Doctoral Degrees in Health Services

Doctoral Degree Information: Health Services Degrees

If you already work in education, but are interest in moving into an administration career, it may be time to head back to school for an advanced degree. This section has information about doctoral degrees in education, including educational administration, counselor education and music education. Each article includes information on program coursework, skills learned and career options.

Many health care professionals choose to continue their education with a doctoral degree in health services. The advanced degree gives them the knowledge and training to advance in their field or move into a new specialty. This category includes information about several doctoral degrees in health services, including physical therapy, health administration and clinical psychology. Each article includes information about that specific degree program, including required coursework, skills, career possibilities and a job outlook.

Counseling: Doctoral Degree Programs

Doctoral degree programs in counseling are for students interested in working as mental health providers, researchers or teachers. Review the prerequisites for enrolling in a doctoral degree program in counseling, and find out what you'd study....

Doctoral Degree Program in Naturopathic Medicine

There are different approaches to medicine, and one of them involves a doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine. This article explores the class topics and credentials that come out of a doctoral program.

Doctoral Degree in Health Administration

Doctoral degree programs in health administration are for students looking for research-based positions in administration and health policy. Find out what you'd learn in this doctoral degree program and explore some of the courses you could take....

Doctoral Degree Program in Counseling Psychology

If you like listening to people and find yourself always giving advice to others, you might consider a career in counseling psychology. Read on to learn about degree programs, prerequisites, licensing requirements and salary info.

Doctoral Degree Programs in Clinical Psychology

Learn about the types of doctoral degrees available in clinical psychology and program requirements. Also find out about licensure, salary and employment outlook for clinical psychologists.

Holistic Nutrition: Doctoral Degree

A doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine can prepare you for a career in holistic nutrition. This article shows you how to gain access to a doctoral program in holistic nutrition, along with the botanical medicine and biochemistry courses that...

Human Services: Doctoral Degree

Research in psychology can be done with a doctoral degree in human services. In this article, you can find out what goes into a typical doctoral program, along with admission requirements and class types.

Natural Health: Doctoral Degree

If you are passionate about alternative health options, you may consider obtaining a doctoral degree in the field. This article contains information about accredited programs and what you will learn as part of a doctoral program.

Naturopathy: Doctoral Degree Programs

If you are interested in a different approach to medicine, you might want to explore the options for a naturopathic doctoral program. This article shows you the areas of study, including neurology and embryology, that you can find in a program,...

Physical Therapy: Doctoral Degree Program

Earning a doctoral degree in physical therapy can prepare you for a job in a hospital, physician's office or rehabilitation center. In addition to practicing, you could conduct research on improving therapeutic techniques. This article shows you...

Psychology (PsyD): Doctoral Degree

A Psy.D. program and a Ph.D. in psychology program have similar elements, but the emphasis of each program is different. Many accredited schools offer Psy.D. studies. Explore common coursework requirements for these programs and take a look at...

Public Health: Doctoral Degree

Review your doctoral degree options in the field of public health. Check the admission requirements for these programs, and explore some of the classes you could take as a doctoral student. Get info on job options for doctorate-holders in public...

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