10 Mobile Apps That Can Simplify Your Life

Online stores offer hundreds of apps for your smartphone or tablet. While many of them are games to fill your free time, there are also several apps designed to help save you time when your schedule gets busy, or just make your responsibilities as a student a little bit easier to manage. This article outlines ten such apps.

Not Just For Texting

Nowadays it seems like everyone has some sort of smartphone or tablet. People always appear engrossed in these fun gadgets, playing games, making calls or reading an article somewhere. These handy new toys can actually be especially helpful in the busy life of a student. The following are 10 apps that you can download to make your life easier and save you time.

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Remember The Milk

This app has a goofy name, but it is designed to create checklists for all of the little tasks you need to do (which could reasonably include grocery shopping for milk). Organize your life with to-do lists, which you can share between your devices and with others. You can even set up email or text reminders that the app will automatically send to you at a given time. No more being late.

Sugar Sync

Want to view your files from anywhere at anytime? This app makes all that easy and mobile. Synch up to your computer and send e-mails, documents, images and more from your mobile device right to your desktop and vice versa.


Some students really hate cluttering up the pages of books with notations and highlights. With this app you'll be able to take down notes and thoughts specific to page and passage without ever picking up a pencil.

iTalk Recorder

Taking notes can put a strain on your wrist and can keep you from really listening to what the professor is saying. iTalk allows you to record lectures or your own commentary on different lessons. You can even use it to make verbal to-do lists or reminders.

Graphing Calculator

Why shell out the big bucks for the newest version of a graphing calculator? Get this app for all your math and graphing needs. Even better, you'll be able to update the app when there's new features rather than buying a new calculator.


Who scored the most home runs last year in baseball? Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? This app can help you find out both. Settle any disagreement between friends and begin your research on a paper with this easier way to browse Wikipedia on the go.


If you have a busy social life and want to stay connected, this is a good way to talk to everyone at once. This app allows you to connect to phone calls, video chats, texting and more all at the same time. Now you'll just have to figure out how your fingers will keep up.


If you've ever wanted to open an email attachment on your phone, but couldn't because it was a .doc or .txt file, iZoho can help. It's a free document reader app for iPhone and iPod touch. It is designed to work particularly well with the Zoho office suite.


Have to get around but don't have a car? It's not an issue if you have this app. Find out local public transit schedules to get you where you need to go cheaply and at the exact time you want to be there, all at the touch of a button. You can check how much it will cost you as well.


College life is so expensive! Fortunately you can help teach yourself to curb your spending by keeping an eye on your funds with this app. Track your spending, figure out how much money you have to spare and calculate how much money you're likely to spend in the future. You'll be cent savvy in no time.

What other cool things can your phone do? How about making you money!

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