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Top U.S. Schools By Degree Level articles

Autopsy Technician Programs & Training

Discover the programs and training needed to get started as an autopsy technician. Find out what this training entails, how long it takes to complete, and what you can do with it once completed by reading below.

Become a Special Effects Makeup Artist: Schools & Courses

Ready to start a career as a special effects makeup artist? Here you'll find out which schools offer training in the field and discover what you might learn.

Best Colleges for Animal Training

Learn about the best animal training programs in the country, including what you might learn in them and what you might be able to do with a degree or certificate.

Best Colleges for Veterans has created it's ranking for the best colleges for veterans in the US. Read on to learn what schools made the list.

Best Graduate Schools for Forensic Anthropology

Discover the graduate options available for those pursuing a career in forensic anthropology. Learn more about the concepts and practical skills covered in both graduate and undergraduate programs, the career options available, and the job...

Best Jewelry Design Schools in the U.S.

Discover which schools around the country offer training in jewelry design. Find out about courses and what you might be able to do with your training.

Best Phlebotomy Programs & Training

Trying to figure out what programs to apply to after making the decision to pursue a new career can be difficult. Consider some tenants of highly regarded phlebotomy training programs to aid in your search.

CNC Programmer Training & Courses

If you're interested in pursuing a career with a skilled trade, consider a career as a CNC programmer. Learn what CNC programmers do, the training they need, and the courses they'll take while furthering their education.

Colleges with Pediatric Physical Therapy Programs

Check out our guide to get help finding schools that offer coursework for becoming a pediatric physical therapist. Find out about typical classes, what you might learn and licensure information.

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Programs in the U.S.

Learn about programs specializing in doctor of osteopathic medicine. Find out courses commonly required, how long it takes to complete the degree, and how it differs from a doctor of medicine by reading below.

Firefighter Training Programs, Courses & Requirements

Firefighters provide critical services to cities and towns across the country. Learn about the training programs available to help you become a firefighter, including the courses needed and the physical and educational requirements that must be met.

Forensic Autopsy Assistant: Schools & Programs

Read about the qualifications you need to become a forensic autopsy assistant. Get to know the topics covered during your training as a forensic autopsy assistant and learn about the schools and programs offering this.

Genetic Engineering: Schools & Programs

Learn what schools offer degrees in genetic engineering and uncover important information about them, including what you might learn and what you can do with the training they offer.

Histotechnician Programs & Courses

Learn what education is needed to become a histotechnician. Find out about programs in histologic technology, requirements and/or skills needed, the kinds of courses involved and more.

How Do I Become a Medical Equipment Repair Technician? - Courses & Programs

Find out what training is needed to take on a career as a medical equipment repair technician. Learn about the programs that offer training and the courses required to complete them by reading on.

Interpreter Training & Certification in California

Learn what skills you need to become an interpreter. Read about the degree and non-degree options available in California for training as an interpreter, and get to know the interpreter certification requirements in California.

Journalism Colleges & Universities in California

California boasts universities and colleges with journalism degrees at many postsecondary levels. Discover which schools in the Golden State offer journalism degrees and what they teach.

Medical Lab Technician Course Requirements

Looking for a career in medicine without an overwhelming barrier of entry? Consider becoming a medical lab technician. Find out about medical lab technician programs, the courses involved, and the licenses and credentials needed by continuing below.

Pharmacist Assistant: Programs & Courses

Find out what you need to start a new career as a pharmacist assistant. Learn about some of the programs and courses available that can help you get the training and certifications needed to work as a pharmacist assistant by reading below.

Schools that Offer Pediatric Oncology

Learn what schools offer programs in pediatric oncology. Find out which schools have the requisite residency programs and learn how to complete them, plus discover more about possible pediatric oncology fellowships.

Top Colleges for Film and Video Editing

Read more information on bachelor's and master's degrees offered for film and video editing. Find out the various topics covered in these programs, some of the top schools that currently provide them, and further training requirements for those...

Top Colleges for Wildlife Biology

Find some of the best schools in the country that offer a degree in wildlife biology. Check out the details of these programs and research what coursework is involved.

Top Immigration Law Schools & Programs in the United States

Learn what topics immigration law programs cover. Get to know some of the top immigration law schools in the United States. Read about the certification requirements and work settings for immigration lawyers.

Top Music Production Colleges in the U.S.

Discover where you can earn an undergraduate degree in music production and learn the skills to pursue an exciting career in the music industry. With programs all over the United States, you have many great options for a music production degree.

Top Web Design Schools: Courses & Programs

Find out the best schools offering both undergraduate and graduate programs in web design. Discover information on the topics covered, the potential careers, and the opportunity for online study programs.

What Schools Offer Radiology Assistant Programs?

Find out which schools have programs for radiology assistants. Discover what degree you'll need and learn how to get certification to start your career as a radiology assistant.

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