Student Saver

August 2012

Students: What's Your Time Worth?

Money is a limited resource for college students, but so is time. This article explores some things that students might do to save one, but ends up making them spend a lot of the other. Figure out how you can make more efficient use of your time...

Does Groupon Really Save You Money?

One of the best ways to save money, especially for college students, is to use coupons. With coupon and discount sites springing up all over the Internet, it's often difficult to see how some deals just aren't worth the spending. Here are a few...

5 Expensive Habits All College Students Should Avoid

College can be a time of freedom to explore. But sometimes this exploration can lead to picking up bad habits. Read this blog to find out what habits you should stay clear of that will not only help you save money, but will be better for your...

In Defense of Living at Home While in College

Not all college students have the option of staying in their parents' homes while going to college. However, if you do, here are some good reasons you should consider keeping your old room instead of moving into a dorm.

The Unexpected Benefits of Being a Lazy Student

Although it may seem slightly tongue-in-cheek, there are a few unexpected benefits of being a lazy student. Take your time. Put it off. Keep your mind on the goal. Alas, let's dive in and find out what we mean, shall we?

10 Marketable Skills You Should Develop While in College

You'll gain all sorts of knowledge and skills while in college, but which are going to follow you into the workplace or be useful in your daily life? The ten skills outlined in this article are extremely valuable beyond classroom application.

5 Ways to Save Money and the Environment

Saving money and the environment might not be such a prescient issue for a majority of you college students just starting out in your college careers. However, these few tips could save you some money!

Do These Students Go Too Far to Save Money?

College students are always looking for a way to live a little cheaper. They cut corners, eat ramen noodles and treat college life like they're sharing a joint sentence with other students. You may be one of the students who have found ways to...

Can Twitter Help Students Save Money on Textbooks?

If you're wondering whether or not Twitter can help you save money on textbooks, the answer is yes! Just take a look at some of these suggestions to find out how the popular social media platform can save you money on your books for school.

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