Entrepreneurship FAQs

Associate Degree in Small Business Management: Online Programs

Find out what you'd learn in an online associate degree program in small business management. Also, read about the skills you'd acquire and how online degree programs work.

Bachelor Degree Programs in Small Business Management

Read about bachelor's degree programs in business with a focus on small business management. Check the availability of online degree programs in this field, explore the typical coursework and get info about your options for advancing to a...

Degrees for Entrepreneurs

Learn what academic programs can prepare you to start and run your own business. Explore options at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels, and find out if you can complete some of your training through online learning.

Doctorate in Small Business Management: Distance Learning Programs

At the doctoral level, you can study business management online in the context of a broader business administration or management program; however, you will have to enroll in a master's-level or undergraduate program to obtain a degree online....

Entrepreneurship Graduate Programs

Read about graduate entrepreneurship programs at the certificate, master's degree and doctoral levels. Find out whether online programs are available at any of these levels, and review some typical course topics covered in a graduate...

Entrepreneurship Majors

As an entrepreneurship major, you'll learn how to manage capital, budgets and business operations for the purpose of starting and running a new company. Learn more about the curriculum in a bachelor's degree program in entrepreneurship. Get info...

How Can a Degree in Entrepreneurship Help Me Start My Own Business?

If you want to develop knowledge and skills that could help you start your own business, you might opt to enroll in an entrepreneurship program. These programs are readily available through community colleges and 4-year schools at the...

Online Degree Programs for Small Business Owners

You may wish to earn an online degree in small business management to help you run your business more effectively, although you may not have time to attain a degree through a traditional format. See what online degree programs you could apply to...

Online Entrepreneurship Courses

You can find online learning courses in entrepreneurship offered individually or through certificate and degree programs. Learn how these courses work and the kind of programs available.

Online Entrepreneurship Degree Programs

Read about online degree programs in entrepreneurship, which you can find at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels. Check the prerequisites for enrolling in one of these programs, and find out how online degree programs work....

PhD in Entrepreneurship

Discover the admission requirements to a Ph.D. program in entrepreneurship, and read about some of the course topics you'd study at the doctoral level. Find out what careers a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship could prepare you for.

Schools for Entrepreneurship Majors

Find out what you'd learn in a bachelor's degree program in entrepreneurship, and get info on choosing a school that offers this field of study. Review the typical curriculum for an undergraduate entrepreneurship program in depth.

What Are the Courses in a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship?

Earning a bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship can lead to a career in almost any industry. There is a need for new businesses and new ideas to help the economy grow and thrive. Continue reading for an overview of this type of program and...

What Are the Courses in a Small Business Management Degree Program?

Discover what types of degrees are available in small business management. Find out about the core courses that are part of these degree programs and what you can learn.

What Can I Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship?

Bachelor's degrees in entrepreneurship can lead to a number of business opportunities in almost any industry. If you're creative, motivated and want to develop business prowess, you may consider pursuing a bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship....

What Careers Do a Degree in Small Business Management Prepare Students For?

Find out what types of small business management degrees are available. Learn about some careers in small business and management that a degree in this field will prepare you for.

What is an Entrepreneurial Studies Degree?

Aspiring entrepreneurs can choose from several degree programs that can prepare them to create and manage a new business. Read on to learn about degrees from the associate's through the Ph.D. level, as well as certificates. Explore the coursework...

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship as a field involves the conception, development and sale of a new product or service. To learn more about the education and skills of entrepreneurs, keep reading.

What's the Curriculum for a Small Business Management Master's Degree?

A master's degree in small business management could lead to a career as a manager, administrator or entrepreneur. This degree program provides students with knowledge about developing business plans, solving business problems and other...

What's the Curriculum of an Associate Degree in Entrepreneurship?

An associate degree program in entrepreneurship can prepare you to become a business owner or manager. The curriculum is geared towards helping you develop business, financial, management and leadership skills. Read on for descriptions of several...

Which Schools Offer a Bachelor's Degree in Small Business Management?

Find out about three schools that offer bachelor's degree programs in small business management. Learn about courses included in these programs and other related opportunities at these schools.

Which Schools Offer a Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship?

Several schools offer graduate-level programs that give students the opportunity to earn a certificate in entrepreneurship. Keep reading to find out more about the coursework in three universities' programs.

Which Schools Offer Online Degree Programs in Entrepreneurship?

Many schools offer online degree programs in entrepreneurship through their business programs or business schools. Learn about a few online undergraduate and graduate degree programs in entrepreneurship.

Which Schools Offer Online Degrees in Small Business Management?

Completing an online degree in small business management can be a convenient way to prepare for a career in business. Find out about three schools that offer online small business management associate's and bachelor's degree programs.

Why Should I Major in Entrepreneurship?

Are you interested in starting your own business but aren't sure how? Do you have an idea for a new product but don't know what to do next? If so, you might consider pursuing a bachelor's degree with a major in entrepreneurship. Completing a...

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