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March 2012

How Public Transportation Can Save Students Time and Money

Having your own car to drive has it's benefits. But let's not forget the hassle of being stuck in traffic. Why not save yourself the road rage and let someone else do the driving by taking public transit. You may even be surprised at how much...

What To Do if You Can't Afford Your Student Loan Payments

That dreaded student loan bill comes in the mail and you panic. Do you just ignore it because you can't pay it anyway, or is there something you can do? Get some advice on how to proceed if you find yourself in a bind regarding your student loan...

The Student Saver's Scholarship Alerts

What's better than free money? Perhaps the value of a college education. You can get both by winning scholarship contests. Read this blog to learn about some of the top scholarships available to college degree-seeking students.

What High School Seniors Should Know About Paying for College

There is plenty to read about, when it comes to what high school seniors should know about paying for college. The more you can learn, grasp and understand, the better off your finances will be when you make the transition to higher learning.

Student Saver's Top 10 Articles on Financial Aid

The Student Savers blog offers advice for individuals who are considering financial aid for college. Some topics include the FAFSA application, which college offers the best financial aid packages, and more.

The 5 Best Online Tools for Managing College Costs

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a tool to help your college debt disappear? This may never happen, but at least you can find some handy online resources to help you figure out or keep track of your college expenses. Read this blog learn about...

Now's the Time to Plan for Repaying Your Student Loans

If you're wondering when is the right time to plan to repay your student loans, wonder no more. The time is now! And we've listed a few guidelines to help get you started.

5 Ways to Make Your Scholarship Essay Stand Out

Making your scholarship essay stand out from the rest is an important thing to consider. If you want your essay to be memorable and effective, then these five tips can help you accomplish your goal of impressing the committee and getting that...

How to Study Abroad without Breaking the Bank

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for any student, no matter the destination. However, it can sometimes be pretty expensive. With that in mind, we've listed a few tips in studying abroad without breaking the bank.

Improve Your Memory and Study Less with these Brain Games

Improvements to your memory lead to less studying, and brain games are a great way to boost your capacity for learning and retention. If you're ready to grow your brain while having fun, check out the list of games below!

The Best Places To Shop on a Student's Budget

Just because you live on a student's budget doesn't mean you don't love to shop. And those of you who don't enjoy shopping still need to go to the store for necessities. But most retail outlets are expensive, so where can you go to find what you...

Could Apple's New iTextbooks Really Save You Money?

Textbooks are one of the major costs (besides tuition) for college students. Within the last decade textbooks rental companies have sprung up, alleviating some of the dependence on college bookstores and their expensive wares. Now that Apple has...

A Quick and Cheap Way to Improve Your Performance in School (and Life!)

If you're looking for a better way to improve your cognitive performance in school (and life), you might have missed a simple yet effective solution. Read on to learn the cheap secret to improve focus and keep your mind in a place where it can...

Expert Study Tips to Help Save You Time

Let's face it: Everybody could use more time. But how do you carve more time out of an already busy schedule to study? Read on for some tips to help you study smart.

Could a 529 Plan Save You Money on Tuition?

The cost of attending college seems to be one those things that's ever increasing. So is there anything you can do to spend less money for tuition? With a 529 plan, you may be able to do just that. Read on to learn how these plans work to decide...

Why It's Important for Students to Set Financial Goals

Setting financial goals during college readies students for postgraduate responsibilities and beyond. Some things to consider, covered here in this article, include establishing goals and saving before college even begins.

Be Aware of Hidden Costs at College

Of course, the largest expense of attending college is tuition. But there are other fees you may be overlooking or feel you don't need to be concerned about. By reading this blog, you can discover or learn more about some of the hidden costs you...

Can Online Budgeting Programs Really Work for College Students?

Online budgeting programs tend to be a matter of personal preference, especially for college students. Some might not be ready for the commitment to constant financial money-management. However, the benefits might be worth the time and effort to...

College Students: Is the Late-Night Dollar Menu Really Saving You Money?

Fast food dollar menus appeal to many types of people, including college students on a fixed income. While it may seem like eating cheaply could be worthwhile, let's take another look.

10 Meals to Help You Study Smarter

Food isn't just for your body's health, it fuels your mind as well. Eat smarter with this list of healthy foods that boost your focus and memory, so that you can get the most out of your study sessions.

How Owning an Eco-Friendly Car in College Can Save You Money

Owning an eco-friendly car in college has the potential to save you money. Think of it as an investment for the future. Here are some of the incentives and tax credits, along with some details of this modern trend towards electric and hybrid...

How to Make a Student Budget...And Stick To It!

Making a budget can seem like a foreign concept to many college students. However, it is an essential part of growing up. Here are some ways for you to make a budget and stick to it.

Is a Stock Mutual Fund a Good Option to Save for College?

Stock mutual funds offer a diverse way of saving money for college. Although there is evidently some potential risk involved with investing your money in a mutual fund, there is also the opportunity of having those investments pay off in the long...

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