Master's Degrees in Business (MBA)

Master's Degree Information: MBA Degrees

If you are looking for away to advance your career and differentiate yourself from the pack, consider earning your MBA. A master's degree in business will give you the skills and knowledge to move into a management position. This section includes information on several master's degrees in business (MBA), such as Accounting & Information Systems, Advertising & Public Relations and Global Management. The articles contain information on the educational and professional aspects of the degree program.

(MBA) Master's Degree Programs

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. Find out what MBA programs are like, and review the prerequisites for enrollment. Explore some course topics, see potential specializations in an MBA program, and get info on possible jobs after...

Accelerated (MBA) Master's Degree

Working professionals seeking career advancement may benefit from an accelerated Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. This article will introduce you to more about this program, including online learning options, the curriculum and...

Accountancy Master's Degree Programs

Earning a master's degree in accountancy is your ticket to a job as a certified public accountant, along with other career options. This article shows an overview of a master's program, which includes admissions requirements and a curriculum...

Accounting (MBA) Master's Degree Program

Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in accounting prepare you to work in a variety of settings with the skills needed to perform advanced accounting techniques. Find out about the admissions requirements and the courses you'll take,...

Accounting and Information Systems (MBA) Master's Degree

An MBA in accounting and information systems (AIS) will look amazing as part of your resume. This article looks at examples of AIS programs, requirements, and potential coursework.

Accounting Info Systems Master's Degree Programs

In the IT field, accounting can be pursued as a career with an accounting information systems (AIS) master's degree. This article looks at typical AIS programs, along with their admission requirements and career options.

Acquisition (MBA) Master's Degree Programs

Earning an MBA in acquisition is a great way to find your way into management and executive positions. This article looks at the typical courses included in a master's program, along with admissions requirements.

Advanced Marketing Strategy (MBA) Master's Degree

If you are interested in marketing strategies, earning an MBA in the subject is a great way to open up doors for your career. In this article, you will find out what makes up a typical MBA program, along with career opportunities.

Advertising and Public Relations Master's Degree

An advertising and public relations master's degree might be required to advance in your career as an executive. Coursework exposes students to problem-solving methods and communication methods in a number of areas, including written and visual...

Banking and Financial Services Management Master's Degree

A master's degree program in banking and financial services management provides training for those looking to advance in the fields of banking or finance. Read on to learn more about this degree program, including prerequisites and online options.

Business Management Master's Degree

Graduates of master's degree programs in business management are trained to help individuals bring teams together and accomplish goals efficiently. This article looks at the usual structure of a master's program, and what kinds of classes you can...

Can I Get a Six Sigma Master's Degree?

Six Sigma is a quality control and process improvement system that was originally created by Motorola. Some master's-level business programs include training in Six Sigma strategies. Read on to learn more about these graduate programs, including...

Communication and Quality (MBA) Master's Degree

When searching for an MBA program, you may want to consider a specialty area to help yourself stand out. This article looks at common communication and quality MBA programs, typical courses and possible careers.

Controllership Master's Degree Programs

By earning a master's degree in controllership, you can prepare for a great career as a certified public accountant. This article goes over the usual classes that are a part of a master's program and how you can earn credits online.

Corporate Training Master's Degree Program

Corporate training degree programs delve into the theories and techniques of training adults in business policies and procedures. Learn about master's degree coursework, skill development and career options after graduation.

Customer Relationship (MBA) Master's Degree

Customer relationship coursework is often found in marketing graduate programs. Learn about MBA degree requirements, online study options, educational prerequisites and salary information for post-graduation careers.

Database Marketing Master's Degree

As someone who works in database marketing, you'd analyze how to market and promote goods and services. Master's degree programs combine content in marketing, communications and various software and database applications. This article looks at...

Digital Media (MBA) Master's Degree

MBA programs exist with focuses in digital media for today's socially networked world. This article provides you with an example of a typical program, including common coursework.

eCommerce (MBA) Master's Degree Programs

Learn about Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in electronic commerce, commonly referred to as e-commerce. Find out about classes available in these programs and employment opportunities.

Entrepreneurship (MBA) Master's Degree

Read on to learn how you can achieve your goal of starting your own business by completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program with a concentration in entrepreneurship. This article will contain an overview of a typical MBA...

Executive Management Master's Degree Program

Find out the program offerings and coursework available to those seeking an executive master's degree in management. Learn about the program's structure and requirements, along with careers that might need this education.

Finance (MBA) Master's Degree

Learn what an MBA degree with a concentration in finance can do for you. Understand the admissions requirements and the types of classes you could take during these programs.

Finance and Governance (MBA) Master's Degree

Learn about the training available in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in finance and governance. Get information about specialization options and class topics along with employment outlook.

Finance Master's Degree Program

You can develop and refine your theoretical and practical skills in areas such as financial policy, financial strategy, investments and real estate in a finance master's degree program. Areas of specialization include real estate, financial...

Financial Planning (MBA) Master's Degree

Financial planners help companies and individuals make investments and manage portfolios. Learn more about an MBA degree program with a concentration in financial planning, including the kinds of classes these programs offer and distance learning...

Financial Planning Master's Degree Programs

A master's degree program in financial planning can prepare you to help families and individuals with their financial futures by educating them about taxes, retirement and investing. Continue reading to see the duties of financial advisors and...

General (MBA) Master's Degree Programs

This article will review the expected experience of earning a general Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, including the curriculum, online availability and potential career possibilities following graduation. Continue reading to learn...

Global Enterprise Management (MBA) Master's Degree

A global enterprise management master's degree is for students looking to work in international business. Learn what you'll study in this branch of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program, and find out about career options along...

Global Management (MBA) Master's Degree

A Master of Business Administration degree in global management is for students looking to apply their business skills to an international market. Find out more about this program including length of study, admissions requirements and required...

Health Care Administration (MBA) Master's Degree Program

An MBA in healthcare administration can prepare you for a great career in the field of medical business. This article gives you details about common programs and some career-related statistics.

Healthcare Administration (MBA) Master's Degree

Working as a healthcare administrator combines business savvy with a passion for helping people. There are Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programs with a concentration in healthcare management or administration to help prepare you...

High-Tech (MBA) Master's Degree Programs

High-tech graduate fields, such as technology management, explore technology development and integration in business operations. Learn about related MBA degrees, admission requirements and courses of study.

Hospitality Management (MBA) Master's Degree

Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hospitality Management can give you the knowledge necessary to operate hotels, resorts, special events companies and other hospitality institutions. Learn about what hospitality MBA programs...

HR Management Master's Degree Program

Learn the average salary for human resources (HR) managers. Find out about master's degree programs in human resources management, including program length and courses.

Human Resource Management Master's Degree

Earning a master's degree in human resource management could prepare you for supervisory positions in office and resource administration. Read about what types of classes you could complete and the various jobs related to this field.

Industrial Management (MBA) Master's Degree

An MBA in industrial management prepares you for a career in a senior management position. Learn the admissions requirements for Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programs with concentrations related to industrial management....

Information Technology (MBA) Master's Degree

Learn the coursework included in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program with a concentration in information technology. Find out about online degree options.

Integrated Marketing Communications Master's Degree

Consider a master's degree program in integrated marketing communications to gain more knowledge of communications topics like marketing, public relations and advertising. Find out the typical curriculum and online learning options.

International Business (MBA) Master's Degree

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in international business can prepare you for career advancement, and you can pursue the degree online. You will need a bachelor's degree to be eligible for the program, and you may need to take the...

International Commerce (MBA) Master's Degree

You might consider a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in international business, or a master's degree in international commerce if you enjoy solving problems and leading teams of people or planning the operations of...

International Management Master's Degree

International management master's degree concentrations include training in entrepreneurship, finance and global marketing. Learn about program prerequisites, topics of study, internships and online study options.

International Studies Master's Degree

A master's degree program in international studies examines topics like globalization, world economy and culture. Read ahead to learn about other curriculum items and potential careers.

Labor Relations Master's Degree Programs

In a master's degree program in labor relations, you could learn to analyze all sides of an argument and to speak and write effectively to work on labor disputes. Read about possible program specializations and if online study is possible.

Leadership and Influence Master's Degree Program

Leadership and influence graduate programs are more commonly known as organizational leadership programs. These programs examine the theories and methods of process planning, management and motivation. Learn more about master's degrees in this...

Leadership Studies (MBA) Master's Degree

Leadership MBA program coursework focuses on enhancing decision making, management and communication skills. Learn about degree requirements, undergraduate prerequisites and topics of study.

Life Sciences (MBA) Master's Degree

Learn about the types of Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programs available in the life sciences. Discover what careers an MBA in the sciences can prepare you for.

Management (MBA) Master's Degree

An MBA program provides you with the training and education you need in order to supervise and manage a business. Learn requirements needed to gain acceptance to Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management degree programs, and find out...

Management Information Systems Master's Degree

If you are looking to broaden your appeal on resumes in the field of information technology, you might consider pursuing a master's degree in management information systems. This article looks at the typical courses in software design and data...

Management of Technology (MBA) Master's Degree

One of the focuses you can choose in an MBA program is technology management. This article looks at the kinds of marketing and digital media courses that make up this MBA program, and where you can use your degree once you graduate.

Marketing (MBA) Master's Degree Program

Marketing MBA programs explore the theories, trends and methods of promotional and marketing activities. Learn about degree requirements, courses of study, online education options and salary info for marketing careers.

Master's Degree in Financial Management - Accounting

Accountants interpret the language of money to help businesses and corporations manage finances, calculate taxes and prepare accurate financial statements. Completing a master's degree in accounting program may be the next step towards your goal...

Negotiation and Conflict Management (MBA) Master's Degree

Learn what a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program in negotiation and conflict management consists of and what types of programs are available. Discover career options and employment outlook.

Nonprofit Management (MBA) Master's Degree

Learn how to use your education to help solve societal problems, as well as manage nonprofit finances, operations and marketing strategies. Earning a nonprofit management master's degree, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can...

Online (MBA) Master's Degree Program

Read about the variety of online MBA programs you could pursue, and find out how these online programs work. Check the typical curriculum and specializations in an MBA program. Explore some jobs you could pursue with an MBA, and get info on...

Online Accounting (MBA) Master's Degree

Find out how online MBA programs in accounting work, and review the entry requirements for these programs. Learn about the courses you'd take in an online accounting program at the MBA level, including topics like accounting theory and...

Online Criminal Justice (MBA) Master's Degree

Learn about available online criminal justice MBA degree programs and what prerequisites are required before you can enter the program. Continue reading to find out how online learning works and what programs are like.

Online Fraud Management (MBA) Master's Degree

Learn about master's degree and MBA programs related to accounting that cover the field of fraud management. Though uncommon, you can find some online accounting degree programs at the graduate level. Find out how these programs work, and explore...

Online Professional Accountancy Overview

Accountants who want to increase their career opportunities may consider obtaining master's degrees in Professional Accountancy. By learning advanced financial reporting, financial information analysis, and tax regulations, graduates will be...

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Professionals who want to be prepared for high-level management positions in today's global economy might want to consider earning operations and supply chain management master's degrees. Courses such as supply chain management, transportation...

Operations Management (MBA) Master's Degree

Review the prerequisites for enrolling in an MBA program in operations management, and discover what you'd learn as a student. Get info about online program options in this field. Explore some of the job duties of operations managers, and check...

Organizational Leadership Master's Degree

Completing a master's degree program for organizational leadership could teach you innovative techniques to solve management challenges. Find out the degree and course options along with employment opportunities.

Organizational Management Master's Degree

Learn about master's program options in the field of organizational management. Find out what classes are typically offered and job titles often held by those completing this degree.

Organizational Psychology (MBA) Master's Degree

Industrial-organizational psychologists apply the principles of counseling and social psychology to enhance workplace performance. Learn about the degree requirements, course offerings, and career possibilities in this field.

Professional Writing Master's Degree Programs

A graduate degree program in professional writing provides instruction in writing for technical and business contexts. These programs also help students keep up with technological trends by covering writing techniques for the Web. Graduates can...

Project Management (MBA) Master's Degree

Find out what project managers do on a day-to-day basis, and review how you can train to become one through an MBA program in project management. Get info on the typical curriculum for these programs, and check the prerequisites for enrollment....

Public Administration (MBA) Master's Degree

Read about studying public administration at the master's degree level, whether through an MBA program or a Master of Public Administration program, and find out if online programs are available for these degrees. Explore the coursework you'd...

Public Relations Master's Degree Programs

Master's degrees in public relations prepare you to work in a variety of positions in the field of communications. Learn about admissions requirements and what coursework to expect in an on-campus or online master's program.

Risk Management (MBA) Master's Degree

Earning a master's degree in risk management could give you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to obtain a consultant or managerial position. Learn about the classes required and job opportunities.

Security Management (MBA) Master's Degree

You can learn how to create systems that secure your company's resources through a security management master's degree program. In this article, you will explore the typical curriculum for an MBA program that includes ethics and business...

Strategy and Economics (MBA) Master's Degree

For those that want to focus their MBA efforts in strategy and economics, this article is what you need. You can see what types of classes in financial analysis and management are contained in a program, and where you can expect to pursue a...

Supply Chain Management (MBA) Master's Degree

Find out what you'd study in an MBA program in supply chain management. Read further to understand more about this field, and review the typical job duties of supply chain managers. Learn more about the prerequisites for admission to a supply...

Taxation Master's Degree Programs

A master's degree program related to taxation offers training in advanced tax concepts, and you can learn about tax policy and corporate taxation. Read about the prerequisites for enrolling in program, and find out if this degree is offered...

Technology Management (MBA) Master's Degree

While you pursue an MBA, you can focus your efforts on the technological side with a concentration in technology management. This article gives you an overview of the courses in leadership and data analysis that you will find in an MBA program,...

What Are Popular Six Sigma Programs?

Six Sigma is a business system designed to increase consistency in a company's services and products. Read on to learn about Sigma Six training programs, which offer two levels of achievement.

What Do I Need to Know about Business School Admissions?

If you want to start your own company or advance in the contemporary business world, you might be interested in pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Read on to learn more about business school application requirements, the...

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