5 Products Most Students Don't Really Need

Your college dorm room may be smaller than an efficiency apartment, so bringing a bunch of stuff with you is not ideal. Plus, certain items you would like to bring require spending money to maintain. Continue reading to find out some items that you may be better off just leaving at home.


Save Yourself the Hassle By Leaving These Items at Home

As an incoming student, you want to be absolutely sure you don't forget anything. You'll make your checklist and mark things off as you load them into your car. It's great to be prepared, but there are a few things you should leave off that list. You'd be shocked to learn some of the things a student really doesn't need in college.


You may want to bring a printer with you because you know you'll have to be writing and turning in lots of essays and papers. However, you don't need your own. Nearly every college has a printing or computer lab in which you can print out any paper you write. Schools also tend to have printing allotments that number in the hundreds, so there's no fear of running out of paper. On the other hand, if you did bring a printer you'd have to be constantly buying paper in order to print things out. You'd also have to pay for new ink cartridges and find a place in your room to put that bulky piece of technology. It's just cheaper and easier to leave your printer at home and use the one at school.


Having your own way to get around sounds great, but consider the extra costs. You'll have to always pay for your own gas and buy the college's parking permit. Even if you do get a parking permit, you'll have to find a parking space - those are are often limited on campuses. Parking also tends to be outside, which leaves your car open to the elements and possible theft. If you leave the car at home, you'll have to pay none of those costs. You can take the bus, walk, bike or even bum rides with friends if you need to go places. Just be gracious and offer to help pay for gas every so often.

Big Stereo

Maybe at home you were allowed to blast your music as loud as you wanted. Maybe you had frequent dance or music parties with your friends into all hours of the night. Believe that you will not be able to behave this way in college. You will have neighbors on most sides of your room who will want to sleep or study, and who will most definitely complain if you keep them from doing so. It can even result in campus security issuing a fine or raiding any party that you try to put on. The speakers also take up a lot of space in your room, so just leave it all at home and avoid the issues.

Hot Plate

Hot food sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Unfortunately, a hot plate is not likely to get you hot food. Most colleges do not allow hot plates in dorms because they are dangerous. It's all too easy to leave the plate on when you leave the room, and because dorm rooms are rarely clean there is plenty of debris to catch fire. You can also suffer nasty burns, and if you burn any food your whole dorm room will smell. Most colleges also have microwaves or ovens available to students in every dorm building. You can make far more interesting and healthy food using those two cooking implements than you can with just a hot plate.

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