Educational Leadership FAQs

Best Online PhD Programs in Educational Leadership

Explore 90 of the top schools with online educational leadership Ph.D. programs. Learn what types of programs are offered online, what in-person requirements they consist of, and what you will learn during your studies.

Educational Leadership Degree and Certificate Programs

School principals oversee a school's curriculum development, teaching staff and overall management, which are skills learned through an education leadership/administration graduate program. Read on to learn about degree and certificate programs...

How Can I Work in Higher Education Leadership?

Higher education leadership professionals are often experienced educators who can help to shape a college's curriculum. Read on to learn about education requirements, job duties and salary information.

Instructional Leadership Degree Programs

Instructional leadership degree programs can be found at the graduate level and are designed for teachers, school administrators, and other educational personnel. Discover program length and requirements. Find out prerequisites and online options...

Online Doctoral Degree Programs in Educational Leadership

Get information about the requirements to earn a doctoral degree online in educational leadership. Find out about prerequisites as well as class topics and career opportunities.

Online Educational Leadership Degree Programs

Individuals with educational leadership degrees work in many capacities in a variety of educational settings, from pre-school to adult education. Get information about degree options and classes offered.

Top Schools to Earn a Doctorate in Educational Leadership

Earning a doctorate in educational leadership can prepare you for a top-level career in the education sector. Read on to learn how to choose an educational leadership program, and find out what the best schools in the country are for this field...

What are Some Career Options in Education Administration?

Someone seeking a leadership role in an elementary school, secondary school or even a postsecondary school should consider career options available in education administration. Some of these positions include principal, central office...

What Are the Courses in a Master's in Education Administration Degree?

Several institutions offer various master's degree programs in the field of education administration. If you want to learn more about the kind of curriculum requirements these programs typically have, keep reading.

What are the Requirements for Becoming a School Administrator?

To become a public school administrator at the elementary or secondary level, you typically need a graduate degree and a license. Most schools prefer to hire administrators with previous teaching experience as well. Read on to learn more about...

What Can I Do with a Doctorate in Education Leadership?

Doctor of Education (EdD) degree programs in educational leadership can train you for advanced careers in school administration. Read on to learn more about careers available to those with an EdD degree.

What Can I Do with a Master's Degree in Education Leadership?

With a master's degree in educational leadership, you might serve as a department chair at a university or a principal at a high school. The following article describes what you can do with a master's degree in education leadership.

What Can I Do with a Master's in Education Administration Degree?

A master's in education administration can prepare you for a number of careers in the education system, especially in conjunction with teaching experience. Learn about the job options available with this degree, typical salaries for a master's in...

What Courses Are in a Master of Educational Leadership Distance Learning Degree Program?

Distance learning master's degree programs in educational leadership include courses in school administration, curriculum development, school law and teaching theory. These programs prepare students for administrative and policy-making roles at...

What is an Educational Specialist in Instructional Leadership?

Research what it takes to become an educational specialist (instructional coordinator) in instructional leadership. Learn about job duties, education requirements, employment outlook and wages to find out if this is the career for you.

What is an Instructional Coordinator?

Research what it takes to become an instructional coordinator. Learn about degree programs, licensure requirements and salary information to find out if this is the career for you.

What is Educational Leadership?

Educational leadership is usually the responsibility of school administrators and principals, who strive to create positive change in educational policy and processes. Read on to learn more about this position and the opportunities available in...

What Training is Needed for a Career in Education Leadership?

Education leadership, also called school leadership, is an expanding field in which education professionals supervise and create plans and programs to improve schools. Education experience and a graduate-level degree are required for a career in...

What Will I Learn in an Educational Leadership Degree Program?

A Master of Education or Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program could prepare you to become a school principal, superintendent or other educational administrator in public or private school systems. A Doctor of Philosophy in...

Where Can I Earn a Doctor of Education in Education Leadership Online?

With a Doctor of Education in Education Leadership, you'll be prepared to go beyond the role of the typical administration career and provide innovation and leadership to the area of academics. Online Doctor of Education degrees in education...

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