Physical Therapy FAQs

Animal-Assisted Therapy Degrees

Animal-assisted therapy is the practice of using animals as therapeutic instruments for people with disabilities. Although no degrees officially exist in this field, read on to learn about other certificate program alternatives, skills taught,...

Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology Graduate Certificates

Find out what kinds of graduate certificates are available in the field of assistive and rehabilitation technology. This credential is for professionals looking to gain further experience making various technologies and spaces more accessible for...

Bachelor's Degrees in Physical Therapy

Earning a bachelor's degree in physical therapy can prepare you for the graduate study required to become a physical therapist. Learn about coursework in bachelor's programs and the employment outlook.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in the field of cardiac rehabilitation. Read on to learn more about career options along with education and salary information.

Careers in Rehabilitation Therapy

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in rehabilitation therapy. Read on to learn more about career options along with key skills, work environment and continuing education information.

Certified Orthotist Career and Certification Facts

As an orthotist, you'll help people walk and function using targeted orthotic mechanics and technologies. Keep reading to learn about degree programs, licensure requirements and certification options for orthotists.

Certified Physical Therapist Career and Certification

A licensed physical therapist helps alleviate the symptoms, limitations and progression of physical ailments caused by injury or illness. Read on to learn more about the career and its licensure requirements, and get details about the salary and...

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) Education

Certified therapeutic recreation specialists develop recreation programs designed to help people improve their physical and emotional well-being. Find out the education options and certification requirements for becoming one of these specialists.

Distance Learning Physiotherapy Degree Programs

Practicing physiotherapists or physical therapists interested in enhancing their professional skills through a post-graduate degree can actually complete a large portion of it online. Read on to learn more about studying online, online programs,...

Doctor of Physical Therapy: Salary and Career Facts

Research what it takes to become a physical therapist, including earning a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Learn about salary, education and job growth to find out if this is the career for you.

How Can I Become a Licensed Clinical Therapist?

Research what it takes to become a marketing specialist. Learn about education requirements, job duties, average wages and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

How Can I Become a Physical Therapist Technician?

Explore the career requirements for physical therapist technician. Get the facts about education and licensure requirements, salary and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

How Can I Become a Physical Therapy Aide?

Research what it takes to become a physical therapy aide. Learn about training requirements, job duties, employment projections and salary to find out if this is the career for you.

How Can I Become a Recreational Therapist?

Explore the career requirements for recreational therapists. Get the facts about education and licensure requirements, salary, and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

How Can I Become a Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant?

Explore the career requirements for a rehabilitation therapy assistant. Get the facts about educational and licensure requirements as well as job outlook and potential salary.

How Can I Become an Orthotic and Prosthetic Technician?

Research what it takes to become an orthotic and prosthetic technician. Learn about education requirements, job duties, training and certification options to find out if this is the career for you.

How Do I Become a Physical Therapist?

The common requirements to become a physical therapist are a college degree in physical therapy and state licensure. Physical therapists need a strong understanding of health, anatomy, and nutrition, along with good interpersonal skills. They...

How Do I Become a Professional Orthotist?

Research what it takes to become a professional orthotist. Learn about career responsibilities, educational and licensure requirements, along with job outlook and salary information, to find out if this is the career for you.

Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant Schools and Licensure

Licensed physical therapist assistants support physical therapists in helping those with injury or disease return to optimum health. Read on to find out what education you'll need to become one and how you can earn your license.

Master's Degree Programs in Physical Therapy

Learn how a master's degree in physical therapy can prepare you for a career in the field, and get information about program requirements. Find out the employment outlook and licensure mandates.

Master's Degree Programs in Rehabilitation Science

Rehabilitation science professionals help people return to normal life after a traumatic illness or injury. Get information about educational programs in this field and the classes offered in them.

Online Associates Degrees for Aspiring Physical Therapy Aides

Many schools offer online associate's degree programs for aspiring physical therapy aides. Find out the classes required and employment outlook, and get tips for taking courses online.

Online Chiropractic Assistant Education Programs

Chiropractic assistant programs teach medical office administration and hands-on patient treatment skills. Learn about course topics, online study options, employment outlook and salary ranges for assistants.

Online Chiropractic Degree Programs

Chiropractors are state-licensed health practitioners who treat conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Read on to learn about online undergraduate and graduate degree options in this field, the education path to becoming a chiropractor, the...

Online Continuing Education Classes for Physical Therapists

Most states require licensed physical therapists to complete continuing education credits to maintain licensure, and many of these classes can be found online. Read this article to find out more about what kinds of topics you could study.

Online Degrees in Recreational Therapy

A degree program in recreational therapy can prepare you for a career helping people with various illnesses or disabilities strengthen their psychological, physical and emotional well-being. Though these degree programs are very rarely offered...

Online Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide Courses

Learn about your options for online study in physical therapy assisting and aiding, which is also offered through hybrid programs that combine online classes with on-campus lab and clinical training. Find out how online classes work and what...

Online Physical Therapy Assistant Certification

A physical therapy assistant applies therapeutic methods and rehabilitation to those who have been injured. Get information about programs available, and learn about certification requirements.

Online Physical Therapy Assistant Degree Programs

Learn about the tasks performed by a physical therapy assistant and the training needed for this career. Find out the classes and degree programs available along with licensure and employment outlook.

Online Physical Therapy Certification Programs

Online Doctor of Physical Therapy programs prepare candidates for certification. This training is only open to individuals who are already licensed, so learn about prerequisites and requirements.

Online Physical Therapy Degree Programs

Find out about the kinds of online programs available in physical therapy and the prerequisites you need to enroll in one. Learn about courses offered and the current employment outlook in the field.

Online Sports Physiotherapy Courses

Find out what types of online courses are offered in sports physiotherapy. Learn about related online degree programs in physical therapy and how online programs work.

Orthotics and Prosthetics Training and Courses

In the field of orthotics and prosthetics, you can receive an education to become an orthotic and prosthetic technician or practitioner. Keep reading for more education, training and information for careers in orthotics and prosthetics.

Physical Therapist Colleges and Training Programs

Find out about the education necessary to become a physical therapist. These professionals help disabled people and those who have been injured gain physical skills. Learn about the job duties, and examine licensing requirements.

Physical Therapist's Assistant Certification and Degree Programs

A physical therapist's assistant helps people recover physically from trauma, disease or disability. Get information on the job duties, degree program options and state certification requirements for this profession.

Physical Therapy Aide Training Programs and Classes

Physical therapy aides help physical therapists with essential clerical skills and basic patient care. Continue reading for more information about a physical therapy aide career, including training requirements, common course topics and typical...

Physical Therapy Associate Degree Programs

Associate's degree programs related to physical therapy prepare students to work as physical therapy assistants or to pursue further schooling to become a physical therapist. Learn about the curriculum of pre-physical therapy associate's degree...

Physical Therapy Degree and Certificate Programs

Physical therapists help patients regain physical skills after illness or injury. Find out what degrees or certificates you'll need to pursue this career, learn about online study options, and see what's required for professional certification.

Physical Therapy Majors: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in physical therapy. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary and licensure information.

Physical Therapy Undergraduate Degree Programs and Training

Physical therapy's goal is to improve the mobility of people who are ill or injured. Find out about training programs that can lead to a position as a physical therapist assistant or prepare you for graduate-level study to become a physical...

Physiotherapist: Career and Salary Facts

Explore the career requirements for physiotherapists. Learn about the licensure and education requirements, job duties, and salary to find out if this is the career path for you.

Pre-Physical Therapy Degree Programs

A pre-physical therapy program gives you foundational instruction at the baccalaureate level before you pursue the graduate degree needed for this career. Find out what courses are required for this program, and learn what else you'll need to do...

Prosthetics Schools and Training Programs

Prosthetic technology helps those with debilitating injuries or deformities lead active and normal lives. If you're interested in pursuing an education to become a prosthetic assistant, prosthetic technician or certified prosthetist, keep...

Prosthetics Technician Schools

Health issues or physically traumatic events may cause individuals to require the services of an orthotist, podiatrist or prosthetist. Learn about education programs that could prepare you to assist these professionals as a prosthetics...

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Degree Programs

Psychiatric rehabilitation uses counseling and therapeutic practices to help severely mentally disabled individuals function. Research types of degrees available, as well as coursework and experiential learning.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Jobs: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about three types of jobs you could pursue in psychiatric rehabilitation. Read on to learn more about career options, along with salary and job outlook information.

Recreation Therapy Schools

Find out what training you might need to become a recreational therapist, also known as a therapeutic recreation specialist. Learn about degree options and professional certification, and get info on choosing a school for your recreation therapy...

Recreational Therapy Degree Programs and Certification

Training in recreational therapy will enable you to lead activities for people who are sick or disabled. Find out what degrees you'll need to work in this field, get information on specializations, and learn what the requirements are for...

Recreational Therapy Graduate Programs

Recreational therapists use arts, crafts, sports and community activities to the treat physical, mental and emotional needs of their patients. Find out about educational options and licensure requirements for this career.

Rehabilitation Counselor: Education and Career Facts

Rehabilitation counselors help disabled or injured individuals handle vocational and personal issues. Get information on graduate degree options for prospective rehabilitation counselors, and find out what course topics you'd study. Learn about...

Rehabilitation Science Degree Programs

Learn about what rehabilitation science is and the degrees available to students interested in the field. Also discover about careers in clinical and research settings and continuing education requirements for those professions.

Rehabilitation Therapist Education and Career Requirements

Rehabilitation therapists usually hold a master's degree in occupational therapy or a doctoral degree in physical therapy. Continue reading to learn about job duties and career prospects for people in this career field.

Schools for Rehab Technicians

Physical therapy professionals work to improve a patient's mobility and lessen the pain. Get information about degree programs and advancement options in this field.

Schools with Vocational Rehabilitation Graduate Programs

Vocational rehabilitation professionals help people facing physical challenges find employment and live independently. A number of schools offer master's degrees in this field. Keep reading to explore degrees offered, common prerequisites,...

Therapeutic Recreation Certification

A recreational therapist plans fun activities for people with developmental or physical disabilities. Find out what education, training and experience is required to qualify as a certified therapeutic recreation specialist (CTRS). Learn more...

Therapeutic Recreation Master's Degree Programs

A master's degree program in therapeutic recreation can lead to a career as a recreation therapist, who's responsible for developing and supervising physical or leisure activities for people with disabilities. Read on to find out more about...

Top Physical Therapy Graduate Schools

Find out what to look for when choosing a school with a strong graduate program in physical therapy. Review three schools with nationally ranked physical therapy programs, and find out what degrees you could earn at each school. Explore a list of...

What Are My Career Options in Recreation Therapy?

Those in the recreation therapy career field can work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing care facilities and community health centers. Read on to learn about these job settings and the responsibilities that recreation therapy...

What are Some Popular Career Options in Physical Therapy?

Get details about three common careers in the field of physical therapy. Read on to learn more about common job duties, education requirements, licensing and salary potential.

What are Some Popular Sports Medicine Careers?

Sports medicine careers are ideal for those who want to help people overcome sports injuries. As a graduate of a sports medicine degree program, you can pursue a variety of jobs, including personal trainer and physical therapist. Read on for...

What are the Basics of a Sports Medicine Degree?

Do you enjoy sports? Are you interested in a health-related career that allows you to work with athletes? If you answered yes, then you might be interested in learning about sports medicine. Read on to learn more about the basics of a sports...

What Are the Classes in an Online Physical Therapy Assistant Program?

Physical therapy assistants perform many of the same functions as physical therapists, and train through comprehensive associate's degree programs. Due to the hands-on nature of the occupation, online physical therapy assistant programs are not...

What are the Core Courses of a PH.D. in Physical Therapy?

A physical therapy Ph.D. program may provide students with the education necessary to help them treat patients who are recovering from illnesses or injuries. This article explores core courses of such terminal-degree programs. Read on for further...

What Are the Requirements to be a Physical Therapy Aide?

Physical therapy aides typically need a high school diploma in order to enter the field. Read on to learn more about the education and skills requirements for a physical therapy aide.

What Are the Top Physical Therapy Colleges and Schools?

Whether you have a targeted objective or want broad exposure to the field, read on to learn more about programs at the top physical therapy schools. Get information about schools' accreditation and the clinical training they offer. See what...

What Can I Do with a Physical Therapy Master of Science Degree?

Graduates of university programs that lead to Master of Science in Physical Therapy degrees may choose to continue their education. This article discusses the potential outcomes of a master's-level physical therapy degree program and how one...

What Continuing Education Courses Do I Need for Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants are required to complete continuing education classes as part of the renewal process for their state licenses, certifications or registrations. Read on to learn more about these required courses.

What Courses Are Needed to Become a Physical Therapist?

To become a physical therapist, you'll need to complete several educational hurdles, starting with your undergraduate education and advancing to the graduate level. Meeting licensing requirements may involve additional continuing education...

What Do Physical Therapists Do?

As a physical therapist, you assess patients and determine treatment, as well as track patients' progress and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. You also teach patients and families how to properly continue therapy once released from the...

What Does a Physical Therapy Aide Do?

If you are interested in the field of physical therapy but don't have the resources or interest to devote to long-term study, you may want to consider becoming a physical therapy aide. Read this article to learn about what a physical therapy aide...

What Education is Required to Become a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists help people recover from illnesses or physical injuries. Read on to find out more about the specific education and licensing requirements that all physical therapists must meet in order to practice.

What Is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS)?

Therapeutic recreation specialists use games, art and sports to help people with disabilities or illnesses. Read on to learn more about this field, including job responsibilities and employment prospects.

What is a Physical Therapy Tech?

A physical therapy technician helps injured patients and individuals recovering from surgery regain their mobility. Get information on their duties, future job prospects and educational requirements.

What is a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists, also known as physical therapists, are responsible for the restoration and maintenance of the health and fitness of their patients. Read this article to find out more about the role of a physiotherapist.

What Is a Rehabilitation Assistant?

Working as a rehabilitation assistant, or occupational therapist assistant, puts you in direct communication with incapacitated patients who require therapy and rehabilitation to improve their motor skills. Read on to learn more about this...

What is the Average Salary for a Physical Therapy Aide?

If you have a high school diploma, are relatively strong and are interested in a growing healthcare field with potential for advancement, you might consider becoming a physical therapy aide. Physical therapy aides work with assistants and...

What is the Average Salary of a Sports Medicine Physician?

As a sports medicine physician, your salary can be greatly affected by a number of factors, such as how long you've been in the field and where you work. Keep reading to find out more about what you can earn in this profession.

What Is the Curriculum of an Online Master's Degree in Physical Therapy?

The curriculum of a Master of Science in Physical Therapy degree program is designed to introduce students to a number of advanced topics in the field, including orthopedics, musculo-skeletal examination, geriatric neurology and teaching methods....

What is the Curriculum of an Online Sports Medicine Degree?

A degree program in sports medicine can prepare students for a wide range of related careers. It is important to note that complete and accredited online sports medicine degree programs are unlikely to be available, due to the hands-on nature of...

What is the Employment Outlook for Physical Therapy Careers?

Get information about the employment outlook for professionals in the field of physical therapy. Find out how much physical therapists earn, and check the salary potential for physical therapy aides and assistants as well.

What Training is Required for a Physiotherapist Career?

Physiotherapists, also known as physical therapists, help patients who are living with physical limitations. Read below for details regarding the training you will need to become a physiotherapist.

What Types of Education Programs are Available in Physical Therapy?

If you have an interest in the healthcare industry and a desire to help people, physical therapy may be the right career field for you. Degrees in this field are available at the associate's and doctoral degree levels. Associate's degree programs...

What's the Job Description of a Pediatric Physical Therapist?

Are you interested in working with children? Do you also have an interest in working in the medical field? If so, you might consider a job as a pediatric physical therapist. In this career, you'll provide physical therapy treatment to infants,...

What's the Salary of a Rehabilitation Nurse?

Salaries for rehabilitation nurses depend on a number of factors, including job title, industry and geographic location. In addition, certification has an effect on earnings. Read on to find out more about how much you can expect to earn as a...

Which Schools Have Online Physical Therapy Assistant Degree Programs?

Offered at the associate's degree level, physical therapy assistant programs train students to successfully administer physical therapy treatments under the supervision of licensed physical therapists. Due to the clinical requirements,...

Which Schools Offer Doctorate Degrees in Physical Therapy?

A doctorate degree program in physical therapy can prepare individuals for careers as physical therapists, professors and researchers. Read on to learn about some well-known schools that offer doctorate degrees in physical therapy.

Which Schools Offer Online Degrees in Sports Medicine?

If you're a current athletic trainer, physical therapist or personal trainer who wants to continue your education while maintaining full-time employment, consider an online sports medicine degree program. Keep reading to find out which schools...

Which Schools Offer Online Physical Therapist Courses?

You can increase your knowledge as a physical therapist from home with online college courses. Several schools offer courses for a doctoral physical therapy degree online, mostly aimed at current therapists who wish to improve their education.

Which Schools Offer Online Programs in Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy degree programs introduce students to a number of important topics, including human physiology and exercise physiology. Because physical therapy involves hands-on training in a clinical setting, complete online and distance...

Which Well-Known U.S. Schools Offer Sports Medicine Degrees?

Sports medicine is a relatively new academic discipline that can serve as the foundation for a number of careers. This article examines a couple of the well-known U.S. schools that offer sports medicine degrees. Read on for further details.

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