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February 2012

10 Affordable Ways Students Can Enjoy Spring Break at Home

Spring break is a time for students to relax and enjoy themselves. However, you might not be able to afford a lavish vacation somewhere warm. Here are some affordable ways to enjoy spring break at home.

Is a Pre-Paid Tuition Plan Right for You?

There are plenty of ways to save for college. The traditional savings account or CD may work for some. But what about a prepaid tuition plan? Probably you've never heard of this option; read on to discover how it works and if this is a suitable...

College Clubs That Can Help Students Develop Marketable Skills

Besides being able to meet new people, joining a club on campus can provide you with valuable skills that can make you a more attractive job candidate or well-rounded individual. This blog offers different types of college clubs that can help you...

10 Ways Colleges Trick You into Spending More

College isn't cheap. In addition to the various costs for tuition, books and living expenses, there are also ways colleges trick you into spending more. Review this list to avoid these excessive costs.

How to Avoid Spending More Money Than You Need to in College

Keep an eye on your expenses in college, and you can save some extra cash that will ultimately add up. Check out these tips to avoid spending more money than you need to in college.

Student Loan Dos and Don'ts for New College Students

After getting student loans to pay for college, you may be inclined to just forget about it until after you graduate. But there are some things you need to know to better understand your loan and payment terms. Read on to get some helpful dos and...

Money-Management Skills for After You Graduate College

Money-management skills become an important necessity, after you graduate college. Give yourself some time to adjust, make sure you do your own research, and pay attention to the world of finance. It'll save you in the long-run.

Applying for Student Financial Aid? Know Your Options!

When you think of paying for college, student loans may be the first thing that comes to mind. But there are many other financial aid options available. Read on to find out what type of need- and merit-based aid you can get to help with your...

What Should You Ask Your Parents About Saving For College?

Talking to your parents about saving for college is an important thing. Open communication with them about saving money will most likely be an essential part of getting your life started.

Can Summer School Save You Money?

Summer break is coming up, and you have to decide on a plan. Do you take classes, do you work, or do you go on a vacation? If you're thinking about summer classes, it's possible you could spend less time in school overall, and save money by doing...

How Students Can Use Social Media to Find Scholarships

Believe it or not, students can use social media to find scholarships. All it takes is a little initiative and some creative researching. Here are a few ideas to help you get started in your scholarship search.

5 Products Most Students Don't Really Need

Your college dorm room may be smaller than an efficiency apartment, so bringing a bunch of stuff with you is not ideal. Plus, certain items you would like to bring require spending money to maintain. Continue reading to find out some items that...

How Students Can Save (and Make!) Money on eBay

As a student, you never pass up a chance to get some extra cash. There is one particular site that can both save you money on things you need, and make you money for things you just want. Of course there are some pitfalls, but the things you can...

How College Students Can Travel Cheaply This Spring Break

Taking a spring break trip doesn't have to bust your budget. There are plenty of resources you can use to make your trip cost-effective. Read this blog to get some tips on how to save money on your spring break travels.

The 10 Most Desirable Scholarships in the World

To help students pay for their schooling, scholarships come in a wide variety of sizes. In this article, read about the most attractive scholarships on the market.

Celebrate Financial Aid Awareness Month with These Money-Saving Resources

Are there money-saving options you may be overlooking when it comes to financial aid? Knowing all the resources available to you may just reduce your stress when thinking about how to pay for college. Read this blog to find out options that can...

Scholarships for First-Generation Students

First-generation college students have a few opportunities for scholarships to benefit their college experience. Listed in this article are a few programs for potential students to consider.

The 10 Most Affordable Public Colleges

While most college tuition is high, there are a few schools out there where students can obtain a bachelor's degree under $16,000. Check out these ten colleges where you can pursue higher education without busting your budget.

How You Can Make Study Abroad More Affordable

If you've been considering a study abroad program through your school but have been slightly worried about the overall costs of the endeavor, have no fear. We've listed some tactics for cutting down on those costs so that you can experience the...

The 10 Best Public School Values

College tuition is pricey, so you want to make sure that you're getting your money's worth in education. The ten public universities outlined in this article are rated as the best deals in a learning-per-cost evaluation.

14 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day on a Student Budget

The more traditional options for celebrating Valentine's Day - gourmet chocolates, a big bouquet of roses, and dinner at the nearest Michelin Star - can burn a hole through a college student's pocket. But these alternative ways to express your...

Don't Leave Your Student Financial Aid Unclaimed

Higher ed costs are rising, and students are struggling more than ever to get a college education - especially those from low- and moderate-income households. Compounding the problem: Findings from a College Board report reveal that students most...

How to Dine Out on a Student's Budget

Going out to eat on your meager college budget may seem out of reach. But if you know where to go to find deals, you can enjoy being off campus for a bit and hanging with your friends. Continue reading to learn about several deal websites that...

Make a Difference and Save Money This Spring Break

You hear 'spring break' and you think beach getaway. But a beach trip would be typical. What if this year you could explore somewhere you've never been and do something to help others? By reading this blog, you can learn about some unconventional...

How Students Can Save Money Using Twitter

Students live on a tight budget. Whether your parents give you a monthly stipend, you engage in work-study programs or you hold down a part-time job, you're likely always looking for ways to save your money. Fortunately for you, social media...

How College Students Can Earn Money by Crafting

College students who are crafty have the potential to earn money with their creations. We've discussed how in this article, with recommendations on starting your own crafting business.

20 Scholarships for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be expensive, but it can also be a fantastic learning opportunity. Fret not: there are scholarships available specifically for students who wish to experience learning in another country. Check out 20 different options below...

5 Cheap and Easy-to-Cook Dinners for College Students

Who says you can't get a little fancy with your cooking while in college. In fact, you can put a new twist on traditional dishes without spending much. Read this blog to get some tips on tasty dishes to make that can leave plenty of leftovers.

10 Great Blogs About Frugal College Living

College is usually a period of your life when you will begin to learn what it means to live frugally. We've listed ten popular blogs about saving money and being smart with your dough.

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