Distance Learning FAQs

Are There Any Free Online Training Programs that are Really Free?

Many Internet sites hosted by organizations, universities, private companies and government agencies offer free online training. Some of the sites require registration. Continue reading to find out about free online training programs.

Do All Colleges Offer Distance Learning Programs?

Distance learning programs are offered at numerous colleges across the nation, though not all. Read on to learn more about factors that can affect the availability of distance learning programs.

Do Traditional Colleges Offer Distance Learning Programs?

Many traditional colleges offer distance-learning programs. Some award degrees entirely through online programs, while others offer credit for courses but not degrees. Here are a few examples of online degree programs and the coursework that they...

How Can I Earn a College Degree from Home?

With changes in technology, it has become possible to receive an accredited college degree through distance learning. Many schools offer degree programs in a variety of fields that may be completed entirely from home. Continue reading to learn...

How Do Distance Education Programs Work?

Distance education programs allow students to complete courses or earn a degree without attending lectures on campus. Students usually complete homework assignments, review course material, take examinations and communicate with professors by...

How Do Distance Learning Classes Work?

Distance learning classes present course work and instructional seminars online, using a variety of methods to deliver content. Continue reading to find out more about how distance-learning classes work and whether they are a viable education...

How Do I Find an Accredited Distance Learning Program?

Finding an accredited distance learning program is not difficult if you use the right tools. Read on for tips to help you find the accredited distance learning program to fit your needs.

How Does a Distance Learning College Degree Work?

Millions of college students choose to obtain their degree outside of the traditional method of attending live classes at a college or university. Continue reading for information about how a distance learning college degree program works.

How Does Accreditation Work with Distance Learning Programs?

Accreditation ensures that a program meets standards set by an accrediting agency, which means that other reputable institutions and organizations will honor degrees earned through the program. Read more about accrediting bodies for distance...

How Does Someone Attend College at Home?

There is an ever-increasing number of opportunities for students who would like to pursue a college degree from home. Read below to find out about a few of the ways that someone can attend college through distance learning programs.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend a Distance Learning University?

Just as the cost of traditional universities varies, so does the cost of distance learning universities. Read on to learn about the factors that influence the cost of courses and programs offered through a distance learning university.

What are Correspondence Classes?

Correspondence classes allow students to fulfill coursework in their field of study independently and remotely, then return the completed work either by postal service or electronic mail. Continue reading to learn more about correspondence classes.

What are Home Learning Courses?

Home learning courses, also referred to as distance learning, are educational programs that students are able to complete from their own residences. Program materials are provided to the student, often over the internet, and students complete the...

What are Home Study Programs?

Home study programs are series of educational courses that students can complete without physically attending class. Most programs are delivered over the Internet. Read on to find out more about home study programs.

What are Popular Distance Learning Courses?

Distance learning courses are offered in a wide variety of fields and gain in popularity year after year. Read on to learn more about several popular topics offered through distance learning programs.

What are Some Common At-Home College Courses?

Students who are unable to participate in on-campus courses may be interested in taking college courses from home. Examples of common at-home college courses are described below.

What are the Advantages of Distance Learning Degrees?

A distance learning degree generally carries the same weight as a degree earned on campus. The advantages of distance learning are numerous, with an increasing number of schools offering distance learning degrees and programs.

What are the Benefits of Distance Education?

Distance education typically refers to college classes that are delivered online. Distance education is becoming increasingly popular at colleges all over the U.S.

What are the Most Common Distance Learning Degree Programs?

Distance learning degree programs provide educational opportunities to students who cannot attend school in a traditional campus setting. Some common distance programs include accounting, business administration and information technology.

What are the Pros and Cons of Distance Learning?

Distance learning programs offer flexibility around busy schedules; however, face-to-face experiences are minimal. Read on to explore more about the pros and cons of distance learning.

What is a Correspondence School?

A correspondence school is a school that offers distance learning opportunities to students from preschool through college. Read below for specifics on correspondence schools and the benefits of attending.

What is a Distance Education Program?

Distance education programs allow students to pursue a college degree without having to attend class on campus. Read on to learn more about these programs and how they work.

What is a Distance Learning College?

Students who are unable to commit to on-campus study may be interested in distance learning colleges. Read on to find out more about distance learning colleges and how they work.

What is a Distance Learning Degree Program?

Distance learning incorporates different types of media, including the internet, telephone and television, to convey instructional material to students. Read on to learn more about what a distance learning education entails.

What is a Self-Paced Distance Education Program?

Self-paced distance education allows students to get through classes or modules as quickly or slowly as they like. Many for-credit programs set a minimum and maximum length of time allowed for completion.

What is a Virtual School?

The term 'virtual school' is used to reference a school that offers most or all of its courses online. Read on to learn more about the variety of courses and programs offered at these accredited online schools.

What is Long Distance Learning?

Long distance learning allows students to complete high school, continuing education and college courses without physically being on campus. Classes may be taken online, through audio or videocassette instruction or by mail.

What Is the Application Process for Enrolling in a Distance Learning Program?

Enrolling in a distance learning program usually involves the same application process as enrolling in an academic program with classes that meet on campus. Learn about the application process for a distance learning program below.

What Is the Difference Between a Distance Education and Online Degree?

A distance education degree and an online degree are commonly thought of as the same thing. Read on to find out about the differences between the two.

What Kinds of Courses are Best Learned Through Distance Learning?

Subjects best learned through distance learning are those that don't depend on a lot of lab work or other hands-on experience. Examples include business administration, digital media and liberal arts courses.

What Programs are Offered at Distance Learning Schools?

Many schools and universities offer degree programs via distance learning. A person interested in a distance learning program should first determine if the school is accredited and if lab or clinical work will need to be performed on campus or at...

What Should I Consider Before Starting a Distance Learning Program?

Find out what you need to know before you embark on a distance learning program. Read about accreditation, learning styles and what kinds of services are available to you as an online student.

Where Can I Find Free Distance Learning Courses and Programs?

Many people would like to take college courses simply for personal or professional enrichment but lack the money to do so. Read on to find out where to find free distance learning opportunities.

Where Can I Find Free Distance Learning Courses?

It's never been easier for the world to access free online courses, simply with an internet connection and a mobile device, laptop or home computer. Universities that offer free online courses include Utah State University, MIT, and UC Berkeley.

Where Can I Find Free Home Learning Programs Online?

Many colleges and universities offer free home learning programs that can be taken online. Higher education institutions are interested in offering these programs because they generate publicity and address the needs of learners in special...

Which Ph.D. Programs are Available Through Distance Learning?

Many Ph.D. programs are available through distance learning programs. A person pursuing a doctorate degree will find online programs in fields such as technology, nursing and psychology.

Which Prestigious Universities Offer Distance Learning Programs?

Some of the top colleges and universities in the country, as ranked by ''U.S. News & World Report'' for 2014, offer distance learning programs. Keep reading to learn about online options at four prestigious universities.

Which Public Schools Offer Distance Learning Programs?

Get information about a few large public schools that offer distance learning degree programs. Read about school facts and program options, and find out how distance learning works.

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