30 Easy Ways College Students Can Save Money in the Next Month

During college, money is usually tight, but saving money doesn't have to be that difficult. This article outlines 30 things students can start doing today to save money for tomorrow.

Start Saving

Trying to save money can be so difficult sometimes. If only there were easy ways to save money every day. Lucky for you, there are! There are enough simple ways to save money that you could do one per day for the entire month. Some of them you may have never even considered before.


Ride Your Bike Everywhere

Well, everywhere you can, that is. Riding your bike saves you money on gas and gets you in better shape, which does away with that gym membership fee as well.

Use Leftovers

You may be tempted to throw away that last little serving of pasta, but think again. Keep it and eat it later for a snack, or use it in recipes. Either way, that's one less meal you have to pay for.

Turn off Lights When You're Not There

You're not in that room, so why does it need to be all lit up? When you leave the house or just a room, make sure you turn off the lights and all appliances. You'll be saving money on your electric bill.

Don't Buy Designer Brands

Those jeans look really great, but would a knockoff brand work just as well? Consider buying off-brand for your next purchase. Also, check out Goodwill and second hand stores. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a big name for a small price.

Avoid Vending Machines

They're just so convenient that it's hard to stop yourself from spending all your money. But keep in mind that most things in the machine can be bought for less, even half the price, at the nearest supermarket. Save your quarters for laundry day.


By sharing rides to classes, the store or other locations, you'll be saving gas and lessening the wear on your car. See if you can arrange it as a regular thing, trading off days or splitting gas costs.

Build a Cookbook

Check the Internet or with your friends for inexpensive and easy recipes. Rather than just trying to remember, make a cookbook for yourself. That way, when it's time to figure out dinner, you'll have cheap options to consider and pick from.

Buy in Bulk

Some things don't do well in bulk, but anything you can keep for a long time or freeze is worth it. Check places like Costco to see if there are any great deals on things you need. Just make sure that you can actually use whatever you get.

Shop Smart Online

It may be convenient, but buying online often convinces you to spend more money. Because you're not seeing actual money exchange hands, it's very easy to spend more than you intend. Plus, those shipping costs can sneak up on you. If you're making online purchases, take the time to check products on multiple sites to see if you can get a better deal, and make sure that the product is what you want by checking out some reviews and pulling out a measuring tape.

Don't Eat Out

Eating out is great because it means you don't have to cook, but it also costs money. Cut out your meals at restaurants for a while and concentrate on honing your cooking skills.

Clip Coupons

You don't need a coupon magazine to get coupons. Check local newspapers and check the websites of places you're going to shop at for deals. You'd be surprised at some of the discounts you can get that way.

Take Shorter Showers

Showers may be a good time to unwind, but they raise that water bill. Shorten your showers by turning off the water while you're shampooing your hair and turning it back on to finish. Two-in-one conditioning shampoo can shorten the process as well. On a side note, if you're trying to choose between a shower and a bath, stick with the shower. With a water-saving showerhead, it takes about fifteen minutes of flowtime to go through the equivalent of a single bath.

Clean Out Your Trunk

Chances are you've got a lot of unnecessary junk in your trunk. Cleaning out the backseat and trunk of your car can give you better gas mileage, because the vehicle will run lighter. As a bonus, you might find something to sell.

Sell Off Old Things

A great way to save money is to make money. Sort through your old belongings and sell things you no longer need either online or in a garage sale. You'd be surprised at how much some 'junk' is worth.

Make Your Own Coffee

Starbucks sure is tasty, but it's also expensive. Try making your own coffee for a while, freezing what you don't use. You can customize anything your way and can be sure that your order is right.

Bring a Lunch from Home

Cafeterias and lunchrooms at work or school can cost more than you think. Consider packing a simple lunch like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with apple slices. It sounds juvenile, but it's cheap and tasty.

Boot the Bottles

Getting bottled water regularly can end in lots of waste and lots of wasted cash. Plus, sanitation and quality standards are actually lower on bottled water than on municipal tap water. If you can't handle drinking it straight from the faucet, get a filter for your faucet or a filtering pitcher, and then bring your beverage with you in a reusable bottle.

Don't Buy Anything from a Checkout Line

Most things shown for sale in checkout lines at grocery or retail stores are impulse buys. They can overcharge you for things you don't really want, and you'll be willing to pay more just because you're acting on a whim. Resist the impulse and keep walking.

Don't Buy Disposables

Disposable dinnerware may make doing the dishes easier, but they're not cheaper. Anything disposable equates to spending money on stuff you'll just you throw away, so replace disposable plates or cups with ones you can reuse.

Work Out at Home

The gym may be a good place to socialize, but gym fees can be expensive. Borrow or create some basic weights and practice riding your bike or walking in your neighborhood instead of going to work out elsewhere.

Check the Air in Your Tires

Tires with low air make your gas mileage worse. Check your tires and see if you can fill them a little to save money on gas. Most air filling stations are free or very inexpensive, so the costs will offset in no time.


Open a Savings Account

Opening a savings account gets you interest on any money you deposit. Put a small amount from each paycheck into the account and promise to take nothing out. You'll be saving money for your future.

Wise Up About Movie Rentals

Redbox offers machines in most grocery stores. Next time you want to get a movie, check these stores before buying or renting elsewhere. The selection is limited, but they tend to have a lot of new titles. Even better, pick up a free library card and see what you can find in your local library's DVD selection. Or, if you watch a lot of movies and shows, consider a subscription to online streaming from Netflix or Amazon Prime, instead of paying for each rental individually.

Cut Back on Addictions

Maybe it's soda, maybe cigarettes or even cheese puffs. Whatever your vice is, try cutting back just a little bit every week. The money you'll save will be obvious at the end of the month.

Put It on Your Birthday List

If you want something but don't need it right away, try just waiting until your birthday. It worked when you were little, and it still works now. Your parents and friends always ask what you want for your birthday, and now you have something to tell them.

Wash Your Hands Often

It may sound like wasting water, but this preventative measure saves you tons of money that you'd spend if you got sick. Cough medicine, fever reducers and tissues all cost a fortune when you have to buy them for a week. Stay healthy, save money.


Babysitting earns you a little money, but it tends to also get you out of the house for a while where you're not upping your electric or water bill. You'll be saving money on household costs and earning cash for that savings account. (Double check that the parents don't mind before you raid their fridge, though.)

Wear a Coat in the House

It can get cold in the winter, but don't touch that thermostat! Put on a coat or snuggle under a few blankets when inside a cold house. You'll save the money you would have spent on heating.

Wait for Full Loads to Wash Your Clothes

Don't go do laundry when you don't have a full load. You'll be wasting water if you have your own machine, and wasting quarters if you have to go to a laundromat. Do as many clothes as you can at one time instead.

Pay All Bills on Time

It's the end of the month. You've saved lots of money in many different ways, but now you've got to spend some. Don't hesitate for a moment and pay your bills on time. Waiting until you're late will just end up in extra fees and a worse credit score, which will cost you more further down the line. Just keep remembering all you saved this month, and maybe that spending won't feel so bad.

Worried about succumbing to impulse buys? Learn how to say no with these easy-to-follow tips!

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