5 Simple Ways to Ace Your Next Test

Every student likes the feeling of getting an 'A' on a test. But As don't come easy for most. You may be one of those students who has to really put a lot of effort into studying. With the tips in this blog, you will learn some of the best techniques to help you study better so you can get an A+ on your next exam.

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Studying Techniques to Score Big on Your Next Test

Students spend hours studying for an exam, even going as far as cramming or pulling an all-nighter. While studying is an essential part of maximizing the score on your next test, there are things that you can do to be even better on exam day. With just a few of these tricks up your sleeve, you'll pass that next exam with flying colors.

Study with Friends

Study groups are always a good idea because you have the support of your friends. Yes, you are more likely to goof off by talking about things that are off topic, but you're less likely to let your mind wander or check Facebook. This is because you feel responsible to the others. Also, you are more likely to remember something fun or funny that relates to what you're studying. For instance, if while thinking of a mnemonic device you break out in a fit of laughter because of your word choice, you'll more likely remember it the following day.

Use Mnemonic Devices

This technique is one of the best for studying. A mnemonic device is a way to memorize information through humor or comparison to what you already know. These techniques are often ridiculous and have nothing to do with what you're memorizing, but they work. For example, the Method of Loci involves visualizing a location in great detail and placing cues in particular areas for memory. For instance, as you walk through your bedroom, you may place each planet. This would help you to remember the order the planets (your furniture) are in from the sun (bed).

Other very popular techniques include rhyming an item to the fact, acronyms and acrostics (where you make a sentence out of the first letters). For instance, EGBDF are the notes on the lines of a treble clef. They are often used to create the sentence Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge.

A Good Night's Sleep

If you've waited until the last minute to study for this exam, you'll want to stay up all night guaranteeing you've absorbed as much as possible. Bad idea. Think of your mind as a computer. After it's been used all day, you need to shut it down so that every document can be organized into correct files and the hard drive can cool down from overheating.

Your brain needs sleep for this exact purpose. Lack of sleep adds stress to your body, which can cause a lack of concentration. Also, while you sleep, your neurogenesis repairs neurons in the brain and creates new nerve cells. And finally, your hippocampus (where memories are stored) works overtime during sleep cycles to consolidate and store memories. In other words, all the stuff you studied before bed can't be saved in your head until you sleep.

Eat a Brain-Boosting Meal

Many of you are likely to skip breakfast for a quick study session before class. This is the worst thing you can do on test day. Make sure to eat a great meal full of mind-boosting foods and get plenty of hydration. Yes, coffee is caffeine and considered one of the brain's super foods, but it is also a diuretic and will dehydrate you. Water is essential for the blood to carry oxygen to the brain properly. Consider grabbing an omelet full of brain foods like spinach, onions and carrots to charge your mind.


You're sitting at your desk and the test is placed in front of you. Suddenly, anxiety overtakes you. What if you forget what you studied? What if everything you studied wasn't on the test? Stress causes horrible things to happen to you, such as memory loss, poor judgment, slow decision-making skills, lack of concentration, an overwhelmed feeling and racing thoughts. All of these make for bad test-taking.

To avoid these, make sure you get to class early. This gives you time to pick out your desk, get out your testing materials (if it's open note you want to be sure you remembered them and if not, have time to run back to your dorm) and relax. Read through the test when it is given to you. This should relax you because you'll see what is expected and there will be no surprises. Finally, after each question, pause and take a deep breath to help relax your body.

Test day isn't the only time you need to maximize your studying. Make sure you always study smartly.

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