Student Saver

October 2012

Think You Can't Afford to Study Abroad? Think Again!

Studying abroad is a popular choice among college students. Although it might seem like an unaffordable luxury to some, we've offered some tips to the contrary.

Determine Your Study Style to Make the Most of Your Study Time

Making the most of your study time is critical in college. We've come up with a series of questions for you to determine your style of studying.

10 Cheap Halloween Costumes for Students

Halloween is a holiday where people dress up in costumes to celebrate. If you don't want to spend too much on a costume, here are ten cheap Halloween costume ideas, from a professor to a nudist on strike to a zombie.

5 Ways Students Can Save on Commuting

As a commuter student, you save money when it comes to room and board fees, but the trade off is you have to spend money on transportation. Traveling expenses can add up. Check out some tips that can help you cut down on your commuter expenses.

5 Simple Ways to Ace Your Next Test

Every student likes the feeling of getting an 'A' on a test. But As don't come easy for most. You may be one of those students who has to really put a lot of effort into studying. With the tips in this blog, you will learn some of the best...

Students: Is Your Savings Account Making You Money? It Should Be!

Looking for a savings account, it might seem that most accounts are pretty much the same. However, we've listed a few things for you to consider so that you can find a savings account to match your needs.

10 Questions to Ask at Your Campus Financial Aid Office

Financial aid can be overwhelming because of all the rules and regulations. We've listed some important questions to ask your campus financial aid office that should help.

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