Visual Communications FAQs

Communication Arts Degree Programs

Communication arts degree programs are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Read on to learn about what skills are taught in the field, as well as the curriculum for each degree level from associate's to doctorate.

Communications Design Degree Programs

A degree program in communications design might qualify you for work in various multimedia and artistic careers. Associate's and bachelor's degrees are available at the undergraduate level, and some offer online options. Read on to learn what...

Communications Designer: Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a communications designer, a job closely related to that of graphic designers. Learn about the requirements, duties, salary and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

Graphic Communication Graduate Degree Programs

Master's degree programs in graphic communication cover working with graphics in areas including web development, advertising, and screen-printing. Programs in graphic communication management are also available. These degrees can prepare you to...

Graphic Communication PhD Programs

Find out about advanced degree options related to graphic communication. Learn about the classes these programs usually include along with possible jobs that might be available.

Graphic Communications Careers

Find out about the type of jobs you can pursue in graphic communications. Read on to learn about the career options along with salary and job outlook information.

Graphic Communications Courses and Schools

Learn about certificate, undergraduate degree and graduate degree programs in graphic communications. Explore the course topics you'd study in these programs, such as computer graphics and animation.

Graphic Communications Degree Programs

Find out about the courses you'll take in undergraduate and graduate degree programs in graphic communications, and explore concentration options. Learn about career options in this field.

Graphic Communications Majors

Bachelor's degree programs in graphic communications often include courses like color theory, 3-D design, layout design and desktop publishing. These programs help prepare you for a career in Web design or graphic design, and online learning...

Jobs for Communication Design Majors: Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in the communication design field. Read on to lean about career options, education requirements and salary information.

Jobs for Visual Designers: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you can pursue in visual design. Read on to learn more about education requirements, desired skills and qualifications, career options, potential salary and job outlook.

Master's Degree Programs in Graphic Communication

While not very common, master's degree programs in graphic communications are available and can prepare you for a job in a communications organization, advertising department, and more. These programs combine elements of graphic design technology...

Master's Degrees in Media Arts

A master's degree program in the media arts is an interdisciplinary course of study that can include topics in advertising, film or multimedia content. Read on for information about course topics, career options and salaries.

Online Computer Graphics Schools

Online certificate, associate and bachelor's degree programs can help you get started in a computer graphics career. Find out about coursework offered in these programs and how online classes are taken.

Online Degree Programs in Media Arts

Read about online degree programs in the media arts, which can include the study of animation, game technology or video art. Find information on degree options, application requirements and career opportunities here. Discover how online degree...

Online Visual Communications Degrees

Visual communications programs allow you to understand the persuasion theories and hidden messages in some of the most commonly seen logos, commercials, print ads and websites. While online options are available, but limited, you can study this...

PhD in Visual Communications: Online and Campus-Based Programs

With a degree in visual communications, you'll put important design and artistic skills to use through advertising, marketing, publishing and Web developing. While it's not possible to earn a Ph.D. in this field, there are a number of...

Visual Communication Colleges and Degree Programs

Visual communications degree programs are found at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels. Read on for information about what you can learn in visual communications programs and careers you can enter.

Visual Communication Technology Job Facts

Visual communication technology jobs can be found in multimedia or video production, printing, publishing or Web design. Learn about college-based classes and training programs, job duties and potential earnings.

Visual Communications Courses and Certificates

Visual communications courses teach you to understand how visual messages capture audiences' attention and make lasting impressions. Continue reading to learn what's taught in undergraduate and graduate certificate programs, including computer...

Visual Communications Design Jobs: What Are My Career Options?

You may select a different font for a job resume, a letter to a friend and a computer-generated greeting card to convey a formal, friendly or even dramatic tone. That's one example of the ubiquitous nature of visual communication design. Read on...

Visual Communications Graduate Schools

Get info on finding a school with a graduate program in visual communications, and compare on-campus and online programs. Explore the typical curriculum in a master's-level visual communications program.

Visual Communications Majors: Salary and Career Facts

A major in visual communications can provide you with the skills you need to work in graphic design, photography or another related field. Learn about degree programs, career options and potential earnings for aspiring visual communicators.

Visual Communications Master's Degree Programs

Visual communications master programs explore artistic design methods for print and electronic formats. Learn about fine art and communications coursework, graduate degrees available, and online education options.

Visual Effects Degree Programs and Courses

Learn about degree programs in visual effects at the undergraduate and graduate levels. See what kind of courses you'll take and what careers you'll be prepared for with an education in visual effects.

Visual Effects Technician: Salary and Career Facts

Research what it takes to become a visual effects technician. Learn about training, job duties and potential salary to find out if this is the career for you.

Visual Journalism Degree Programs and Schools

Visual journalism combines news reporting with imaging technologies, such as photography. Get information on degree programs in this field and schools that offer them.

Visual Media Degree Programs and Jobs

Visual media degrees cover a variety of fields, including graphic design, communication and media arts. Find out what is offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and learn what career options you'll have with a degree in visual media.

What are the Best Graphic Communications Schools?

Read about three top-ranked schools with programs in graphic communications, and review the degree options they offer in this field. Learn about important considerations for choosing a school with a strong graphic communications program.

What Are the Courses for a Visual Communications Degree Program?

While visual communication degree programs vary between colleges, certain core courses are relatively the same in all programs. These include courses in typography, graphic design, illustration and drawing. Read on for additional information on...

What Are the Top Visual Communication Schools?

Learn what makes a good visual communication degree program. Find out about the top three schools with programs in this field, including school ranking information.

What are Visual Communication Studies?

Are you creative? Do you enjoy drawing or designing images with software? Visual communication studies programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels exist so you can hone your creative skills. Keep reading to find more information on visual...

What Can I Do with a Communication Arts Degree?

A communication arts degree program will help you to develop your knowledge of communication theories, build strong writing skills and cement your ability to persuade. Read on to see how you can use your undergraduate degree in communications to...

What Courses Are Part of a Bachelor's in Visual Communication?

A bachelor's degree in visual communication can lead to jobs such as multimedia director, graphic designer, art director, video game designer or communication specialist. Typically, students interested in visual communication have strong design...

What Does a Freelance Visual Designer Do?

Being a freelance visual designer involves creating visual concepts and designs and contracting your work to clients. Keep reading to learn more about freelancing in visual and graphic design.

What is the Curriculum of an Online Visual Communication Degree?

The curriculum for an online visual communication degree is fairly broad, covering both the visual, artistic side of the discipline and the more business-oriented, communications side. Generally, this includes courses in typography, illustration,...

What Is the Job Description of a Visual Communications Designer?

Do you believe you'd be good at conveying messages with eye-catching images or design concepts? If so, perhaps a career as a visual communications designer is right for you. Visual communications designers create graphics, organize page layouts,...

What is Visual Communications?

Visual communications involves relaying messages through visual media. Read on for a detailed visual communication definition, types of visual communication, and information on careers in this field.

What Jobs Are Available with a Visual Communication Degree?

Visual communication degrees cover a wide range of specializations, and many diverse careers are available for graduates. The types of jobs available depend on the area of specialization. Degrees may focus on communications, the visual arts,...

Where Can I Earn a Visual Communications Associate Degree Online?

Online visual communications associate degree programs are not very common. Students interested in learning about visual communications may enroll in a partially online program or in a fully online program in a related field, such as graphic...

Where Can I Find a Visual Communications Degree Program Online?

Students interested in earning a visual communications degree online have only a few options, since much of the curriculum is technical and requires specific computer software and hardware. Learn about a few schools that offer degree programs in...

Where Can I Find Free Visual Communications Courses?

It is possible to get a free education in visual communications. Shoreline Community College, Virginia Commonwealth University and Century Community and Technical College all have programs that allow an individual to explore this area of study...

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