Microsoft Training and Certification FAQs

Can I Get a Degree in Microsoft Access?

If you're a professional who uses databases as part of your work, then improving your Microsoft Access skills may improve your career opportunities. To do this, you can enroll in certificate programs that focus on training in Microsoft Access.

Courses for Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators

Find out about course requirements for earning your Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification. Read on for information about the degrees that might incorporate this and the various certifications that might be available.

How Can I Become a Microsoft Certified Professional?

Research what it takes to become a Microsoft certified professional. Learn about education requirements, job duties, licensure, salary, and job outlook information to find out if this is the right career for you.

How Can I Become a Microsoft Network Engineer?

Research what it takes to become a Microsoft network engineer. Learn about the education requirements, certifications, job duties and salary to find out if this is the career for you.

How Can I Become Certified in Microsoft Office?

Research what it takes to become certified in Microsoft Office. Learn about the courses offered, potential earnings, and prerequisites to find out if this is the option for you.

How Can I Learn to Use Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program used by many individuals and businesses. You can find training courses and certificate programs that can teach you basic and advanced skills using Microsoft Excel. Read on to learn more.

How Do I Become a Certified Microsoft Solution Developer?

The Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) is one of Microsoft's professional-level programming certifications. Information technology (IT) professionals seeking an industry-standard credential in software development may wonder how to...

How Do I Earn a MCAD Certification?

MCAD is an acronym for Microsoft Certified Application Developer. This certification was geared toward professional developers who were interested in expanding their knowledge of web services on Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1 and Microsoft...

How Do I Earn a MCSD Certification?

MCSD stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. This top-level certification is available in four specialization areas. Read on to discover how you could earn MCSD certification.

How Do I Earn a MCSE Certification?

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) credentials help IT professionals demonstrate their expertise and experience to prospective or current employers. Keep reading to learn about exam requirements and training recommendations for this...

How Do I Earn a Microsoft MCDBA Certification?

MCDBA stands for Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. This certification was designed for database administrators with experience implementing, designing and administrating databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

How Do I Earn a Microsoft MCSA Certification?

MCSA is an acronym for Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate. This certification is available in seven specialization areas and is typically pursued by information technology professionals who are seeking to advance their careers in the field...

How Does Microsoft Word Certification Work?

Microsoft Word certification is available in three levels and demonstrates proficiency in using this software. Read on to find out what certification is available and how to become certified.

How Will a Certification in Microsoft Business Solutions Help Me?

Microsoft offers various certifications for Microsoft Dynamics, its business solutions application. This application, comprised of various software programs, can integrate a company's financial, customer relationship and supply information for...

Is there a Microsoft Quality Assurance (QA) Certification?

Learn about the quality assurance certifications that are compatible with Microsoft products and technology. Find information on credentialing organizations, as well as the education and experience you'll need to obtain your certification. Get...

MCAD Courses and Credentials

A Microsoft Certified Applications Developer (MCAD) certification was offered by Microsoft for IT professionals, but the certification is no longer available. Read on to learn about alternatives to this certification and how to keep the...

MCP Credentials and Certifications

Microsoft Corporation offers a way for working professionals and even novice users to become more proficient in the products they offer. Areas in which you can become a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) include development, home and office...

Microsoft Certified Application Developer: Salary and Career Facts

Most of Microsoft's mid-level certifications, such as the Microsoft Certified Application Developer, have been retired, though several upgrade paths do exist. Read on to learn more about current certification options and salaries for certified...

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) Career and Salary

The Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) credential is no longer available, but Microsoft now offers a closely related alternative. Learn about this credential and how you can prepare for a career as a database administrator, and...

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator Certification Programs

Several schools provide on-campus and online educational programs that prepare you to take Microsoft's Certified Database Administrator exams. Learn about preparation programs, coursework, whether classes are offered online and how the credential...

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Salary and Career Facts

Learn about the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) credential, a professional certification designed to replace the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer designation. Explore certification requirements and training options as well as...

Microsoft Computer Specialist: Salary and Career Facts

Learn what it takes to become a Microsoft computer specialist. Find out about Microsoft certifications available and the career and financial benefits of earning a certification.

Microsoft CRM Certification

Consider earning a Microsoft Certified IT Professional for Microsoft Dynamics CRM credential to further your career. Get information about training programs and the certification examinations available in this field.

Microsoft Developer: Salary and Career Facts

Research what it takes to become a Microsoft developer. Learn about job responsibilities, education and certification requirements, and salary information to find out if this is the career for you.

Microsoft Network Engineer Certification Programs

Review the certification options that Microsoft offers for computer network engineers. Check the eligibility requirements for certification, and learn about the examination process. Get info on prep courses that could help you study for the exam,...

Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) Certification and Training

The Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) certification has been renamed the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification. MOS training can prepare you for various levels of the MOS certification exam. Find out about program options and the...

Microsoft Project Management Certification and Training Programs

Learn about the Microsoft Project software, which is used to construct, maintain and carry out project planning. Explore the certification options for Microsoft Project, and find out what you'd need to know to take the certification exam. Get...

Microsoft Technology Specialist Diploma Programs

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) is a credential for computer professionals. Although you typically won't find diploma programs in this field of study, there are certificate programs and individual classes available in various...

MOS Certification and Classes

Learn what the requirements are for earning MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification. Find out what types of certifications are offered, learn about the exams, and get information on the online preparation classes that are available.

Online Microsoft Certification Programs

Find out about the options for obtaining certification on Microsoft products and how online courses work. Learn what courses you'll take and what these credentials can do for your career.

Schools with Microsoft Certification Programs

Explore some of the many certifications that Microsoft offers, and read about the courses you could take to prepare for the certification exams. Find out how to locate a school that offers Microsoft certification courses.

What are the Benefits of Earning a MCSE Certification?

An individual working in IT may want to demonstrate their skill set by becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE). In this article, read about the potential benefits of being MCSE certified, including that shiny little bullet point...

What Courses Will Help Me Learn Microsoft Office?

Learning to use Microsoft Office will help you develop your technological skills, perhaps giving you many educational and work advantages. Continue reading to find out what courses can help you learn about Microsoft Office.

What is a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)?

Research what it takes to receive MCSA certification. Learn about education requirements, job duties, average wages and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

What is a Microsoft SQL Certification?

Microsoft SQL certification documents your knowledge and proves your proficiency with Microsoft SQL Server. Learn more about certification options and requirements, as well as salaries for computer professionals.

What is MCAD?

MCAD stands for Microsoft Certified Application Developer. This certification has been retired by Microsoft and replaced by the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification. Read on to learn this new certification and how to...

What is MCDBA?

MCDBA is an acronym for Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. Information technology professionals with MCDBA certification can help organizations and businesses with the administration, implementation and design of Microsoft SQL Server...

What is MCSD?

MCSD stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. This particular certification path is designed for information technology professionals who want to demonstrate their development expertise in Windows store apps, web applications,...

What is the Average Salary of Someone with a MCSE Certification?

If you're interested in an information technology career, you might consider pursuing MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) certification, a widely recognized professional credential. Keep reading to learn what your earnings potential could...

What Type of Jobs Can I Get With a Microsoft MCDST Certification?

If you became a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician you could pursue entry-level information technology jobs that help others resolve their problems with Windows-based systems. Read on to learn more about the Microsoft certifications...

What Will I Learn in a Beginner Class for Microsoft Users?

Regardless of what proficiency level you're starting out at, you'll learn plenty about using computers and program applications from a beginner's Microsoft course. Some programs you can learn about include Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and...

What Will I Learn in a Microsoft Web Design Certification Program?

In a Microsoft Web design certification program, you will learn how to work with XML Web structures and implement website planning. Continue reading to find out what courses could lead to a career as a Web developer or programmer.

Where Can I Find an MCSE Course Online?

The MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) credential is for information technology professionals who would like to advance their careers. If you're looking for flexible training options to prepare for MCSE certification exams, keep reading...

Where Can I Find MCAD Courses Online?

Professionals who want to stay in the loop with the latest technology in business application design and development may consider acquiring a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer credential (formerly MCAD). While online courses in this are...

Why Should I Get a Microsoft XP Certification?

Certification in Microsoft XP is no longer useful. The system is outdated and has been replaced by newer operating systems. Read on to learn about new Microsoft certifications and the reasons for and advantages of obtaining them.

Windows System Administrator Job Facts

Explore the career requirements for Windows systems administrators. Get the facts about education and certification requirements, salary, and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

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