Student Saver

September 2012

Are Ivy League Colleges Worth the Money?

Deciding on whether or not Ivy League colleges are worth the money tends to be a matter of perspective and personal preference. With that said, there are some concrete benefits and drawbacks that every potential applicant should consider prior to...

Common Study Mistakes That All Freshmen Make

Freshmen tend to enter college with study habits that might have worked in high school - college is a different ballgame, though. These common study mistakes should be avoided.

5 Easy Ways Students Can Save Money on Clothing

You're a college student, so having lots of cash to just splurge on clothing may not be possible. But what if you could wear the latest fashions without spending much? Read this blog to learn some non-traditional ways you can save money on...

Free Days College Students Should Know About

When it comes to getting outside and engaging in activities, there are plenty of free days college students should know about. These free days can be found at museums and zoos, among other places.

The Hidden Costs of Student Organizations

College is the perfect time to join up with something new. So many clubs, teams and organizations to choose from! But beware. Even free student organizations could have hidden fees just waiting to empty your wallet, and you might never guess how.

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