Student Saver

March 2016

10 Graduate Gifts to Help Save for the Future

Money is a pretty standard gift for high school and college graduates, but giving them items that can save them money takes the gift one step further. This article lists ten gifts that graduates (or at least their wallets) will truly learn to...

How Students Can Save by Giving Back

Students can save money in college by giving back to their communities. We've gone over a few of the ways you can give back, like donating shoes and clothing or giving blood.

Freshmen: Do you REALLY need that Course Reader?

As you approach your first day of college, you may be wondering what and what not to bring with you. Take a look at the list below prior to packing - chances are, you can save some suitcase space and a little heartache.

Understanding Your FAFSA Package

Getting financial aid is the only way many students are able to attend college, and completing the FAFSA is the first step. Aid can be in the form of loans or grants. Read this blog to get an overview of the different types of aid offered in a...

How to Qualify for a Fee Waiver on Your College Application

College application fees can end up being expensive, especially if you're applying for multiple schools. However, there are a few ways that you can apply to colleges for free. This article outlines some things you can do to save money on college...

Are International College Rankings Dangerous?

International college rankings might seem like a reliable source of information about an individual learning institution. However, there are some important details that might remain hidden.

Should I Join the ROTC?

Students may be considering whether or not they'd like to join a Reserve Officers' Training Corp program at their college or university. So we've listed a few of the pros and cons, in detail, to help you decide.

Free Online Acting Resources and Drama Classes

For those interested in free online acting resources and drama classes, we've listed a few options for you to consider. Whether you're looking to improve your acting skills or get better at reading scripts, we've got you covered.

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