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Bachelor's Degree Programs in Construction Management

Construction management bachelor programs teach building trade skills and project management methods. Learn about degree prerequisites, undergraduate coursework and salary info for related construction careers.

What Will I Learn in a Construction Management Bachelor's Degree Program?

Most schools award students in this field a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. You can also choose between an online and on-campus education. Regardless of the format, undergraduate construction management programs will provide you a general overview of each building trade, such as architecture, electrical and framing, and its role within different types of projects. You'll also learn about building codes, construction estimation, safety and blueprint reading. General requirements will also explore:

  • Site measurement
  • Construction materials
  • Commercial construction
  • Legal issues in building construction
  • Quality control
  • Construction project development

Key Topics Discussed Building codes, legal issues, framing, quality control, blueprint reading
Prerequisites High school diploma, or equivalent, is required; most institutions recommend a strong math and science foundation
Networking Opportunities The National Association of Home Builders or the Associated General Contactors of America
Possible Careers General contractor, cost estimator, building code enforcement officer, foreman, building inspector
Median Salary (2018)$93,370 (Construction Managers)
Job Outlook (2016-2026)11% growth (Construction Managers)

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

What Prerequisites Do I Need to Complete?

If you're a high school student looking to major in construction management, you should take at least two years of algebra. Courses in architectural drawing, physics, computer science and writing are also helpful. Some programs will accept students with a high school diploma as freshman students. However, other programs require that you complete two years of undergraduate study without declaring a major, after which you have to apply for a construction management major.

Many online programs require that you complete a student orientation before you take courses. You may also have to purchase supplies such as word processing software. As an online student, you will also need a personal e-mail address, a computer with a current operating system and Internet access. Instructor and classmate interaction is likely through the school's course management system via its discussion board.

Are There Opportunities for Professional Networking?

If you enroll in an on-campus program, many schools host student organizations specific to construction management. Some of these are affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders and the Associated General Contractors of America. Both of these trade organizations provide information about the construction industry, as well as advice and support for current members.

What Can I Do with My Degree?

Earning a bachelor's degree in construction management qualifies you for a position as a foreman, general contractor, construction estimator, building inspector or building code enforcement officer. You can pursue these careers immediately after graduation. Sales and property management positions are also options. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics listed construction managers' median salary as $93,370 in 2018, while cost estimators made a median wage of $64,040 in the same year (www.bls.gov).