Master's Degrees (Other)

Master's Degree Information: Other Degrees

Master's degrees are a good way to further your undergraduate education and training or prepare you for career advancement. The articles in this section provide detailed information about several master's degrees in law and security, including a Criminal Justice - Policing Master's Degree and a Administration of Justice and Security Master's Degree. The summaries include information on both the professional benefits and educational requirements of the program.

Architecture Master's Degree Programs

Read about Master of Architecture and Master of Science in Architecture programs and find out what careers each option can prepare you for. Check the admission requirements for graduate architecture programs, as well as the availability of online...

Civil Engineering Master's Degree

Master's degree programs in civil engineering prepare students for careers designing structures like roads, dams, tunnels and buildings. Find out about available courses for a civil engineering master's degree, as well as the typical duties of a...

Communication Arts Master's Degree

Many options are available for your career with a master's degree in communication arts. This article goes over the fundamentals of a master's program, including essential course info and job opportunities.

Communication Master's Degree Programs

To maximize your potential career paths in the field, a master's degree in communication may be a great option. This article gives you an overview of program requirements, as well as some job positions once you graduate.

Engineering Management Master's Degree

A master's degree in engineering management can put you on a great path for your career in engineering. This article looks at common master's programs, including their course topics.

Environmental Engineering Master's Degree

As an environmental engineer, you help preserve the Earth and raise awareness of environmental issues. Find out the common courses and specializations provided by master's degree programs in environmental engineering. Also see the employment...

Ethnomusicology Master's Degree Program

In general, ethnomusicology is the study of world music, including its anthropological, cultural and social aspects. For information on an ethnomusicology master's degree program, including course topics in languages and arts, and admission...

General Engineering Master's Degree

A master's degree program in general engineering will give you the training to complete general engineering work and you can choose an area of specialization. Continue reading to find out what the curriculum is like and understand how earning...

Graphic Design Master's Degree Programs

Consider pursuing a master's degree in graphic design if you're a college graduate with graphics experience looking to advance your career. Read on to learn about course topics, what admissions officers are looking for and what types of careers...

Internet Computing Master's Degree

Internet computing graduate programs explore advanced topics in Internet development and networking technology. This article gives you an overview of a master's program, including computing and historical classes, and career options in database...

Journalism Master's Degree

Journalism master's degree programs exist for both experienced and novice reporters. Learn about the types of programs available, sample course topics and how you can gain practical experience through internships.

Master of Science (MS) Master's Degree

In graduate school, a number of options exist for a potential master's degree program in the sciences. This article gives you a preview of the many choices you will face when selecting a master's program and includes online format options along...

Music Education Master's Degree Programs

Master's degree programs in music education are available both online and on campus. This article will explain how you can become a well-qualified music teacher through a master's program, and shows you the kinds of learning and teaching theory...

Professional Photography Master's Degree

A master's degree in photography may be something you'd like to pursue if you want to open your own photography studio or enhance your photography skills. For more information on degree programs and career options in this field, read below.

Quality Control Master's Degree Program

Quality control graduate programs teach the theories and practices of producing superior products and services. This article will teach you about some common course topics such as ISO protocols and FDA standards, and post-graduation career...

Safety Engineering Master's Degree

Safety engineering graduate programs explore the methods of identifying, eliminating and preventing hazards in the workplace. Learn about master's degrees, areas of study, coursework and professional certificates.

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