Legal Administration FAQs

Administration of Justice Majors

Bachelor's degree programs in administration of justice blend the practices and theories of criminal justice and cover such subjects as corrections, police management and criminology. Some programs are available online or in blended online and...

Administrative Justice Majors

Administrative justice programs teach skills necessary for criminal justice support positions at prisons, courts and government agencies. Learn about degree requirements, courses and career options in this field.

Associate's Degree Programs in Administration of Justice

Learn about associate degree programs in administration of justice, and explore the typical curriculum for this type of program. Review career options associated with this degree, and find out about job outlooks and salaries.

Certified Court Interpreter Certification and Career

Certified court interpreters work in courtrooms helping deaf individuals or those with limited English language skills testify in court. They also translate or explain what foreign-language or deaf witnesses or speakers said. Read on for career...

Certified Shorthand Reporter: Certification and Career Facts

Shorthand or court reporters use their trained ears and typing skills to create accurate transcripts of legal and other official proceedings. To get started in this career, you'll need to complete formal training through an accredited court...

Court Administrator: Salary and Career Facts

Explore the career requirements for court administrators. Get the facts about education and certification requirements, salary and job duties to determine if this is the right career for you.

Court Clerk Certification and Training Programs

Court clerk training programs can provide some of the experience and education hours required to be eligible for a recognized certification in court administrative services. Learn about training options and topics.

Court Interpreter Schools and Training Programs

Bilingual court interpreters get a close up look at trials and the judicial system in action. Read on to learn about the education, training and skills commonly required for employment as a certified court interpreter.

Court Interpreting Courses

Court interpreting courses teach students how to become interpreters in state and federal courts, as well as prepare them for state certification and licensing exams. Learn more about court interpreting courses, including where they are offered...

Court Reporter Certificate and Training Programs

Court reporters need quick fingers and a finely tuned ear to record, word-for-word, courtroom proceedings. Learn about training programs in court reporting, as well as salary and job outlook info.

Court Reporting Majors

Continue reading to learn more about bachelor's degree programs in court reporting. See courses that you could take and what skills you need to find employment after graduation.

Court Translation Course and Degree Programs

As a court translator or interpreter, you might work on a freelance basis or on staff at a courthouse. Keep reading for more information about certificate programs and courses in court translation and interpretation. Learn about certification...

Courtroom Interpreter: Salary and Career Facts

Explore the career requirements for courtroom interpreters. Get the facts about education requirements, skills, salary and job outlook to determine if this is the right career for you.

Federal Court Interpreter Training Programs and Careers

Learn how to prepare for a career as a federal court interpreter, including kinds of interpreters and types of qualifications. Keep reading for information about the training requirements and career outlook for federal court interpreters.

How Do I Become a Court Translator?

Research what it takes to become a court translator. Learn about education requirements, professional certification, the skills you may need to become a court translator and popular languages requiring translation to find out if this is the...

Legal Administrative Assistant: Salary and Career Facts

Explore the career requirements for legal administrative assistants. Get the facts about salary, job duties, education requirements and career outlook to determine if this is the right career for you.

Legal Secretary Certificate Programs

A legal secretary certificate program can train you to increase your typing speed and prepare legal documents. Continue reading to find out how you can develop skills in client relations and law-related computer applications.

Legal Transcription Training Program and Career

Find out what courses you'll take and what skills you'll learn in a legal transcription training program. Discover where you could work after completing this training.

Master's Programs in Court Administration

There aren't any master's degree programs that specifically award a degree in court administration, but there are several related programs, like legal administration and judicial administration. Explore your options and learn about the benefits...

Online Classes in Court Stenography

Court stenographers, also referred to as court reporters, produce verbatim transcripts of court proceedings. You can take online classes to start or further your career as a court reporter. Learn about what Court Stenography courses are...

Online Courses for Aspiring Law Clerks

Law students often work as law clerks, performing research and assisting tasks as part of their education. Law schools have begun to offer online options for aspiring law clerks. Read on for more details, like program information and the typical...

Online Court Reporting Associate Degree Programs

An associate degree program in court reporting prepares you for a career recording courtroom testimony and depositions, as well as transcriptionist positions in government agencies, law firms, corporations and medical facilities. Read on to learn...

Online Court Transcription Training and Education Programs

Explore court transcription education programs offered by online schools. Learn about certificate and degree requirements, course topics, equipment used and post-education career options.

Online Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate Programs

Learn about online legal administrative assistant schools and certificate programs. Explore office and legal course topics, professional certification options and career possibilities after program completion.

Online Legal Office Technology Degree Programs

Earning a legal office technology degree can prepare you for a career as a legal secretary or office manager. Discover how online associate's degree programs in legal office technology work, and explore some of the courses you'd take as a...

Online Legal Secretary Degree Programs

Explore online programs for aspiring legal secretaries, which are usually offered at the certificate level. Check the prerequisites for admission, and read about what you'd study. Find out how online programs work. Get more info about career...

Online Legal Secretary Schools

Get info on finding and selecting an accredited school for your legal secretary studies. Read about online certificate and diploma programs for aspiring legal secretaries, and check the admission requirements for these programs. Explore the...

Online Schools with Court Reporting Degree Programs

Learn about careers in court reporting and broadcast captioning, and read about online degree programs in this field. Get info on the topics you'd study in an online associate's or bachelor's degree program in court reporting. Check the equipment...

Online Stenography Schools

You can play an important role in the court system by becoming a stenographer. As a stenographer, you'll take word-for-word reports on what's been said in trials, meetings and depositions. Find about about online stenography schools, what...

Stenography Classes and Career Options

Stenography, or court reporting, is a field that uses various devices to record proceedings word-for-word, such as trials and other legal events. Read on to learn about the field, training requirements and certification.

What are Some Well-Known Schools for Legal Assistants in the U.S.?

Legal assistants, or paralegals, usually go to school for an associate's degree or a post-degree certificate. Successful graduates have basic legal knowledge, practice in reading and writing legal documents clearly and the people skills necessary...

What Are the Core Courses of a Court Reporting Degree Program?

Court reporting programs usually lead to an associate's degree and take 2-3 years to complete. Core courses include general education and court reporting classes. The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) imposes a specific core curriculum...

What Are the Courses for an Online Legal Assistant Degree Program?

The course curriculum of an online legal assistant degree program depends on the level of degree you wish to attain. A bachelor's degree program will include more law courses than an associate's degree program; however, it will take longer to...

What Are the Job Duties of a Legal Assistant?

Are you interested in the legal field, but you don't plan on entering law school or taking the bar exam? You might want to find a position as a legal assistant, also called a paralegal. Legal assistants organize court materials and help lawyers...

What are the Training Requirements to Become a Legal Secretary?

There are no formal training requirements to become a legal secretary, as long as you have the appropriate skills. However, training will make you a more desirable candidate for a legal secretary position. Look for an Associate of Applied Science...

What Can I Do with an Associate Degree in Court Reporting?

You could be a court reporter in judicial or business settings, work for television stations to type the dialogue of a broadcast or create a real-time transcript of a college class. Read on to learn about your options.

What Does a Court Reporter Do?

A court reporter transcribes legal proceedings, such as trials, meetings, conferences, hearings and depositions. They create word-for-word legal documentation of such events, and they also offer transcription services to the hearing-impaired. If...

What Does a Legal Administrative Assistant Do?

The job duties of legal administrative assistants and secretaries are similar to those of non-specialized administrative assistants and include additional tasks like legal research and, with supervision, legal document preparation. Continue...

What Does a Legal Secretary Do?

A legal secretary performs a variety of duties in a law firm, school, real estate agency, hospital or government office. A legal secretary should have good computer skills to work with today's technology. Read this article to learn more.

What Education is Helpful to Land a Legal Secretary Job?

Although some legal secretaries learn their skills working on the job, formal training increases employability and enhances salary level. This article discusses the different degree levels and education that can help a legal secretary land a good...

What is a Stenographer?

Stenographers transcribe spoken language into text, and they often document dialogue in courtrooms, business meetings and public events. Stenographers use a specialized type of equipment called a stenotype machine, though they may also employ...

What is Required to Earn a Court Interpreter Certification?

Court interpreters work during legal proceedings, such as hearings, arraignments and trials, translating not only oral testimony, but also written documents. If you want to know what is required to earn a court interpreter certification, read on.

What is the Average Salary of a Court Reporter?

Court reporters transcribe spoken words at court proceedings and other legal events. Your salary as a court reporter can depend on your field of work and location. Read on to learn about these differences in average earnings.

What is the Course Curriculum of a Legal Secretary Degree Program?

Legal secretaries answer phones, schedule appointments and provide general office support for lawyers. Degree programs for a legal secretary are usually available as associate degrees, although certificate programs provide education for...

What Online Degree Programs are Available to Become a Legal Secretary?

There are many online programs available for a legal secretary who wants to earn a certificate of achievement, associate's degree or bachelor's degree. This article discusses the different degree programs that are currently available online.

What Skills are Taught in a Legal Secretary Certificate Program?

A legal secretary certificate program teaches the competencies necessary to gain employment, like legal terminology, document processing software and professional legal correspondence. Continue reading to find out what you can learn in a legal...

What Skills Will I Need for a Successful Court Reporting Career?

Technology and English skills are needed for a career in court reporting, Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) operations, broadcast captioning or other realtime reporting. Depending on work setting, you may need to understand some of...

What Subjects are Taught in an Online Legal Secretary Course?

Online courses allow aspiring legal secretaries to earn a certificate without sitting in a classroom. Current legal secretaries can also take continuing education courses online.

What Training is Required to Be a Stenographer?

If you're interested in stenography, also known as court reporting, there are different ways to get the specific training you need. To learn more about the training requirements and opportunities for stenographers, read on!

What Training Is Required to Become a Certified Legal Assistant?

To get certified as a legal assistant or paralegal, you need to meet education or training requirements as mandated by a voluntary professionals' association and pass the association's exam. After certification, you need to take continuing...

What Types of Degrees are Available in Legal Assisting?

Aspiring legal assistants can earn an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree in the field. Certificates are also available to those who hold bachelor's degrees in another field. Read on to learn more about each degree option.

What's the Difference Between Legal Assistant and Legal Secretary?

If you want to work in the legal system without having to attend law school, you may consider working as a legal assistant or legal secretary. The distinctions between a legal assistant and a legal secretary can be seen in the differences in...

Where Can I Find Free Online Stenography Courses?

Free online courses in stenography are available from these listed websites. Students can teach themselves how to type faster, or they could learn about the different duties of a stenographer.

Which Schools Offer Court Reporting Degrees Online?

You can find both associate's and bachelor's degree programs in court reporting, realtime reporting and captioning offered online. Many schools that offer online court reporting degrees are for-profit institutes and colleges, though these...

Which Schools Offer Online Legal Assistant Courses?

Many schools offer legal assistant courses online. These schools' legal assistant courses could lead to paralegal certificates, the associate's degree in legal assisting, or the bachelor's degree in legal studies. Many courses can also be taken...

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