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May 2011

Career-Seeking: There's an App for That

Decades ago, preparation for a job interview amounted to little more than putting on your best suit, printing your resume on high-grade paper and wiping your sweaty palms on your pants before entering the interviewer's office. Today, you can run...

Amazing Tech Shortcuts That Can Make Your Life Easier

For novice or moderate computer users, it can seem like computer tasks are more cumbersome than they should be. This list is designed to introduce some quick tricks that can streamline computer use. If you're a seasoned computer user, you...

JUMP Math: Dr. John Mighton Makes Math Accessible for All

Like many people, Dr. John Mighton grew up struggling with math. But rather than conclude that he simply lacked innate mathematical talent, Dr. Mighton earned his doctoral degree in math and went on to develop a revolutionary new education...

Tour These College Campuses from Your Smartphone

Thanks to your smartphone, a campus 'visit' doesn't necessarily require you to shell out for a plane ticket. Here's a list of some mobile apps that deliver virtual campus tours.

Open Education at MIT: Inside the Gallery of Educational Innovation

Though several institutions around the world have significant caches of OER (Open Educational Resources), few have embraced them as much as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT. Among their many contributions to the OER world is the...

Open.Michigan: Education for All

For many schools around the world, Open Educational Resources (OER) are a hot topic. Universities are beginning to feel compelled to increase access to educational materials by making them available online and for free to any who desire them. One...

What is YouTube Film School?

Imagine majoring in YouTube. Maybe not as far-fetched as you might think. Beginning in spring 2011, the social media website, known for allowing registered users to upload and share videos of their own making, is joining forces with two...

Apps for Study Skills

Do you need an extra boost to remember all that information you're studying? The mobile study apps discussed in this blog can help you create flashcards to study better. These apps also include quizzes so you can test what you've learned.

Apps for Better Math Grades

If you're looking for apps for better math grades, then look no further. We've got you covered. This article discusses a few great apps that can help you stay on top of your math game.

Apps for Better Writing

There are numerous tech tools available that can help students and teachers. This article takes a look at mobile writing apps that can help improve your academic performance.

What is iTunesU?

iTunesU, or iTunes University, allows students, academics and lifelong learners to download free lectures and lessons taught by professors at various universities in the United States and around the world. Some of the universities that offer...

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