5 Ways Students Can Make Spring Break More Affordable

Sure, going to Cancun for spring break may be the college student's dream. But Caribbean destination trips can be expensive. So how can you get away for spring break without too much money getting away from you? Read on to find out.

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Ways to Get the Most Out of Spring Break Without Spending Too Much

It's that time again, when schools let you take a little break from your studies and really cut loose. Spring break is nearly a legendary phrase among students, secretly code for: it's party time! But all that partying comes at a price. And no, that doesn't just mean a headache in the morning. Partying costs cash, something students don't have a lot of. So is there anything a student can do to have a wild but inexpensive spring break? Yes, in fact there are five ways to do so. By using a few different techniques, any student on any budget can manage to have a great time without emptying his or her pockets.

Stay Close to Home

It doesn't sound too glamorous, but it's not always so bad. Every area has some point of interest or party location nearby. Sure, it's not a Caribbean island, and everyone wants to really get away over break. But to save money sometimes, you have to look hard to find the diamonds in the rough. Consider driving up to a local ski spot for a day to ride the slopes, or if you're in a warmer location, think about a trip to the beach. Look into events that might be going on in your area or at a short day's drive that won't cost too much. You'll be happy not to be spending a fortune on gas money or plane tickets in order to go on vacation.

Stay with Relatives or Friends

Still set on really getting away? No problem. Though you'll still have to pay travel expenses, maybe you don't have to pay for lodging. Make a few phone calls to relatives or college friends from out-of-state to see if they'd like a guest for a few days. By not paying for lodging, and probably meals too, you'll be saving money and giving yourself a little more cash to spend on parties and souvenirs. Remember to be a gracious guest and thank your hosts for their kindness. It's also probably a good idea to save five bucks for a thank you box of chocolates or similar gift.

Make a Little Money Before Break

One of the best ways to save money is to make money. However, a week isn't exactly a lot of time to make money or get a temporary job. You can still make use of the magic of the Internet to get some extra cash. Now that winter is gone, consider selling off winter clothes and coats, as well as any extra useless items you've accumulated over the college semester so far. Try eBay or Craigslist, or you can even do a garage sale-style event out of your dorm room. By getting more money before break, you'll have a larger selection of things to do and places to go without digging into your savings.

Look for Free Events

Every student loves free. Even though spring break can be very expensive, you can still find free fun around if you just know where to look. Check around online for events in your area or near friends and relatives that don't cost anything. In particular, look for free concerts, plays or comedy shows. Check for parties that will give you free entry if you wear a certain type of outfit or bring a certain item. Look in your local paper for coupons offering free entry to events when you present that ad. You're bound to find something that suits your fancy and won't cost you a dime.

Look for Package Deals

One of the best ways you can spend spring break is with a group of friends. Lucky for you, hotels and travel bookers agree. By planning a trip with a group of friends, you'll only have to split costs rather than paying the full amount. Look for prices on cruises or flights that are cheaper when you book a certain number of people at once. Get lodging together so you won't have to buy a bunch of hotel rooms. And, of course, if you really want to save money, consider a road trip with friends and split the cost of gas. It can end up being a trip you'll remember for the rest of your life.

Want to save money before break? Find out how to stop spending on things you don't really need!

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