10 Free Current Novels Available Online

Are you a voracious reader? Maybe you've gone through the fiction on the shelves at your local library and are looking for more titles to quench that literary thirst. Well, you happen to be in luck. Check out these novels that can be found online - for free!

free novel ebooks

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

This novel by Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing fame details a world of constant surveillance following a terrorist attack on San Francisco. Marcus, a 17-year-old computer whiz, takes things into his own hands when a series of laws inhibit personal freedoms. Will he be successful in his techno-revolution?

free novel ebooks

The Honour of the Knights by Stephen J. Sweeney

Set in the year 2617, this science fiction thriller follows space pilot Simon Dodds, who discovers a civil war has been fabricated by governing authorities to hide the true state of affairs. As the narrative unfolds, Simon must negotiate dangers of all kinds.

free novel ebooks

Move Under Ground by Nick Mamatas

What would happen if the Beats had to contend with dragons? Would the lives of Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassaday, Allen Ginsburg and William Burroughs have been at all different? This novel unites 1960s literary sensibilities and sci-fi pastiche.

free novel ebooks

12 Steps by Darren R. Hawkins

When it comes to getting sober, 'One learns to expect nothing, to doubt success as a temporary achievement, to assume failure.' At least that is the observation this novel makes about addiction and recovery. Check it out for an emotionally gripping story about reclaiming one's life.

free novel ebooks

A Foreign Education

What kind of trouble can a British exchange student get into in America? Plenty. This humorous tale follows Ross Cooper attending the University of Colorado as he gets involved in campus hijinks of all kinds. Along the way he manages to also fall in love with the American girl of his dreams.

free novel ebooks

The American Book of the Dead by Henry Baum

This novel covers topics that include secret societies, World War III, life after death and UFOs. Author Eugene Myers begins dreaming about people who end up being real people in his life. Adding to the drama are his impending divorce and difficulties with his daughter.

free novel ebooks

Looking Through the Windows of Madness by Leo Vine-Knight

A man who works in a mental health facility begins to question his own sanity when events in his life unravel out of control. Family problems, difficulties at work and the challenges of an affair all contribute to Steven's instability. Everything comes to a head when there is an 'accident' in the facility.

free novel ebooks

Count All This by P.C. Fergusson

This novel's action is set into motion when junior college student Eddy experiences a schizophrenic episode. Needing care, Eddy becomes the responsibility of his mother, Jo. Further turmoil strikes the family when Jo is diagnosed with breast cancer. Can the family survive these struggles?

free novel ebooks

The Tear Thief by Alain Bezancon

In this work of science fiction, emotions are disappearing. So rare are they that there is now a market for tears, which can help make people experience feelings again. Baldassario acts as a supplier of these tears, collecting them from the unsuspecting. This novel follows her story as she embarks on her greatest challenge.

free novel ebooks

Collision Course by S.C. Stephens

Lucas is the sole survivor of a car accident that leaves three of his friends dead. Lucas was driving the car, and he is now accused by many in the community of drinking and driving recklessly. Can Lucas overcome his feelings of guilt to make a new life for himself?

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