Master's Degrees in Law and Security

Master's Degree Information: Law & Security Degrees

Master's degrees are a good way to further your undergraduate education and training or prepare you for career advancement. The articles in this section provide detailed information about several master's degrees in law and security, including a Criminal Justice - Policing Master's Degree and a Administration of Justice and Security Master's Degree. The summaries include information on both the professional benefits and educational requirements of the program.

Criminal Justice Master's Degree

Explore common coursework, specialization options and other general information associated with master's degree programs in criminal justice. Learn about online degrees in this field of study.

Master's Degree in Administration of Justice and Security

Criminal justice and homeland security experts can start a career with a master's degree in administration of justice and security. This article looks at the foundations of a master's program and the requirements that come with it.

Master's Degree in Criminal Justice - Global Issues

A master's degree in criminal justice with an emphasis on global issues can lead to careers in law enforcement and investigation in Federal agencies. Learn about the areas of specialization that expose students to global issues and may focus on...

Master's Degree in Criminal Justice - Policing

Your criminal justice career can be strengthened with a graduate degree. With this article, you can learn the basics of a criminal justice master's degree program, including policing course offerings and graduation requirements.

Master's Degree Programs in Criminal Justice - Law

A criminal justice master's degree with a specialization in law can prepare you for career advancement in criminal justice or a career move into law enforcement. Alternatively, if you have a law degree and would like to specialize in criminal...

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