Humanities FAQs

African Studies Degree Programs

Read on to learn about available degree programs in African studies and your career opportunities after graduation. See what your bachelor's degree options are, and take a look at what you'll study. Consider what you'll learn in a master's or...

American Studies Degree Programs

Learn about degree options in American Studies, including education levels and course topics. Continue reading for information on career options and related salaries.

Art History Degree Programs and Career Facts

A degree program in art history can help to prepare you for a career as an art critic, auctioneer, gallery owner or museum curator. Learn about degree levels, career opportunities and options for online study.

Asian Studies Degree Programs

Asian studies degree programs can be found at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree levels. Requirements typically include language training plus classes in history, politics, economics, geography and culture. Continue reading for...

Careers for Cultural Studies Majors

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue as a cultural studies major. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary and licensure information.

Classical Studies Careers

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in classical studies. Read on to learn more about career options along with education and salary information.

Classical Studies Degrees

Learn about the field of classical studies, undergraduate and graduate degree programs and the topics you'll typically study. See what your career options are after graduation.

Diversity Studies Degree Programs

Degree programs and concentrations in diversity studies are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. For more information about program content, course topics and career options for graduates, read on!

European Studies Degrees

European studies programs explore some of Europe's most historical events and how they shaped world economies, politics, religions and inventions. Read on to learn more about the education you can receive in undergraduate and graduate European...

Geography Degree Programs

Geography degree programs will teach you about different regions, maps, and land and water environments. Continue reading for more information about geography degree programs and your career options after graduation.

Humanities Majors: Salary and Career Facts

A major in the humanities can encompass a wide range of topics, including art, history and literature, among others. Learn about the different types of jobs and related salaries that may be available to graduates. Get more info about course...

Intercultural Studies Degree Programs

Intercultural studies programs that cover human interactions and cultural affairs on a global scale can prepare you for jobs in the fields of education, government or international relations. Read on for more information about degree programs in...

Jobs in Intercultural Studies: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in the field of intercultural studies. Read on to learn more about career options along with education requirements and salary information.

Master of Humanities: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Learn about the courses, requirements and delivery methods for a master of humanities program. Discover specializations available in humanities, and explore careers you can pursue with this degree.

Online Drama Courses

Learn more about online drama courses below. See the wide array of topics you can study through drama classes, and find out about the availability of online learning in this field of study.

Online Humanities Associate Degree Programs

An associate's degree program in humanities or general studies can provide you with a well-rounded education and introduce you to the challenges of college-level courses. Learn about these programs, including online options.

Online Humanities Courses and Schools

Distance learning programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels allow you to explore cross-disciplinary topics in the humanities. Learn about the wide range of humanities course topics you could study online, from philosophy to music. Find...

Online Humanities Degree Programs

Learn how online undergraduate and graduate degree programs in humanities work, what requirements are involved, and what courses are included in these programs. Discover careers you could pursue with a degree in this field.

PhD in Humanities

Get information about doctoral program options in the humanities and the requirements to earn this degree. Learn about prerequisites, and find out about job titles that a humanities doctorate might have.

Russian Studies Degree Programs

Russian studies degree programs typically cover the culture, language and history of Russia. Learn about degree programs in Russian studies and job options for graduates.

What are Popular Careers in Humanities?

At universities and colleges, schools of humanities aim to provide a multidisciplinary approach to understanding people and the social institutions we create; they do this through the study of art, social structures, and other forms of cultural...

What Are the Best Colleges for Art History Majors?

Learn about art history degree programs at three schools with programs in the field. Find information on school art facilities and national rankings and check out a list of additional schools with art history programs.

What Are the Courses in a Distance Learning Master's Degree In Humanities?

The general goal of a master's degree in humanities is to provide students with a broad and deep appreciation of the human experience. Such degrees are available online through the distance learning departments of some schools and universities....

What Are the Top Humanities Programs and Schools?

A graduate program in the humanities is often combined with social sciences. Learn about individual disciplines within the broader humanities programs such as English, History, Political Science, Sociology, Criminology, or Languages. Discover the...

What Are the Top Interdisciplinary Studies Programs?

Learn how degree programs in interdisciplinary studies work. Find rankings and program offerings for the top three U.S. schools for developing an interdisciplinary program.

What Are the Top Schools for Cultural Studies?

Cultural studies programs examine how cultures impact individual and collective experiences. Find out the three top schools offering programs in cultural studies.

What Are the Top Schools for Geography?

Learn about the top three schools with geography programs. Find out what makes these schools the best, including school rankings and degree program offerings.

What is the Curriculum of an Associate's Degree in Humanities?

An associate's degree in humanities usually offers two years of exposure to the liberal arts. This broad degree program may be pursued for its own sake or as preparation for a future bachelor's degree. Whatever your interest, this article will...

What is the Field of Humanities?

The field of humanities includes studies that qualitatively, rather than quantitatively, investigate the human experience. Some scholars feel that the humanities address the central questions of human life. This article will attempt to list those...

What Jobs Can I Get with a Women's Studies Degree?

If you are you interested in pursuing a career that addresses the status of women in society and culture, read on to learn about the various job options that may be available to you upon earning an undergraduate or graduate degree in women's...

What Will I Learn in Online Humanities Courses?

The study of the humanities offers a broad base from which to either continue your education or directly enter the workforce. This base is composed, not only of the knowledge acquired, but of the skills developed while acquiring this knowledge....

Where Can I Find a Graduate Degree Program in Humanities Through Distance Learning?

A distance learning graduate degree in the humanities involves a broad program of study, encompassing everything from literature to social science. Each graduate-degree program focuses on different parts of the wide humanities curriculum. Read on...

Which College Majors Offer Courses in Humanities?

Almost every 4-year college degree program requires some humanities coursework. Credits in this area can be earned by studying social sciences, arts, foreign languages and more. This article will provide some idea of which college departments and...

Which Schools Have the Best European Studies Programs?

Find out which American schools have the best European Studies programs. Continue reading to learn more about degree options, school rankings and special program features.

Which Schools Offer a Bachelor's Degree in Humanities Online?

An online bachelor's degree in the humanities may cover many different disciplines. Broadly, the humanities include foreign languages, art history, communications, literature, English, writing, film, linguistics, music, philosophy, history,...

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