Bachelor's Degree Programs in Sound Engineering

Sound engineers set up and operate the audio electronic equipment used for concerts, television broadcasts, recording studios, theaters and more. Learn about the curriculum of a sound engineering bachelor's degree program, and find out if it is available online. Get more info about career options for sound engineers.

Are Bachelor's Degrees Offered in Sound Engineering?

Bachelor's degree programs in sound engineering, or audio engineering, are available from a number of schools. This type of degree is designed to provide students with the skills they need to work in audio production, which is a skilled craft found in industries ranging from music and video to sports and theater. Some degree programs in this field also offer specializations in different areas, such as audio design, sound contracting and acoustics.

Degree Specializations Sound contracting, acoustics, audio design
Common Courses Digital audio, music theory, computer programming, live sound, physics
Learning Environments Traditional classroom degrees are offered
Possible Careers Production engineer, sound designer, sound producer, audio engineer
Median Salary (2018)$52,390 (for sound engineering technicians)*
Job Outlook (2018-28)2% growth (for all sound engineering technicians)*

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What Courses Will I Take?

Courses in a bachelor's degree program in sound engineering cover the latest technology used in the industry, in addition to addressing best practices used in audio production. Along with general education courses, you'll take courses on music theory, physics and computer programming, among other topics. You'll also typically be required to complete an internship, which will give you the chance to build a portfolio of original work to show prospective employers. Some of the courses you can expect to take include:

  • Audio technology
  • Live sound
  • Digital audio
  • Sound design
  • Recording techniques

Can I Complete Programs Online?

Bachelor's degree programs in sound engineering aren't offered online due to the hands-on nature of the training that is completed working with equipment in sound studios. However, you may find online courses in specific topics, such as music theory and music production, if you're looking to advance your knowledge of the field through distance education.

What Can I Do With My Degree?

With a bachelor's degree in sound engineering, you can pursue a number of positions, including audio engineer, sound designer, production engineer or sound producer, among others. Job growth for sound engineers was expected to increase at a rate of 2% between 2018 and 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( This increase is coupled with a projected high level of competition for the available jobs. As of August 2019, salaries for sound engineers ranged from $27,000 to $88,000, according to