5 Tips For Saving Time on College Homework

The learning methods used for college tend to differ from those deployed in high school. One of the biggest differences is that more learning time is spent on homework than in the classroom. This article offers five tips to help you cut down on homework time without compromising your education.


Don't Waste Your Time

You may have considered your high school homework easy, but college homework is a different animal altogether. It's rare that you're going to get a worksheet to fill out in college. Here are some simple tips that can help you avoid spending too much time on homework.

1. Pay Attention in Class

Actively participating in class, whether it's a discussion or a lecture, is a key to making all other aspects of your academic life simpler. Often, professors will discuss concepts in class that are later covered in homework. If you absorb information in class, chances are high that this will help you understand your homework more quickly. It would be very unfortunate to spend an hour dozing off or daydreaming in class, and then have to spend an extra hour or two on homework in order to catch up to where you need to be.

2. Work With a Friend

Before we get into the specifics of this tip, we should include a disclaimer. 'Working with a friend' does not mean 'copying a friend's answers,' or 'getting some kid to do the work for you.' Doing homework is an important part of actually learning and getting the most from a class.

Working alongside someone who can be there to help interpret concepts and solve problems is a great way to cut down on the time you spend doing homework. This might not be applicable in humanities classes where homework assignments are typically centered around reading, but science, math and other subjects where collaboration is possible are good candidates.

3. Focus

This can be particularly hard, especially if your work involves using the Internet or computer. Distraction is so close, and so tempting, but it's a waste of your time to give in. Focusing on the task at hand can make it go much more quickly. It might be a struggle for some, but gaining this type of discipline will be an asset not only during your academic life, but also in whatever type of career path you pursue outside of school.

If you have trouble focusing, try to break your work into chunks. Spend 30 minutes working, and ten minutes doing something else. Then, gradually cut down on the time you spend on distractions, and increase the time you spend bearing down on work. Ultimately, the only one who suffers if you don't develop discipline is you, so it's in your best interest to make this one happen.

4. Don't Fall Behind

It seems like not doing the work would be the easiest way to save time on homework, right? Wrong. Staying up-to-date on assignments is an essential part of having an efficient homework completion rate. Most class syllabi are arranged such that concepts build upon each other, and having a cumulative knowledge of things that have already been covered is very important to successfully moving forward. Being on top of your homework schedule will prevent you from having to go back and figure out what the heck is going on. Plus, actually being aware of what's happening in class will keep you prepared for tests and any potential surprise quizzes your professor might decide to treat you to.

5. Develop Habits, and Stick to Them

The biggest part of making these tips work for you is to make them a regular part of your day. Get in the habit of doing your homework before you do anything else, especially something social. It's understandable if you want to hit the gym or go do something else similarly relaxing and productive before turning to homework, but putting homework first on the priority list is an important step to getting it done. You can focus on having a good time once it's over, and the sooner you get to it, the sooner you can be enjoying yourself.

This can seem like an impossible task, but like focusing, it's something you might have to train yourself to do. Once you get in the habit of prioritizing homework, it will make the process of doing it a lot easier. If there is a specific way you like to get work done, take note of it, and make sure you replicate those conditions as best you can every time you get to work.

You can also improve your homework completion rate with some educational mobile apps to help with your study skills.

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