5 Ways Students Can Save on Commuting

As a commuter student, you save money when it comes to room and board fees, but the trade off is you have to spend money on transportation. Traveling expenses can add up. Check out some tips that can help you cut down on your commuter expenses.


Tips to Cut Back on Your Commuter Travel Expense

Getting from here to there is something commuter students need to do a lot of, especially when it involves getting to class. Not to mention, arriving to class on time is already such a hassle. Plus don't for the traffic! It can get pretty stressful. Even more stressful is how much it can cost you. Gas alone costs a fortune nowadays, and when you add in parking fees, toll roads and potential maintenance on your car, it really adds up. So is there any way you can get around these hefty fees? Yes. There are five ways in fact.


This tip can be taken one of two ways. First, you can try to find someone heading to college from your living area and hitch a ride with them regularly, only paying a small fraction of their gas fees. Or, you can offer rides to friends who need to get to college and ask for a small amount of money to help pay for gas in return. Either way, you end up spending a whole lot less on gas. You can also alternate the two methods. That way a friend takes you every other day of the week, and you take them the rest of the days.

Park Further Away

Rather than parking your car in the student parking area, consider choosing a spot on the street a few blocks away from the college. You may end up walking a little more, but you'll also end up paying less over all. You won't use up as much gas trying to find a space in the crowded lot, and you won't have to spend money on a student parking permit or daily parking fee. It might also get you in shape a little by making you walk those extra few blocks.

Avoid All Toll Roads

By this point, you may have determined the very fastest way to get to college from where you are. This makes sense, because it gives you that extra few minutes of sleep every student craves. Well, one way to start saving money if you have to cross toll roads is to get to sleep a little earlier and find a less direct way to school. Use Google Maps or another online mapping tool to find alternative routes. By not taking routes that involve toll roads or bridges, you'll save a little extra money. Also, roundabout ways sometimes have less traffic. Check to make sure that the extra gas you use doesn't offset the amount of the toll so that you're sure it's actually saving you money.

Use Public Transportation

Most colleges have a bus or train line that runs right past the college regularly. Check the bus schedule and routes to see if getting to school by public transportation is an option for you. Then, locate your nearest bus stop; and there you have a regular way to get to and from campus without the hassle of parking or driving. You'll be helping the environment and you won't have to worry about car repairs or gas money. You'll also be surprised to find how many other students ride the bus, and you just might make a few friends in the process.

Ride Your Bike

There's nothing like exercise before class to get you awake and ready to learn. So why not take your bike to school? You won't pay anything for parking or gas, and you'll be helping the environment and your own health. When it rains, you can always take public transportation or carpool, but when you can do it, biking is a great option. If you'd rather walk, roller blade or even skateboard to school instead, these are also fine options.

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