Design Engineering FAQs

Architectural CAD Technician Courses and Programs

Architectural CAD technicians create digital images of building plans, and they're part of the team that plans and constructs new homes and commercial buildings. Learn about the 1- and 2-year degree programs offered in this field, and explore the...

Architectural Drafting Technology Programs

Learn to create architectural drawings through an architectural drafting technology program. Get information on what courses are included in a degree program, and explore career options.

Architectural Engineering Degree Programs

Architectural engineers examine building designs to make sure that the planned structures would be safe and have functional systems, like heating and cooling. Read on to learn about available education programs, earnings and job duties of an...

Architectural Technician: Salary and Career Facts

Architectural technicians complete drafting and design projects under the supervision of a licensed architect. Find out the typical duties, salary and education requirements.

Engineering Design Majors

Read about studying engineering design through a mechanical, civil or software engineering bachelor's degree program, among other fields. Explore the typical curricula in these programs, and check the availability of online or hybrid degree...

How is CAD Software Used in Kitchen Design?

Computer aided design (CAD) software can be used as a tool in various architectural projects, including kitchen design. Read on for more details regarding the use of CAD in kitchen design.

How Much Do Entry-Level Design Engineers Make in Annual Salary?

If you have an inquisitive nature, a creative side and a technical aptitude, then you might enjoy a career in design engineering. Some possible jobs include mechanical design engineer, electrical design engineer and civil design engineer. Read on...

Online Architectural Engineering Courses

Architectural engineering programs prepare students to apply engineering, science and math principles to the construction process of homes and commercial buildings in order to ensure functionality and safety. Online courses in architectural...

Online Architectural Engineering Degree Programs

Learn about what an architectural engineer does and the employment outlook for this field. Find out about degree options and the classes required, and get information about how to take classes online.

Online Bachelor's Degree Programs in Architectural Engineering

Learn about the courses offered and topics discussed in a bachelor's program in architectural engineering. Get information about the requirements to earn the degree and the licensure process.

Online Design Engineering Degrees and Courses

A design engineer takes an initial concept, develops the systems and technical components that make the product come alive and creates the prototype or model. You can gain the skills necessary for a career in design engineering by earning an...

Online Mechanical Design Engineering Courses

Mechanical engineering design courses are typically found within mechanical engineering degree programs. Learn how online programs in mechanical engineering work as well as about the curriculum and career options available for graduates.

Technical Architect Jobs: Salary and Career Facts

Technical architects oversee their employer's computer network structure, computer hardware, and software and communications system operation. To discover more about the job duties, education, and salary for a technical architect, read on.

What are Some Common Technical Drafting Professions?

For people looking for a career that balances creativity with precision, a technical drafting position may be a good option. Read on to find out more details regarding some possible career paths, such as civil drafting and electronics drafting,...

What are Some Popular Design Engineering Careers?

Design engineers create the specifications and designs for a variety of items, ranging from everyday electronics and appliances to automotive vehicles. Read on to learn about the educational requirements and career paths for these engineers.

What Are the Education Requirements for an Engineering Design Career?

For students who enjoy designing and implementing solutions to difficult problems, a career in engineering design may be a good option. Some possible specialities include mechanical, electrical and civil design engineering. Read on for details...

What Design Professions Use AutoCAD Drafting Software?

Many professions require the use of computer-aided design programs such as AutoCAD to manipulate floor plans, design blueprints and map utilities. Keep reading to learn more about computer-aided design as it applies to the architecture, interior...

What Essential Skills Are Taught in Online CAD Training Programs?

Designers and drafters use computer aided design (CAD) programs to develop the plans for a variety of objects, ranging from electronic devices to buildings. Training in CAD technology might be offered through certificate programs, associate's and...

What is a SolidWorks Drafter?

Individuals who work in computer-aided product design (CAD) may be required to produce drafts, blueprints, or plans using SolidWorks software. SolidWorks is a popular design and drafting application, and there are several schools that offer...

What is AutoCAD?

For over two decades, professionals in various design and engineering fields have used AutoCAD software for a wide range of applications. Read on to discover specific applications of AutoCAD as well as career fields that frequently use this...

What is CAD Drafting?

Computer aided design (CAD) software has become one of the most widely used tools in the engineering and architectural fields. Read on to find out more about the ways that CAD is utilized by drafters to complete many important design-related tasks.

What is Covered in an Online Design Engineering Course?

Online design engineering courses may cover computer-aided design, manufacturing processes and product optimization. These courses are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels through programs in various engineering disciplines. Read on...

What is Mastercam?

Mastercam is a computer-aided design and manufacturing tool that was created by CNC Software, a Massachusetts-based software company. This article explores the tools of Mastercam. If you are interested in computer-aided design or computer-aided...

What is the Difference Between CAD and AutoCAD?

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the general term that applies to the use of computers in the design of houses, office buildings, interiors and anything else that previously required hands-on drafting. AutoCAD is a specific piece of software used...

What is the Salary of a Drafting Engineer?

Drafting engineers, also called drafters, use their engineering skills to draw up the outlines for various architectural, electrical and mechanical projects. Read on to learn the salaries of different types of drafting engineers.

What Is the Top School for a Bachelor's Degree in Computer-Aided Drafting & Design Technology?

Completing a degree program in computer-aided drafting and design technology may prepare students for a variety of careers, such as architectural drafting or mechanical drafting. Read on to find out which well-known U.S. colleges and schools...

What Skills Are Taught in Online AutoCAD Classes?

Many colleges across the U.S. offer online courses that teach the fundamentals of AutoCAD, a widely used computer-aided design (CAD) program. Continue reading to discover which skills are commonly found in AutoCAD classes.

What U.S. Schools Offer Mechanical Drafting Training?

If you are considering a career in mechanical drafting, you will first need to find a suitable educational training program. Many technical and community colleges across the U.S. offer such education. Read on to find out more about some possible...

Where Can I Find Free AutoCAD Courses and Training?

Individuals seeking an understanding of AutoCAD software can find free AutoCAD courses and training from a number of sources. High schools, vocational schools and adult training centers offer free seminars and workshops. Read on to find examples...

Which Schools Offer an Online Drafting Degree Program?

Students who are passionate about architecture and technical design may be interested in pursuing an online drafting degree. Learn about a few accredited schools that offer online degree programs in drafting.

Which Schools Offer Online AutoCAD Certification Courses?

Individuals seeking certification in AutoCAD can find preparatory training courses online through various schools' continuing education programs. To receive certification, you must complete an authorized exam approved by Autodesk, the developers...

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