Massage and Bodywork FAQs

Can I Learn Massage Online?

A person pursuing a career as a massage therapist must understand that massage is a hands-on discipline, and can only be learned properly through one-on-one interaction with an instructor. This article discusses alternatives for a person...

Certified Masseuse Career and Certification

The certification process and requirements for masseuses vary by state. Continue reading to learn what your career as a masseuse would look like and how you can become certified.

Clinical Massage Therapist Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a clinical massage therapist. Learn about education requirements, licensure, job outlook and salary to find out if this is the career for you.

Doctorate in Massage Therapy

While there aren't massage therapy doctorate programs, you may be interested in becoming a chiropractor, which, like massage, involves hands-on techniques to alleviate problems with the back and spine. You could also earn an undergraduate degree...

How Can I Become a Licensed Massage Therapy Technician?

A person wishing to become a licensed massage therapy technician must complete an approved massage therapy training program and fulfill individual state licensing requirements. Many states require licensed massage therapy technicians to pass a...

How Can I Become a Mind-Body Therapist?

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in mind-body therapy. Read on to learn more about career options along with job duties and requirements information.

How Can I Become a Reflexologist?

Research what it takes to become a reflexologist. Learn about salary, certification and licensure requirements to find out if this is the career for you.

How Can I Study to be a Masseuse or Masseur?

If you enjoy working with your hands and are interested in promoting healing and relaxation without the use of drugs, a career as a masseuse or a masseur may be a good fit for you. Read on to find out the education requirements to enter this...

Massage Therapy Classes and Schools

Massage therapy programs provide students with the training and skills needed to give therapeutic and relaxation massages. Learn about the courses offered in a massage therapy program, and find out the median salary of a massage therapist.

Massage Therapy Degree Programs

Massage therapy programs will teach you a variety of massage techniques and prepare you for a career as a massage therapist. Read on to learn more about the various programs, licensing and certification, and career prospects.

Master's Degree Programs in Reflexology

Although master's degrees in reflexology are not available, you can find courses and certificate programs to pursue a career in this field. Read on to learn about program options, curricula to expect, certification processes, and online options.

Medical Massage Career and Salary Facts

Explore the career requirements for medical massage. Get the facts about education and licensure requirements, salary, and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

Medical Massage Training Programs

Medical massage training programs are typically found at the certificate or associate's degree levels. Continue reading for more details about training programs, common courses, and licensure requirements.

Online Courses in Sports Massage

Sports massage courses can train you to help athletes recover from their strains and other minor injuries by applying various techniques. Learn about what kinds of classes are available online and what you can learn from them.

Online Massage Therapy Schools, Degrees and Courses

Learn about fully or partially online massage therapy degree or certificate programs. Get information about the requirements to complete these programs as well as state licensure for massage therapists.

Online Reflexology Schools and Classes

Reflexology involves stimulating a client's reflex points, and it's sometimes incorporated into therapeutic massage. Read about online classes in this topic, and find out what you'd study as a reflexology student. Review the licensure...

Online Therapeutic Massage Courses

Techniques learned through online therapeutic massage classes can enable you to give effective massages. Learn about what topics will be covered, what degree levels classes are offered at, and what to expect from an online course.

Reflexology Degree and Training Programs

Although there are no specific degrees in reflexology, reflexology training is available through degree programs in massage therapy and holistic health. Read on to learn about available degree programs, the curriculum, accreditation requirements...

Sports Massage Therapist: Career and Salary Facts

Explore the career requirements for sports massage therapists. Get the facts about education programs, essential job skills, employment outlook and salary to determine if this is the right career for you.

What Are My Career Options in Massage?

A massage therapist's work is concentrated on healing or relaxing others through touch. Essential qualities for success in this field include compassion and good communications skills. Read on to learn about the types of jobs you can find in this...

What are Some Career Options for a Massage Therapist?

A massage therapist has many career options in a variety of settings. Massage therapists provide stress reduction and relaxation techniques. They also work in healthcare to help reduce stress and heal injuries and illnesses.

What Colleges Offer Massage Therapy Programs?

Aspiring massage therapists have many different educational opportunities available to them and can find programs at community colleges, academies and for-profit institutes. Most well-known programs are approved by the American Massage Therapy...

What is a Clinical Massage Therapist?

Are you interested in helping people find relief from injury, soreness and chronic pain? If so, you may want to explore a career as a clinical massage therapist. Read on to find out more about how practitioners of clinical massage, also known as...

What is Ayurvedic Massage?

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic medicine application that aims to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Considered an alternative and complementary form of medicine in the United States, multiple Ayurvedic treatments are available,...

What is Covered in a Foundation of Massage Therapy Course?

Topics covered in a foundation of massage therapy course provide the basis for a well-rounded education for a person pursuing a career as a massage therapist. Read on to learn more about such a course.

What is Taught in an Online Massage Therapist Training Program?

Massage therapy is an increasingly popular career option, particularly among individuals seeking part-time work or self-employment opportunities. Basic massage skills can be learned through massage therapist online training programs that often...

What is the Average Salary of a Massage Therapist?

Are you interested in a career as a massage therapist and wish to know more about your possible salary? Read on to learn about how several factors, including your professional experience, education and employer, can affect what you make.

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage manipulates the body's soft tissue and muscles to relieve pain and stress. Required education and training for massage therapists is regulated by the states, which may require licensure or certification. Read on to learn more...

What Types of Degree Programs are Available in Massage Therapy?

Formal education, in the form of either an associate's degree, a certificate or a diploma, and certification is required to practice massage therapy in 45 states and the District of Columbia. Read on to learn more about these degree programs.

What Will I Learn in Reflexology Classes?

Reflexology classes may be found at universities, community colleges or other educational institutions as part of a certificate or diploma program. You may also find courses through continuing education, self-enrichment or professional...

What's the Job Description of a Massage Therapist?

Massage therapists provide relief and relaxation to clients through the use of therapeutic massage. Read on to find out about the duties and responsibilities, education requirements, licensing information and salary statistics for massage...

Where Can I Find a Distance Learning Program for Massage?

Massage is a hands-on discipline. Although students must work with an instructor to learn the required skills, they can take online courses in the theory and history of this field. Read on to learn more about online options.

Where Can I Find a Sports Massage Course Online?

Learning the theory and history of sports massage is possible through online courses, but you will also need hands-on training to enter this field. Learn more below about online courses and alternatives to training conducted fully online.

Where Can I Find Free Online Reflexology Courses?

An online reflexology course is available at the University of Minnesota, through its Center for Spirituality and Healing website. The online module is intended to be completed within two hours.

Which Colleges Offer Online Courses in Therapeutic Massage?

Massage therapy provides healing and comfort to clients through muscle tissue manipulation. Read on to learn about organizations that offer online courses in this field.

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