Can Twitter Help Students Save Money on Textbooks?

If you're wondering whether or not Twitter can help you save money on textbooks, the answer is yes! Just take a look at some of these suggestions to find out how the popular social media platform can save you money on your books for school.

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Using Twitter to Save Money on Textbooks

Textbooks are one of the biggest expenses for students. Sometimes these costs must come out-of-pocket, if your loans don't cover bookstore costs. While and offer discounted books, options can be limited. With social media booming for communication, can Twitter also help students save money on textbooks?

Breaking News

Twitter provides up-to-the-minute feeds from people and accounts you're following. When breaking news hits, like Apple's plans for the newest app, you'll be one of the first to know about it. Using an iPad, students can download textbooks for the iBook app. This is just one more way to bring technology into schools - and Twitter cued you into it first!


Many websites have been created to share textbooks across the country. By renting books you can save a ton of money each semester. Many of these rental sites have a Twitter account to follow. They often tweet codes for free shipping or an additional percentage off of your total order. Though you won't be able to keep these books, accounts like @BookRenter and @Chegg can help you save in the long run. Besides, do you really want to keep your freshman biology book?


Twitter is a social media platform that is meant to connect with friends. So why not make use of sharing textbooks? You sign up for courses before the end of the current semester, so start sending out tweets about the classes you'll take. Fellow students taking the course now will likely be willing to sell you the book directly for a discounted price. They'll make more money than they'd get back from the school, and you'll save.

If you have a friend who signed up for the same course, offer to split the cost and share the book. Not only will you save money, but you'll get a study-buddy. Extend the olive branch and send out a tweet about books you have from this semester. Maybe someone will buy it back from you (trust me, you don't get nearly enough back in buyback programs) and you can make some money for next semester.


Of course there are textbook stores on the Internet also. Many online sites have been buying back books from students for years. Thousands of books are available for purchase at their sites. Twitter provides a unique opportunity for these stores, posting tweets about ISBN numbers (the bar code numbers on the back of the book) and advertising.

@TextbookLand gives specific ISBN numbers, its new price, the used price and the rental price each day. If you have a specific book in mind, tweet them the ISBN and they'll respond immediately with the price and a link to the book. Another account that offers rentals and books for purchase is @TextbookRush. They offer free shipping on buybacks. These Twitter sites also provide advice on buying books, daily thoughts and monthly contests.

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