Teaching Special Education FAQs

Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist Salary and Career Facts

Research what it takes to become an Autism Spectrum Disorder specialist. Learn about training and licensure requirements, job duties, potential salary and job outlook to find out if this job is for you.

Bachelor's Degrees in Special Education: Online and Campus Programs

Read on to find out how a bachelor's degree in special education prepares you to design adapted curricula and modify behaviors of children with special needs. Review the typical curriculum, find out about licensure for special education teachers...

Degrees for Autism Specialists

Autism specialists may work as special education teachers or autism behavioral specialists. A masters degree is often the required level of education, and there are both online and campus-based graduate programs available that focus on...

How Can I Become a Special Education Teacher?

Research what it takes to become a special education teacher. Learn about education requirements, job duties, average wages and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

How Can I Get a Special Education Endorsement?

Find out about the training needed to be a special education teacher working with students with learning impairments. Special education teacher training programs are available to prepare you for working with children in all grade levels.

Master's in Special Education: Salary and Career Facts

Learn about the positions for which a master's degree in special education may qualify you. Get some facts about coursework, state licensing rules, salary information and future employment outlook.

Online Schools with Special Education Majors

Read about online bachelor's degree programs in special education, which may be offered as degree-completion programs or as hybrid programs that require some on-campus coursework. Find out more about how online programs work. Review the typical...

PhD in Special Education: Online and Campus-Based Programs

In a Ph.D. program in special education, you will study issues related to behavior, disabilities, education and psychology. Find out more about these programs and the curricula. Get info about online learning options for doctoral students and...

Special Education Associate's Degree

Completing an associate's degree program in special education could prepare you for work as a teacher assistant or teacher aide in a special needs classroom. Learn more about the coursework in this program, as well as online learning options, the...

Special Education Certification and Degree Programs

A special education degree program will prepare you to work with children who might not thrive in a regular classroom. Earning a degree also helps you earn certification in special education. Online learning opportunities are available in this...

Special Education Degrees and Certificates: Online Programs

Fully online degree programs aren't typically available in the special education field, but many parts may be completed online. Learn more about the format and coursework in online certificate and degree programs in special education, and check...

Special Education Licensure and Course Requirements

Learn about how you can become qualified to teach special education by earning a degree and fulfilling licensure requirements. Get info on alternative-licensure and distance-learning programs that can help you enter this career field. Read more...

Special Education Majors

As a special education major, you could help children learn and overcome mental or physical disabilities. Read about bachelor's degree programs in this field, the curricula they entail, online learning options, and possible career outlook and...

Special Education Teacher Schools and Courses

Learn about the different types of special needs students you could work with as a special education teacher. Read on to learn more about schools that offer courses for aspiring special education teachers, and check undergraduate and graduate...

Special Education Teacher: Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a special education teacher. Learn about education requirements, job duties, average wages and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

What are Some College Courses in Special Education?

Special education courses might cover behavioral disorders in children and behavioral assessment, among other topics. Keep reading to learn about some common college courses in special education.

What are the Job Duties for Special Education Teachers?

If you like a rewarding career helping disabled students reach their academic potential, you might want to learn more about careers in special education. Special education teachers work with students of all ages and grades, who have been...

What are the Requirements for a Career in Special Education?

A career in special education can connect a caring adult to children facing a variety of learning challenges. To find out more about the requirements and opportunities in this job specialty, continue reading.

What Are the Top Schools for Special Education Teachers?

Read about three schools with top programs in special education, based on their national rankings. Explore the special education program offerings at each school. Get info on selecting a school with a good program in this field.

What Can I Do with a Doctorate Degree in Special Education?

Graduates with doctorate degrees in special education can hold a variety of positions in educational settings. The article that follows describes some career options for those with doctorate degrees in special education.

What Can I Do with a Master's Degree in Special Education?

A master's degree program in special education can prepare graduates for a career teaching exceptional students. This article will tell you what you can do with a master's degree in special education and about the curriculum of these programs.

What Can I Do with an Associate's Degree in Special Education?

An associate's degree program in special education prepares individuals to assist young people who have learning disabilities. Those who earn this degree might also meet the educational needs of pupils by providing personal instruction and...

What is a Special Needs Teacher?

Explore the career requirements for special needs teachers. Get the facts about job duties, education and certification requirements and salary outlook to determine whether this is the right career for you.

What is an Online Special Education Certificate?

A special education certificate prepares you to teach children with learning disabilities, physical handicaps and emotional or behavioral challenges. Earning your special education certificate online means that you can take courses and turn in...

What is Special Education?

Special education programs provide the proper support, services and special environments to meet the educational needs of disabled children. Children with a wide range of disabilities qualify for these programs. Read on to find out more about...

What is the Salary of a Special Education Teacher?

Would you like to work with students who have learning disabilities, physical impairments, cognitive or emotional challenges, autism and other special needs? Keep reading to find out how much you can earn as a special education teacher and how...

Which Schools Offer Bachelor's Degrees in Special Education?

Review some important considerations for selecting a school with a strong undergraduate program in special education. Get info about three top-ranked schools with programs in this field, and read about the types of special education bachelor's...

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