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June 2012

How Much Does Your TV Affect Your Spending Habits?

You might not have considered this, but the TV shows you watch tend to affect your spending habits. They might influence you subliminally or skew your thoughts in ways that are unrealistic and shallow.

Can Your Facebook Page Help You Earn a Scholarship?

Social networking connects people from countries all over the world. Along with seeing what old friends are up to, Facebook addicts can like movies, television shows, games and products. With so many opportunities available to spread news, it's...

5 Personal Finance Resources for College Students

Learning how to manage your finances while in college can give you an advantage for when you enter the real world. This blog offers some resources you can take advantage of to learn more about money management, such as online magazines and tools,...

Budget-Friendly Fun After School

There are plenty of opportunities for free time around your college studies. However, will you be able to do anything it is actually free during your free time? We've listed some free and inexpensive ideas for your consideration.

How to Use the College Net Cost Calculator

Using CollegeData's College Net Cost Calculator is a great way to find out how much a specific college will cost you. By giving you detailed information about college costs and financial aid packages, you'll be able to find out what you'd end up...

Improve Your Writing for Free with these Online Tools

Want to learn how to write like a pro or get better at basic sentence structure? Visit the resources listed in this blog to get details on common grammatical errors or to improve your screenwriting skills.

10 College Majors that Could Lead to High Paying Careers

If you have a lot of interests, and want to factor cash flow into deciding your major, check out this article. It outlines some of the best majors for getting into high-paying, dynamic positions.

5 Work Study Skills that Can Improve Your Marketability

Want to increase your chances of getting hired after you graduate college? Yes! Of course. By participating in a work study program now, you will learn valuable skills that can be transferred to your vocation of choice. This blog offers some of...

How Students Can Use Craigslist to Save Money

Using Craigslist as a free resource for classifieds ads can be very helpful. In fact, it could potentially save you money by helping you find used items to buy rather than brand-new ones. You can even find free things on Craigslist! Get more...

What To Ask for in a Care Package

In this article, we've listed a few ideas for you in case you're wondering what there is to be included in a care package. Some products include peanut butter, Crystal Light, filtered water bottles, and more.

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