Philosophy FAQs

Bioethics Majors

Learn about what bioethics degree programs are available and find out why you should pursue such a degree. Discover what classes you will take in your degree program and how you can use what you learn in your job.

Distance Learning Philosophy Bachelor's Degree Programs

Get tips on how a distance-learning philosophy program works and the classes available. Learn about industries that value the skills and knowledge acquired in a philosophy program.

Master's in Philosophy

Discover your options for completing a master's degree in philosophy. Learn the prerequisites and course requirements for the program, as well as career and continuing education opportunities.

Online Bioethics Courses and Schools

Learn about bioethics classes and the programs that offer them. Find out about topics typically discussed in these classes, and get tips on selecting a school for your bioethics studies.

Online Medical Ethics Courses and Degree Programs

As a medical ethics student, you'll study many controversial topics, including genetic engineering and patients' rights. Though online degree programs aren't typically available in this field of study, you can pursue a certificate program or take...

Online Philosophy Courses and Schools

To help answer philosophical questions regarding issues like existence, reason and values, read on to find out about online options for undergraduate or graduate degree programs in philosophy. Continue reading to learn what classes are offered...

Online Philosophy Degree Programs

Get information on typical coursework and career options for philosophy majors. Learn how to take courses online, and find out careers that often draw philosophy students to their ranks.

PhD in Bioethics

Ph.D. in programs in bioethics cover moral considerations in the healthcare industry and how healthcare practitioners and policymakers balance the medical needs of an individual with existing resources, research and health policy. Learn about...

PhD in Ethics: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Graduate degree programs in ethics explore moral, legal and educational issues in society and industry. Learn about Ph.D. options, educational requirements, course topics and related areas of study.

PhD in Medical Ethics

Learn about what programs are offered at the Ph.D. level in medical ethics. Find out about included coursework, program requisites, online options and potential careers.

PhD in Philosophy: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Learn how to gain admission to a philosophy doctoral program, and get information about the classes offered. Find out about admission requirements, steps required to earn the degree, and career options after graduation.

Philosophy Majors: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue as a philosophy graduate. Read on to learn more about career options along with job descriptions and duties as well as salary information.

Top Philosophy Graduate Schools

Review what you should look for when selecting a school with a strong graduate program in philosophy. Read about three top-ranked schools with philosophy programs, and explore the master's and doctoral degree options they offer in this field.

What Are the Career Options for Someone with a Philosophy Degree?

Do you wish to explore the meaning of life? Have you ever considered the nature of reality? If so, then you might consider earning a degree in philosophy, which could suit your interests and open up a world of career options. Continue reading to...

What are the Core Courses of a Master's Degree in Philosophy?

Although the requirements for a master's degree in philosophy differ from school to school, core courses are included in all programs. The four major areas that philosophy students take are epistemology, history, metaphysics and value theory.

What is the Course Curriculum for a Philosophy Major?

The course curriculum for a philosophy major covers all the important areas of philosophy. Students, who are philosophy majors, may study logic, ancient philosophy, modern philosophy, ethics, reasoning, metaphysics and epistemology as part of...

What is the Curriculum of a Doctor of Philosophy Degree?

A Doctor of Philosophy degree program covers various topics related to philosophy, and is offered by numerous schools. Read on for information on potential courses.

Where Can I Earn a Degree in Philosophy Through Distance Learning?

Undergraduate and graduate philosophy degree programs can be completed entirely online through the University of Illinois at Springfield and the University of Memphis. New Britain, Connecticut's Charter Oak State College offers a few online...

Where Can I Find Free Online Philosophy Courses?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers interested students the opportunity to learn about philosophy online for free. Course materials can be downloaded at any time.

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