Public Policy and Administration FAQs

Associate's Degree in Park and Recreation Administration

Earning a degree in parks and recreation administration can prepare you to oversee facilities like parks, community centers, YMCAs and resorts. Check the availability of parks and recreation administration degree programs, find out what courses...

Associate's Degree in Public Administration: Programs

An associate's degree program in public administration can train you to manage fundraising efforts and supervise administration personnel for a government or non-profit organization. Continue reading to learn about whats skills you gain in an...

Doctorate in Disaster Management

Doctorate degree programs in disaster management prepare students to teach at the postsecondary level or to research and create policies and management plans for emergency situations and natural disasters. Learn about Ph.D. programs that cover...

Graduate Schools with Disaster Management Programs

Read about finding a school that offers a graduate program related to disaster management, such as an emergency management or public administration program. Review some course topics you'd study in these programs, and learn about the disaster...

How Do I Earn a Certificate in Public Administration?

Certificates in public administration are available in two forms. Schools may offer an undergraduate certificate in public administration for students without a degree, a certificate at the graduate level or both.

How Do I Earn a Certificate in Urban Planning Online?

Online certificates in urban planning can be earned by completing a certificate program in community planning from Northern Arizona University or an online hybrid certificate program in urban planning and development from University of...

Master's Degree Programs in Disaster Management

Learn about your master's degree options in the field of disaster management. See what classes are commonly offered, and get information about what kind of job you can get after graduation.

Master's Degrees in Political Management

Master's degree programs in political management prepare students for careers leading political campaigns at the local, state or national level. Here you can find information about common course topics covered in this program, prerequisites, and...

Municipal Clerk Certification

Municipal clerks perform administrative duties for a legislative body. Continue reading to learn about the types of certification available as well as the education and experience necessary to become certified in this field.

Online Disaster Management Degree Programs

Disaster management programs explore areas of response, management and planning. Learn about undergraduate and graduate degrees, course topics, post-graduate career options and salary info.

Online Master's Degree Programs in Public Affairs

Find out what courses you'll take in a master's degree program in public affairs. Discover online degree options and career possibilities in the field.

Online Public Administration Courses

Read on for information about public administration courses, including topics of study. Find out how these online courses work and what degree programs offer these types of courses.

Online Public Policy Degree Programs

Online public policy degree programs teach you the skills to write public policy proposals and techniques for implementing or enforcing new public policies. Learn about degree programs and courses in this field.

PhD in Public Administration: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Read about your options for doctoral study in the public administration field, including on-campus Ph.D. programs and online Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) programs. Compare these options and their curricula. Get info about career...

PhD Programs in Public Policy and Management

A Ph.D. program in public policy and management prepares you to help influence decisions in areas like education, urban affairs, the environment and more. Read about the formats available for this degree program, and explore the typical...

Public Administration Majors: Salary and Career Facts

Learn how a major in public administration can prepare you for a variety of careers in the public or non-profit sector. Keep reading for information on specific positions, including corresponding job duties and salaries.

Public Administration: Online Degree and Certificate Programs

Learn about the different degrees programs in public administration. Find out which programs are available online as well as common coursework, admission requirements and career options for graduates.

Public Affairs Courses

Public affairs is a broad field that covers communications, government relations and policy studies. Learn about courses in public affairs, including online options and degree programs.

Public Affairs Degree Programs

Public affairs degree programs are designed for individuals who are interested in policy development and administration. Continue reading for more information on degree program options, common courses, and career options.

Public Management Degree Program

A public management degree program can teach you how to talk to the media and organize public support. Find out about the undergraduate and graduate curriculum in a public management program and the jobs available to you after graduation.

Public Policy Master's Degrees: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Read about Master of Public Policy programs, and explore the courses you'd take as an online or on-campus graduate student. Find out how online learning works for this degree program. Review the prerequisites for enrolling in a master's degree...

Top Public Administration Graduate Schools

Explore three schools with nationally ranked public administration and management programs, and find out what graduate degrees they offer in this field. Review information on what you should look for when choosing a quality school and discover...

What are Popular Careers in Public Services?

City and county agencies, hospitals, social service organizations, cultural organizations, advocacy groups, and educational institutions employ public servants. They hold many positions similar to those in the private business sector, including...

What are Popular Jobs and Careers in Public Administration?

Most public administration positions are found within government and non-profit organizations. Read on to learn about some of the most common types of organizations offering employment and the many job opportunities available in this field.

What Are the Requirements to Start a Career in International Studies?

Get information about job options and education requirements for a career in International Studies. Learn about key skills, potential salaries and specializations to see if this field is right for you.

What Are the Top Schools for Public Administration?

Review the characteristics of a school with a strong program in public administration. Get info about three top-ranked schools with programs in this field, and explore the degree options each school offers in public administration.

What Degree Do You Need to Become a City Manager?

City managers are in charge of public administration-related issues, such as developing budgets, preparing policy reports and overseeing city personnel. Learn more about what city managers do, how to become one and what to expect from your degree...

What Education Is Needed for a Career in Public Administration?

Public administration careers require different types and levels of education. Most positions require a bachelor's degree, although a master's degree is recommended for many management-level positions. Read this article to learn more about what...

What is Public Safety Management?

The general public relies on a variety of services to provide safety and security in everyday life. These services are usually run by governmental agencies at local, state or federal levels. Public safety management professionals ensure these...

What is Public Administration?

Public administration is the field of service that maintains a civil society and provides for the needs of the public. There are many career paths and degree programs in this field. Read on to learn more about public administration.

What Is the Curriculum of a PhD in Public Policy & Administration?

If you would like to pursue an academic or research career in the area of public administration, then you should consider earning a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration. The curriculum is geared towards students who wish to gain an...

What is the Field of Public Management?

Public management requires you to be a leader who can create plans and solve problems in order to make a difference in the public sphere. Read on to learn more about this field.

What is the Typical Salary of a Public Administrator?

The role and typical duties of a public administrator can vary widely according to what kind of agency or organization you work for and what kind of policies or programs you oversee. While you could obtain a position with only a bachelor's degree...

What Will I Learn in an Online Degree in Public Administration?

Online degree programs in public administration provide the skills necessary for a management-level career in the public service arena, including government positions and non-profit careers. These programs also cover research, analysis and public...

What's the Curriculum of a Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration?

A bachelor's degree in public administration prepares students for administrative and management careers with non-profit organizations and local, state or federal government agencies. The curriculum covers the basics of public policy and business...

Where Can I Find Public Administration Courses Online?

Many colleges and universities with programs in public administration offer courses online to students and professionals interested in increasing their skills and knowledge. Online courses in public administration are offered by the Tennessee...

Where Can I Find Public Service Management Courses Online?

There are courses and programs available online for those interested in public service management. Read on to learn more about these programs and the topics they cover.

Which Degrees will Prepare Me for a Public Service Career?

Careers in public service can range from fire fighter to program administrator for the federal government. This article explores which degrees will prepare you for which careers in the public service field.

Which Universities Offer a Distance Learning Master of Public Administration?

A distance-learning Master of Public Administration program prepares you for a public service career in a variety of settings, including those in government and non-profit organizations. Read on to learn more about three schools offering these...

Which Well-Known Schools Offer Public Safety Management Degrees?

Many colleges and universities provide educational programs in public safety management. These include the University of Central Florida, the College of Southern Nevada and Indiana University. Learn more about these well-known schools that offer...

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