Statistics FAQs

Master's Degree Programs in Statistics

Find out about master's degree programs in statistics, including courses and degree options. Read about the career outlook and median salary for statisticians.

Online Graduate Statistics Courses

Find out what you could learn in an online graduate statistics course and what programs they are often included in. Discover what it's like to take statistics courses online.

Online Probability and Statistics Courses

Explore the online programs through which you could take probability and statistics courses, like math and economics degree programs. Find out what you'd learn in an undergraduate or graduate probability and statistics course. Discover how online...

Online Statistics Classes and Schools

Sharpen your pencils and minds, grab your calculator and read more to learn about what you can do with an online post-baccalaureate certificate or master's degree in statistics. See what classes you'll take, how to select a school and what your...

Online Statistics Degree Programs

Several schools offer online statistics degree programs for aspiring professional statisticians. These are typically master's degree programs designed to provide advanced training and knowledge in statistical theory and data analysis. Read on for...

PhD in Statistics: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Statisticians are employed in almost every industry, including government agencies. A Ph.D. program in statistics can enhance your career prospects if you are interested in providing research for corporate or government decision-making, or in...

Statistics Majors

Learn about bachelor's degree programs in statistics. Find out common course topics, distance learning opportunities and possible careers for statistics majors.

Top Statistics Graduate Programs

Find out the kinds of degree programs and research facilities that three top universities offer to their statistics graduate students. Learn about ranking data and specialization options for these schools.

Where Can I Find Free Online Probability Courses?

Access free online probability courses through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Continue reading to find out what you could learn in these self-paced courses.

Where Can I Find Free Online Statistics Courses?

You can find several free online statistics courses through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's OpenCourseWare project. These self-paced, noncredit classes cover undergraduate- and graduate-level skills.

Which Universities Offer an Online Master's Degree in Statistics?

If you're time-limited because of family and work responsibilities but would still like to pursue a graduate education in statistics, you might consider an online master's degree program. Read on to learn about the schools offering distance...

Which Universities Offer Online Statistics Courses?

If you want to learn statistics for professional or personal reasons and lack the time to attend a traditional course in a classroom setting, you may want to find an online statistics course. Several universities offer coursework in this area,...

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