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April 2012

When Should I Start Looking for College Financial Aid?

It's never too early to start planning how you will pay for college. The earlier you start, the more financial aid resources you can find. Read this blog to learn some tips on what to do to seek the financial aid you need.

How to Keep School Expenses Down in a Tech World

Keeping school expenses down in a technology-driven world can be a little tricky at first. However, once you've researched certain products, retailers and other websites, you should have a better idea of how to spend and save.

10 Colleges with the Best ROI

Just like a mutual fund or roth-IRA, a college education is an investment. If you want to choose your school based on the profitability of your degree down the line, check out these ten schools.

Why It Pays (Literally) for Students to Get Good College Grades

Getting good grades in college is an extremely helpful factor when it comes to earning a living. The better your grades in school, the better your chances will be to have a successful and rewarding career.

10 Majors with the Best ROI

Ever heard the phrase 'you get what you pay for?' While that may be true for many college degrees, the bachelor's degrees listed in this article can earn you a little bit more. And, you don't necessarily have to pay more to get it.

Why the Scholarship Process Doesn't End After Your Freshman Year of College

Paying for college can be a difficult challenge as rising costs become more prevalent among most of the nation's learning institutions. The scholarship process will help students find financial aid beyond their freshman year.

10 Ways Students Can Afford a Summer Vacation Trip

Most students will have the opportunity to make a decision to travel for their summer break. Here are a few helpful ways that you can afford that summer vacation trip.

Should You Buy a New Computer or Use Your Campus Computer Lab?

Deciding whether or not to bring your own computer to college could be a matter of convenience over cost. The following blog offers some points to consider that can help you make this decision.

10 Expenses College Students Should Eliminate

Eliminating your unnecessary expenses while attending college is an efficient way of cutting your costs and thus improving your standard of living, as best you can. Try some of the ideas we've listed in this blog.

How to Prioritize Your Student Loan Applications

Applying for student loans is a crucial part of the process of making the transition to college. In this article you'll find some helpful information to make you more aware of how to choose and rank your student loan applications.

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