10 Graduate Gifts to Help Save for the Future

Money is a pretty standard gift for high school and college graduates, but giving them items that can save them money takes the gift one step further. This article lists ten gifts that graduates (or at least their wallets) will truly learn to appreciate.

money-saving gifts for college students

Gifts That Keep Giving

With the end of the year coming quickly, your loved one may be graduating from high school or college. Saving money is both you and your student's priority. While money is always appreciated by grads, what can you give them that will continue to save them money? Check out these ten choices that, with a little investment, can save your grad money over time.

1. Espresso Machine

Most college students live on caffeine to study for two or more years. Crashing from this high would not be enjoyable. With coffeehouses every few miles, graduates will be hitting them for their daily fix. Invest in an espresso machine so that your grad can enjoy their favorite coffee drinks at home. Pair it with some popular syrups - such as vanilla and hazelnut - and you can prevent him or her from spending four dollars on coffee every day.

2. Digital Coin Sorter/ Digital Bank

We've all been known to dig through the couch for loose change. Loose money can add up. With a digital coin sorter or bank, your grad can watch as their spare change accumulates. A digital sorter can help your grad get their money rolled or organized to deposit it in the bank. Coinstar is a great way to sort loose change, but it takes a percentage of your money. Why pay for something else to do the sorting?

3. Surge Protector

While this doesn't save money upon purchase, it could save a lot in the future. A surge protector can prevent a big money loss if there is ever a storm that causes a power surge and fries electronics. Whether just the laptop, cell phone charger or all of his or her electronics are connected to the power cord, this could save your student from having to buy new devices. New protectors also include shut-off switches for only some outlets. This means that your grad can turn off power to certain gadgets without shutting all of them down. That's an electric bill savings too!

4. Battery Charger

One of life's great expenses is batteries. Whether the remote dies in the middle of a season premiere or a flashlight goes out during a blackout, we grumble as we look through the junk drawer for fresh batteries. Usually, we find batteries that were saved in the hopes that there was just enough juice in them to use for something else - simply because they are so expensive. Buy your grad a battery charger with rechargeable batteries to end the war with this money-pit. You'll be doing the environment a favor, too!

5. E-reader

Is your student graduating with a degree in literature? Even if he or she isn't, an e-reader is one of the top gifts to give a grad. Whether they're going to college or entering the real world as an adult, e-reader stores offer great deals on digital books. For study or for pleasure, e-readers can save on luggage costs (books are heavy), purchases and even magazine costs (some readers offer free or low-cost subscriptions for magazines and newspapers).

6. Filtered Water Bottle

Many students enjoy grabbing a bottle of water to take to class. As well as not being eco-friendly, this is not cost-efficient for your student. If he or she is going away to school (or graduating from college), consider investing in a filtering water bottle. These bottles include a filter that sits inside the cap. Using tap water, your grad will save money, get great-tasting, fresh, BPA-free water and reduce waste!

7. Ionic Breeze Ball

Let's face it, college students aren't the most hygienic. Being on their own causes teenagers to forget to shower, clean their room and experiment with smoking, cooking and drinking. This can cause a very toxic-smelling atmosphere. With an ionic ozone breeze ball (priced around $55), your grad can purify the air around them without buying smelly scented sprays. Unlike its odor-covering counterparts, the breeze ball actually draws filthy and harmful smells out of the air. No second-hand smoke for your non-smoker!

8. Foodsaver

With one of these vacuum food-saving gadgets, your grad can save money in the long-run. Instead of wasting money on freezer-burnt food, this machine seals bags so that there will be no air getting to the food. This isn't only good for freezer food though - you can use it to preserve nuts, crackers, trail mix or any other products that you've opened and want to save. It also makes it easy to bring your own pre-cooked foods camping or on the road rather than buying packaged products that are easy to reheat. With reusable bags, your grad can even use it daily to keep their lunch (sandwich and chips) fresh. No food waste and no need to eat out make for big savings in the end.

9. Shower Timer

Face it, after a long day of running between classes and participating in clubs and events, students may want to take a 20 minute shower to relax their muscles and get squeaky clean. But all those water droplets are money slipping down the drain. Shower timers are usually inexpensive, and some, like the Waterpebble, use traffic light indicators to help people hurry out of the shower and move on to the next activity.

10. Electric-Assist Bicycle

If you've got a lot of money to spend on your graduate, consider buying them a fuel-saving bicycle, such as the Watseka XP Cargo. Do your research before buying, but some of these hybrid bikes can reach 20 MPH and the electricity for battery charging is considerably cheaper than gas for their car. This gift is perfect for any graduate who will work and live in a city, or any graduate who wants to go green.

Now that you know some gadgets that can save your graduate money, find out if an iPad can save money too.

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