Online Colleges FAQs

Do Community Colleges Offer Online Degree Programs?

Students can earn a wide variety of associate's degrees online through many community colleges. Individuals earning their associate's degree online must be independent and self-motivated learners because often they complete work according to...

Does the Department of Education Offer an Online College Directory?

The U.S. Department of Education provides a searchable online directory of colleges through the National Center for Education Statistics. Read on to learn more about what this directory has to offer.

Does the Military Offer Financial Incentives for Attending College Online?

There are several financial programs in place to help military servicemen and women get a college education. These benefits can be applied to college courses both on-site and online.

E-Learning Schools

Read about e-learning, also known as online learning or distance learning, and review the many kinds of schools that now offer e-learning programs. Find out how online courses work. Review some examples of online and hybrid programs.

How Do Credits for an Online Course Work?

Many new students and working professionals opt to earn college credits online to either complete a degree or transfer to a traditional program. Read on to learn more about how online courses and their corresponding credits work.

How Do I Apply for Community Colleges Online?

Applying for admission to community colleges online can speed up and streamline the application process. Most community colleges host online applications on their college websites.

How Much Do Online Colleges Typically Cost?

There are various costs involved with attending an online college and many things to consider when estimating the overall cost of your education. Keep reading for more information.

What are Popular Online Colleges and Universities?

Many online courses and degree programs are offered by institutions across the country. Continue reading for information pertaining to some popular online colleges and universities in the United States.

What are the Well-Known Accredited Online Colleges in the U.S.?

Read on to learn about the variety of well-known accredited online programs offered from prestigious universities in the U.S., as well as information about popular online programs.

What Degrees are Offered by the Top Online Colleges in the U.S.?

Online colleges offer a variety of degree programs to distance learning students across the United States. Read on to learn more about degree programs offered at top online colleges.

What Does it Mean for Online Colleges to Be Nationally Accredited?

A school's accreditation provides assurance to prospective students that its programs meet quality educational standards. If you're considering an online college, read on for information about national accreditation for online schools.

What is an Online College?

Online colleges provide students with the opportunity to take courses and complete a degree program completely online. This article provides more detail about online colleges.

What Types of Online Degrees are Offered By Accredited Colleges?

Accredited colleges often allow students to earn online degrees at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels in a variety of fields. Read on to learn more about your options for online degree programs from accredited colleges.

What's the Difference Between Traditional & Online Colleges?

An increasing number of students take Internet-based college courses instead of traditional college classes. This article explains the differences between traditional colleges and online colleges.

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