distance Degree?

A distance degree is a way for students to complete their college education within a convenient timeframe and schedule, without regular visits to a college campus. The length of a distance degree program and the types of courses offered may vary...

What is an AA Degree?

An Associate of Arts (AA) degree can be awarded at a 2-year school, like a community college, junior college or business college. In some cases, 4-year universities also offer AA degree programs as well. The following article describes what a...

What is an Accelerated Degree Program?

Accelerated degree programs typically include condensed classes that may be completed more quickly than standard courses. The article that follows provides more information about accelerated degree programs.

What is an Internet Degree?

A growing number of college students are choosing to pursue an online or Internet degree. From state universities to small colleges, nearly all higher education institutions offer online courses or degree programs. Read on to get more information...

What's the Difference Between Certificate and Degree Programs?

Whether you want to expand your career skills or learn how to think clearly and critically, college can be a useful option. With so many programs available, though, it might be difficult to choose one. In general, you could enter a certificate...

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