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December 2011

5 Reasons Not to Move Home After College

You've experienced some fun and independence at college, but now it's time to graduate and move on. Living at home again with your parents can be challenging, and this blog provides some of the top reasons why you shouldn't.

30 Easy Ways College Students Can Save Money in the Next Month

During college, money is usually tight, but saving money doesn't have to be that difficult. This article outlines 30 things students can start doing today to save money for tomorrow.

5 Strange Scholarships That Could Help You Pay for College

When considering scholarships for college, don't count out that your strangeness or special talents could get you one. Here are some strange scholarships that could help you pay for college.

5 Ways High School Students Can Start Saving for College

High school may seem like it's going to last forever. But before you know it, you'll be in your senior year and deciding where to go to college. But you don't have to wait until your last year of high school to starting planning how you will pay...

How to Make Money During Winter Break

For ambitious college students, making money over winter break is a definite possibility. All you have to do is come up with some ideas and follow through with them. We've listed a few for you to consider.

Should You Consolidate Your Student Loans?

Deciding whether or not to consolidate your student loans can be a difficult choice. We've listed a few helpful pointers here to help you decide.

Is Graduate School Worth Your Time (and Money)?

Deciding to go to grad school can be a difficult choice. There are many things to consider, like debt and time commitments. We've discussed some other things in this article to help you along the way.

Essential Tips to Establish Good Credit as a Student

After you leave college, you will discover how much having good credit is necessary to acquire certain items. But you don't have to wait until you're out in the 'real world' to start understanding and building a good credit history. Just read...

5 Reasons to Move Home After College

You've achieved a great milestone by graduating college, and now it's time to decide where to live. You can take the stress out of that decision by going back to live at your childhood home. Plus, there are some financial and personal benefits to...

Surprising Places That Offer Student Discounts

You might be surprised to know that many stores and places offer special discounts for students. All you need to do is have your student ID handy. Here are some places that offer these discounts.

Pros and Cons of Returning Home after College

Graduating college is an exciting time. But the next step of figuring out where you're going to live may present a conflict. Should you get your own place or move back in with your parents? If you're undecided on what to do, this blog may help...

5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Meal Plan After Leaving the Dorms

Being able to get a good meal without leaving campus is huge plus, especially if your classes are timed close together. This blog will tell you all about the advantages of keeping a meal plan even if you live off-campus.

10 Ways the Internet Can Make Your College Search Faster and Cheaper

In the digital age, the Internet is a go-to resource for making your college search faster and cheaper. There are plenty of ways to research colleges, all from your cell phone or laptop.

Student Saver Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Parents

If you're wondering what to get for your parents around the holiday, we've come up with some ideas for you to consider. You could make them something or take them out to dinner, among other ideas.

Cheap and Easy Do-it-Yourself Gift Ideas for Students

Students might be dreading the holidays for the fear of having to buy people things with money they don't have. But you won't have to break the bank with these do-it-yourself gift ideas.

5 Online Study Tools That Can Save You Time

Looking for better ways to study that doesn't involve staring at a book all day? There are many online resources available to help boost your studying. Check out some of those resources in this blog.

How Taking Extra Classes Can Actually Save You Time

Thinking about finishing your degree earlier than usual, to get a jump on your life goals? It's a common practice to many ambitious students. We've listed some ways to accomplish this goal.

How Students Can Avoid Making Impulse Purchases

It's a good idea to get into the habit of avoiding impulse purchases, especially when you're in college. With economic changes and challenges in the future, you'll be glad you learned how to save your money instead of spending it on a whim.

Online Colleges Offer Faster, More Affordable Paths to Degree

Gone are the days when a student's only choice for a college degree was either a 4-year university or a 2-year community college. With today's continuously advancing technologies, combined with extensive university budget cuts, students have an...

How to Double-Major and Still Graduate in Four Years

If you're a college student looking to increase your post-graduation marketability - or if you just want to expand your academic horizons - double-majoring might sound like a pretty appealing option. But can you complete two majors and still get...

Get Your Degree Faster with Prior Learning Assessments

Getting your degree faster is made possible with Prior Learning Assessments. This previous experience might be translated to college from things like working a job, owning a business or from your own independent studies.

Could Taking Some Online Classes Save You Time?

Taking online classes could potentially free up some time in your busy schedule. However, you'll want to do a little bit of research to make sure online education is right for you.

Make Your Study Time Count - Every Time

Making your study time count by staying on task is an important trait to develop while in college. Some ways of doing this include scheduling blocks of time for studying and going somewhere quiet to study. Get more tips for effective study time...

Stop Writing Research Papers The Night Before They're Due

Writing research papers might seem like a difficult challenge once you reach college. Forming good work habits early on is a better idea to keep yourself out of trouble with late-night, last minute hurdles.

Use These Online Tools for Better Class Presentations

The digital age requires the use of online tools for special presentations. Whether these programs are new to you or not, we've listed a few applications for you to consider.

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