International Business FAQs

Bachelors Degree Programs in International Trade

Learn about bachelor's degree programs in international trade and programs with international trade concentrations. Find out about classes, online options and career possibilities.

Careers in International Business

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in international business. Read on to learn more about career options along with education and salary information.

Careers in International Trade

Research what it takes to pursue a career in international trade. Read on to learn more about career options along with education requirements and salary expectations.

Certificates in International Business: Online & Campus-Based Programs

A certificate program in international business can teach you how to apply international business techniques in a real-world way. Read on to learn about program options, see what kind of classes you'll take and explore career options for...

Education Requirements for International Business Management Careers

Careers in international business management require all of the executive skills of domestic business along with cross-cultural understanding and language skills to deal with a multinational corporation's employees, clients and customers...

Global Business MBA Programs

An MBA degree program in global business includes coursework exploring how marketing, economics and other aspects of business relate to the international market. Continue reading for more details about this degree program, and see information...

International Business Administration Jobs: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in international business administration. Read on to learn more about career options along with education and salary information.

International Business Doctoral Degrees

Find out about prerequisites for a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a specialization in international business. Read about possible careers, required courses, and online course options.

International Business Majors: Career and Salary Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with an international business degree. Read on to learn more about potential career options along with salary and education information.

International Trade Classes and Training Programs

International trade classes and training programs range from short certificate programs designed to prepare you for entry-level jobs to graduate degrees in law or business. Continue reading to learn more about degree programs and professional...

Master's Degree in International Trade

Some of the topics you'll encounter in a master's degree program in international trade include cultural affairs, multinational business practices and the policies that shape the global economy. Read ahead to learn about the employment outlook...

Master's Degree Programs in International Finance

Read on to find out how a master's degree program can prepare you for work in the global financial market. See about degree program options, typical classes and prerequisites, and get career information, too.

Master's Degrees in International Taxation

International taxation is a complex and specialized field that entails knowledge of tax codes and laws for many foreign countries. You can earn an advanced education in international taxation through a master's program in taxation or via another...

MBA in International Business: Salary and Career Facts

Read about what you'll learn in an MBA in international business program. Discover certifications, potential careers and salary information for graduates with this degree.

Online Global Business Management Universities

Find out what kinds of programs are available in global business management and if they're offered online. Get details about classes offered in these programs and how to enroll.

Online Graduate Degree Programs in International Business

A graduate degree in international business offers educational and training opportunities for professional development and career advancement. Read on for additional program details and prerequisites and learn about post-degree career options.

Online International Business Management Courses

See what topics you'll study as part of an online course in international business management. Find out what degree programs offer these courses and how online classes are delivered.

Online Masters in International Business Degree

A master's degree program in international business can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to work in this field, and you can get started by taking classes online. Keep reading for additional information on this degree program and...

Schools with Shipping Management Training Programs

Shipping management programs include degrees in logistics, supply chain management or even materials movement. Learn about career options in shipping management as well as education requirements and certification options.

Shipping Courses and Degree Programs

Training programs focused on shipping vary from hands-on programs for working in warehousing and distribution to business- and finance-oriented programs for overseeing logistics and supply chain management. Read on to explore your education and...

What are Some Career Options in International Tourism Management?

International tourism is career field that spans the globe, facilitating worldwide travel. Students with a degree in international tourism are qualified to work as travel agents, lodging managers and food service managers. Continue reading for...

What are Some High Paying Career Options in International Business?

Careers with high salary potential in international business include financial analysis, purchasing management and commodities trading. Read on to learn more about these careers.

What are the Core Courses of an MBA in Global Business?

Earning an MBA in Global Business enhances your understanding of how businesses and nonprofits are run in foreign countries and across borders. The core courses for this degree program range from international finance to global economics to...

What Are the Courses in a Bachelor's Degree in International Business?

Prospective students with an interest in international business must have a strong desire to learn about other countries and their cultures, as well as how business operates in other parts of the world. The core courses of an international...

What Are the Top Schools for a Bachelor's Degree in International Business?

International business degrees appeal to students who are interested in how businesses operate throughout the world. Some of the best business schools in the country with international business programs include the University of Texas, the...

What Are The Top Schools for International Business Degree Programs?

International business degrees can be offered as a Bachelor of Science (BS), Masters of Science (MS), Master of Business Administration (MBA) or as a graduate certificate. Explore three of the top schools offering degrees in international...

What Can I Do with an International Business Degree?

International business can certainly seem glamorous - world travel, foreign languages, high-profile business transactions - but a career in this field usually requires hard work and a dedication to education. Earning a bachelor's degree in...

What Can I Do with an MBA in Global Management?

Obtaining a global management Master of Business Administration (MBA) can open doors for you in many sectors of the economy, from business to government to nonprofit organizations. Read on for more information about career options with a global...

What Can I Do With an MBA in International Business?

Businesses are no longer limited by location. As a professional who holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business, you'll be prepared to handle the global nature of business in all sectors, from government to private...

What is an Executive Certificate in International Management?

As more business is conducted across borders, executives and managers with an understanding of international management are needed. You can earn an executive certificate in international management through an online or on-campus program. Continue...

What is Global Management?

Global management refers to the way an organization manages its business internationally, including its sales, marketing, hiring and finance practices. Many schools offer training and degree programs in global management. Read on to learn more...

What is International Business?

Students interested in conducting business overseas or working with multinational corporations can prepare for these types of careers through undergraduate and graduate programs in international business. These programs' course requirements and...

What is International Management?

International management involves understanding international economics, leading change in international corporations and creating global business strategies. Continue reading for more information about what international management encompasses...

What is Taught in a Global Management Certificate Program?

A certificate in global management imparts valuable knowledge about cross-border management concepts. Continue reading to learn how this type of program works and about what concepts are taught.

What Is Taught in an Executive Certificate Program in International Marketing?

Executive certificate programs in international marketing are designed for the working professional. Learn how these certificate programs work and what courses are included.

What Is the Curriculum of a Master's Degree in International Business & Trade?

A master's degree program in international business and trade is designed for students who wish to learn more about how business and trade operate throughout the world. This degree has a global focus, and students must be interested in and...

What is the Curriculum of an Online International Business Degree?

In an increasingly global marketplace, schools are offering international business degree programs through their distance learning initiatives, using a curriculum similar to the classroom degree. Read on to explore some of the course topics...

What Universities Offer a Global Management & Business Relations MBA?

Universities that offer MBA programs in Global Management may allow you to concentrate in labor or industrial relations on an international scale. They may also enable you to study how different businesses relate to each other. Both of these...

What's the Curriculum of an Executive Program in International Management?

The curricula of international management executive programs can develop your understanding of cultures and languages, managerial economics and more. Continue reading for more details about what you'll learn in an international management...

Which International Management Degree Programs are Available Online?

Most online degree programs in international management lead to graduate-level degrees. Online master's programs in international management allow students to gain professional advantages without disrupting their careers.

Which Online Schools Offer International Business Courses and Certificates?

International business appeals to many students looking for a career in worldwide business. Several online schools offer programs and courses in this field, allowing students who are unable to attend traditional classes the ability to pursue...

Which Schools Offer an Associate Degree in International Business?

Students interested in pursuing a career in international business have to be willing to travel all around the world and learn two or three languages. An associate's degree in international business can introduce students to cultural differences...

Which Schools Offer an International Business Distance Learning Degree?

Linfield College, Berkeley College and Washington State University are among the institutions offering international business degrees through distance learning programs. Read about these and other institutions available below.

Which Topics are Taught in an International Trade Course?

An international trade degree program is aimed toward students with an interest in international business but with a more thorough grounding in history and political science. Read on, to learn more about courses in this field.

Why Choose a College Major in International Business?

The international business major is designed for students with an interest in not only fundamental concepts in business but also in other cultures and languages. Find out more about the international business major here to decide if it's the...

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