General Studies FAQs

Bachelor of General Studies: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with a bachelor's degree in general studies. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary and employment statistics.

Careers with a Liberal Studies Degree

Find out what types of careers you could pursue with a degree in liberal studies. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary and job outlook information.

Home Economics Majors

Many colleges and universities offer bachelor's degree programs in family and consumer sciences, a field closely related to home economics. Explore potential course topics, your online study options, career possibilities and salary potential.

Online General Studies Courses and Degrees

Learn about online general studies degree programs. Continue reading to find out more about what courses may be included and how an online program works.

Online Home Economics Degree Programs

Learn about your options for earning a degree in home economics or family and consumer sciences online. Read on to find information on degree levels, curricula and career preparation in this field.

PhD in General Studies

Doctoral programs typically aren't available in general studies. Learn about an alternate option, the interdisciplinary Ph.D. program, which is a research program that can include multiple academic subjects.

What Are the Best Schools for Liberal Studies?

Read about three well-regarded schools with liberal studies programs, and check their national rankings. Explore the liberal studies degree programs that each school offers. Get info on choosing a school for liberal studies.

What Careers Can I Pursue with a General Studies Degree?

General studies programs provide the requisite educational background for a large number of careers. Whether you earn an associate's or a bachelor's degree will help determine the type of job you might pursue with an educational background in...

What is a General Studies Degree?

For students who don't wish to choose a major but still want to earn a college degree, a general studies degree program may be a good choice. General studies degree programs typically provide the breadth and flexibility not commonly found in...

What is an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree?

Find out how an interdisciplinary studies program could allow you to customize your degree for your career goals. Learn about degree levels and commonly included concentrations.

What Jobs Can You Get with an Associate Degree in General Studies?

Majoring in general studies may allow you to explore your interests while preparing you for entry-level work in office or business settings. Read about some job options for those with a 2-year degree in this field.

What's the Curriculum of an Associate Degree in General Studies?

A two-year Associate of Arts (A.A.) in General Studies is geared towards students who would like to transfer to a four-year university later, but haven't yet decided upon a major, says the College Board. Students in a general studies program will...

Where Can I Earn an Associate of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Online?

If you are having trouble choosing a major and cannot commit to on-campus study, an online associate's degree program in interdisciplinary studies may be a good start. Read on to find out more about schools that offer a degree program leading to...

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