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January 2012

10 Top Online Money-Saving Resources for College Students

Using the internet can certainly save a student time and energy in activities such as course research and shopping. It can also save money. These sites offer tips to save, deals and coupons, and even rewards for doing some of the things you...

Save Money with Free Books from the Open Library

Purchasing textbooks can become one of those college expenses that keeps growing and growing. But what if you could get the book you need without spending any money? With Open Library, you can do just that. Continue reading to learn more about...

5 Great Podcasts for Frugal Students

Getting every penny's worth out of your money is a must when you're a college student on a shoestring budget. So wouldn't it be helpful to learn how to manage your money now and learn skills for when you leave college as well? Read this blog to...

Could Buying an iPad Actually Save Students Money?

Getting an iPad can set students back between $500 and $850 depending upon the model purchased. But can buying Apple's uber-cool tablet actually allow individuals to save money during college? Learn about some useful iPad applications that could...

10 Reasons Why Online College Courses Save You Money

Saving money throughout your college experience can be a huge issue. Taking classes online might be a worthwhile consideration. Here are some ways that online college courses can save you money.

Which Colleges Offer the Best Financial Aid Packages?

You may think that you can't go to the school of your choice because of cost, but that might not be the case. This article outlines some of the financial aid packages that prestigious colleges have to offer for students in need.

How College Students Can Find The Perfect On-Campus Job

Getting a campus job can not only provide you with value career skills but some cash in your pockets. Your school may have a number of departments where you could work, so knowing how to narrow down your search to what you really want is...

Is Studying Abroad in College Worth the Money?

Studying abroad is a potentially life-changing opportunity, but it is also potentially frightening, both financially and logistically. If you're toying with the idea of spending a term in Prague, this article can help you weigh out the pros and...

How Much Should Tuition Affect Your College Choice?

When it comes to your learning experience, college tuition is a difficult hurdle to come across. Although college costs are rising, there are other things to consider when deciding where to go to school.

10 Ideal Summer Jobs for College Students

Finding a summer job doesn't have to be a drag. In fact, it can be a fun and rewarding experience for college students. Here are ten summer jobs to consider when you go on break for the summer.

How to Find a Paid Internship This Summer

Internships help you discover where you think you have the potential to fit in the best. As long as you research and apply yourself, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a paid internship this summer.

College Students: Should You Intern or Get a Paying Job?

As college student about to enter the workforce, should you focus on making money or gaining valuable skills? You may not be so lucky as to find a paid internship, so reading this blog can help you determine which option is best for you.

How Students Can Make a Difference Without Donating Money

Making a difference in the world might seem like a difficult task. However, changing the way you think about things goes a long way in this world. Meaning, you can make a difference without donating money. Here's how.

10 Ways for College Students to Save Money This Spring Break

Spring break is a time for fun and relaxation. However, you might be thinking that you can't afford to do anything along those lines. So we've listed a few options to help you have fun and save money this spring break.

How Recent College Graduates Can Avoid Non-Academic Debt

While attending college might be a hefty expense, it doesn't justify getting into a lot of non-academic debt. Stay out of debt with some of the following pointers.

10 Crucial Things All Students Should Make Time For

When you get to college, you might find that you aren't managing your time wisely. It's a good idea to make healthy habits by taking time for yourself to retain your energy and focus on what really matters to you. We have some advice on the...

Help Student Saver Scholarship Winner Nick Balliett Win $5000!

It was a tight race to the end, but the team here at is happy to announce our first-ever Student Saver Scholarship winner, Nick Balliett. Nick has already won $939, but you can help him increase that amount, up to $5000! Find out how.

The Best Ways for Students to Track Where Your Money Goes

Keeping track of your money is an essentially important thing to do in college. Taking care of your finances will keep your standard of living in tact, allowing you to become more aware of where your finances might need to improve.

Tips for Establishing Good Credit as a Student

Establishing good credit as a student will potentially help your finances as you begin your life and career. Cultivating healthy credit habits early on will better prepare you for your future.

20 Affordable Ways to Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

Living in a dorm can make students feel homesick, but there are a number of ways that students can make their little room feel like home, without spending a fortune. This article offers 20 little things you can do to 'home-ify' your dorm room on...

What All College Students Need to Know About the FAFSA

With the significant expense of college tuition, getting financial aid may be your only option to attend the school of your choice. Continue reading to learn about how and when to complete the FAFSA, so you can get the maximum aid to pay for...

5 Reasons You May Want to Open a Credit Card in College

For many, college is usually a time of limited funds, so getting a credit card can help when you're short of cash. However, building a good credit profile that can help you later in life and learning how to manage credit should be the most...

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