Speech Communications FAQs

Applied Linguistics Degree Programs

Applied linguistics degree programs offer training in the theoretical and practical aspects of language. Find out about the training you'll need to enter a master's or doctoral degree program in applied linguistics, get an idea of the required...

Applied Linguistics Jobs: Career & Salary Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in applied linguistics. Read on to learn more about career options along with education and salary information.

ASL Interpreter: Salary and Career Facts

Explore the career requirements for ASL interpreters. Get the facts about training and experience requirements, salary information and job duties to determine if this is the right career for you.

Bachelor's Degree in Speech Language Pathology

An undergraduate program in speech-language pathology can start you on the path toward becoming a speech-language pathologist and helping children and adults with speech disorders and difficulties. Read on to see what you'll learn and what your...

Bachelor's Degree Programs in Speech Therapy

Undergraduate speech therapy programs explore speech development and language disorders. Learn about courses of study, advanced degree options and professional licensing requirements for speech pathologists.

Careers in Communicative Disorders

Learn about careers in communicative disorders, including those in audiology and speech pathology. Find information about degree programs, professional certifications, job outlook and salary.

Communication Disorders Degrees: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Communication disorders degree programs cover topics in delayed language development, articulation problems and voice disorders, to name a few. Learn about available degree programs and whether you can earn them online. Also, check out career...

Communication Disorders Majors

A bachelor's degree in communications disorders is the first step to a career in diagnosing and treating people with hearing- and speech-related issues. Read on to learn about prerequisites, typical coursework, online program options, and...

Communicative Disorders Degree Programs and Universities

Communication disorders education programs cover topics in speech-language pathology, audiology and deaf education. Learn about the degree programs, job options and education requirements for careers in communication disorders.

Forensic Linguistics Graduate Programs

Forensic linguists use language, including dialect, diction and syntax, to solve crimes. Keep reading to learn about available degree programs, common courses, if this degree is available online and possible careers.

How Can I Become a Speech Therapy Aide?

Explore the career requirements for speech therapy aides. Get the facts about education and licensure requirements, salary, and job duties to determine if this is the right career for you.

How Can I Learn Basic Communications Skills?

Learning basic communication skills can help you become more influential and comfortable in business, personal and social situations. Continue reading to learn about several routes that you can take to develop these important skills.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Speech Pathology Program Online?

A master's degree is generally required in order to become a certified and licensed speech pathologist. Accredited online master's programs fulfill the educational requirements for career entry. Read on to learn about these programs and how long...

Linguistics Courses and Degrees

Learn about linguistics courses and degrees. Get additional information about the field of linguistics, common classes, available degree programs and relevant specializations.

Linguistics Majors

A bachelor's degree in linguistics can teach you about how languages develop, how culture plays a role in languages and how the human brain recognizes dialect, language and emotion behind words. Read on for information about other subjects...

Master's Degrees in Public Speaking

Many schools offer master's degree programs that include advanced public speaking courses, as well as written and visual communication courses, that can help you fine tune your skills. With courses in organizational communication, professional...

Master's Degrees in Speech Communication: Online & Campus-Based Programs

The multidisciplinary field of speech communications examines both personal and professional communications. Master's degree programs related to speech communications will teach you how to understand your audience and use that knowledge to...

Master's Degrees in Speech Therapy

Speech therapists, also known as speech-language pathologists, help patients with speech problems like stuttering or swallowing disorders. Learn about master's degree programs in speech therapy, including admission requirements, common course...

Master's in Speech Pathology: Salary and Career Facts

Research what it takes to become a speech pathologist. Learn about education requirements, job duties, average wages and licensure to find out if this is the career for you.

Masters Degree Programs in Speech-Language Pathology

A master's degree in speech-language pathology can lead to a career in which you help people understand and overcome speech disorders such as stuttering, swallowing and fluency problems. Learn about typical prerequisites and coursework, online...

Online Communication Skills Courses

You can take online communication skills courses to start or further your career in a variety of fields. Courses are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Learn about the different options available to you below.

Online Interpreter Certification

Review the process for becoming certified as an interpreter. Learn about certification options, and find out about online training options available to you. Examine the job outlook for professional interpreters.

Online Language Translation Degrees and Certificate Programs

People working in language translation are often fluent in more than one language. Learn what language translation programs are available online, what courses will be included, whether licensure is required to enter the field and what the...

Online Linguistics Degree Programs

Learn about degree options for aspiring linguists, and get information about online options. Find out the kinds of classes typically offered in these programs as well as career options and average salary data.

Online PhD in Applied Linguistics

In a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics degree program, you'll study how language acquisition affects the brain and one's ability to interact with others. Learn about courses and online program options.

Online Schools and Classes for Speech Language Pathology

Speech language pathology professionals diagnose and treat individuals who have hearing and speech problems. Continue reading to learn what classes are like in an online program, how to get started and how to select a school.

Online Speech Communications Degrees

Online programs in speech communications can prepare you for a career in the field of speech pathology. These programs are available for undergraduate and graduate students and include classes in language development, audiology, and assistive...

Online Speech Degree Programs and Courses

Learn about online degree programs related to speech, including communication disorders programs and speech-language pathology programs. Find out how online programs work, and get info on choosing a school for your education. Explore some of the...

Online Speech Language Pathology Degree Programs

Speech-language pathologists work with people who have difficulty speaking, understanding language and swallowing. Read on to learn more about online degree programs in this field. See what classes you'll take at the master's and doctoral degree...

Online Speech Language Pathology Graduate Programs

Speech language pathologists, who are often known as speech therapists, work to help people with speaking disorders. They diagnose and treat speech impediments and often provide some degree of emotional counseling to patients. Master's degree...

Online Speech Pathology Degrees, Courses and Schools

Speech pathologists help individuals overcome speech and language disorders. Continue reading to find out whether these degree programs are offered online, what the prerequisites are and how to access your online coursework.

Online Speech Therapy Degree Programs

Speech therapists, or speech language pathologists, work with individuals of all ages in order to diagnose, treat and prevent issues relating to speech and communication. Keep reading to find out about undergraduate and graduate degree programs...

Online Speech Therapy Schools and Classes

The field of speech therapy helps people communicate, such as by working with people with autism or deafness. Find out about what online speech therapy classes are like, what's included, whether you will receive hands-on learning, what...

Online Undergraduate Speech Pathology Degree Programs

An online associate's degree or certificate program for speech-language pathology assistants can train you in techniques for teaching pronunciation and articulation to children and adults, assisting speech-language pathologists in helping them...

PhD Programs in Speech Communications

A Ph.D. program in speech communications teaches you empirical research methods and theoretical knowledge for teaching and research. Learn about program requirements and career options.

Public Speaking Degree Programs and Classes

You don't technically need a public speaking degree to become a public speaker, but there are programs available to help you polish your public speaking skills. Many of these programs provide you with practice in real-world settings. Read on for...

Schools that Teach Public Speaking

Read about your options for learning to become a better public speaker. Although degrees specifically in public speaking aren't available, many careers - such as teaching and politics - rely on public speaking skills, so courses in the topic are...

Spanish Medical Interpreter Certification

Those interested in becoming certified Spanish medical interpreters may choose to enroll in a Spanish medical interpreter program in order to pass the certification examination. Learn about what this examination entails, what kinds of medical...

Speech Certificate and Training Programs

Speech certificate and training programs can be found in the subjects of speech communication or speech-language pathology. Speech communication programs focus on public speaking and interpersonal communication, while speech-language pathology...

Speech Communications Degree Programs and Courses

See what programs are available in speech communications. Learn about the field and what courses you'd take as part of a degree program. Discover areas of specialization and advanced education options in the field.

Speech Majors: Salary and Career Facts

Explore the career opportunities for speech majors. Get the facts about about education requirements, job options, salary, and job outlook to determine if this is the right career for you.

Speech Therapy Majors: Salary and Career Facts

Speech therapy majors learn to help others overcome speech disorders and help youngsters in their speech development. In most cases, speech therapy is synonymous with speech-language pathology. Get education program and career info, plus...

Speech Writer Education and Schools

Speech writers prepare informative content for political and public figures, writing on a wide range of topics. Read on to learn about degree programs at the bachelor's and master's degree levels that you may complete to prepare for this career.

Speech Writer: Career and Salary Facts

Learn about the reading and research duties of a speech writer. Find information about what to study in school, where the jobs are and how much you might earn in the field.

What Are Some Schools for Studying Speech Therapy?

To determine well-known schools for studying speech therapy, you can consult the best speech-language pathology programs list published by U.S. News & World Report. The University of Iowa, Northwestern University and Purdue University, were among...

What Are the Job Duties of Speech Therapists Working in School Districts?

Speech therapists working in school districts have a variety of job duties associated with testing, assessing, and treating students for speech problems. Specific job duties for speech therapists working in school districts may include...

What Degree Do I Need to be a Professional Public Speaker?

Continue reading to learn what you'll need to become a professional public speaker. Find out what type of education you may need and the skills employers are looking for.

What is a Linguistic Specialist?

Linguists may specialize in translation, computer linguistics, forensic linguistics and more. Read on to discover what you might do with this career, what you can learn in a degree program and where you can receive specialized training.

What is a Speech Pathology Assistant?

Explore the job duties of speech pathology assistants. Get info on the education required for this career, and check the job outlook and typical salary.

What is the Curriculum for a Speech Pathologist Degree Program?

Speech pathologists help individuals of all ages learn to work through communicative disabilities and develop alternative forms of communication. You can find more information about what you'll study in a speech pathologist degree program in the...

What's the Curriculum of an Online Bachelor's Degree in Speech Pathology?

Careers in speech pathology focus on helping individuals of all ages by diagnosing and treating language, speech, swallowing and cognitive communication disorders. Read on to learn more about the common courses and subjects covered in a speech...

Where Can I Find an Online Master's Degree in Speech Pathology?

A master's degree typically is the minimum education required to work as a speech pathologist. Keep reading to learn about universities that offer master's degree programs in speech pathology online.

Where Can I Find Online Courses to Become a Speech Therapy Aid?

Find out where you can find distance learning opportunities for speech therapy degree programs. Learn about common courses, work environments, training and other useful career information.

Which Schools Offer a Speech and Language Pathology Degree Online?

When you look for an online degree program in speech and language pathology, keep in mind that many programs will generally need you to be physically present for some of your studies, often for the summer months. In addition, the majority of...

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