Can Your Facebook Page Help You Earn a Scholarship?

Social networking connects people from countries all over the world. Along with seeing what old friends are up to, Facebook addicts can like movies, television shows, games and products. With so many opportunities available to spread news, it's not surprising that Facebook is becoming a place where students can find scholarships. The following are a few Facebook accounts that you may want to like.

finding scholarships on facebook

Facebook Accounts

Some are apps, some are companies - but in any case, Facebook accounts that ask you to like them will post directly to your wall. This makes looking for scholarships easy because you don't have to look for updates.

My College Dollars

Created by MTV (yes, the music channel), this Facebook account runs more like an iPad app than an actual Facebook account. In fact, Facebook apps are what most of us recognize as a game or quote of the day program. While you can't share a daily hug, or grow crops for mastery, this app can be used to find money for your tuition. By plugging in some of your general information (such as name, intended major, age and ethnicity), the app weeds through thousands of scholarships and offers a large list of scholarships you could be eligible for. Some scholarships are worth upwards of $25,000.

Scholarship Points

This Facebook page is an accompaniment to They award money through scholarships and contests. In 2010, they gave away over $120,000. You must be a member (registration is free) of the website in order to use the benefits from the Facebook page. By doing surveys and polls and logging in, you're given reward points to later enter into drawings. They give out bonus point codes on their Facebook page, so keep an eye open to have a better chance at winning.


The administrators for this account provide scholarships for all nations and majors. They also provide scholarships for graduate and post-graduate work. Facebook accounts like this one will post on your main Facebook page, so you won't even have to navigate away from your news feed.

Scholarship Experts

If you're interested in earning scholarships in a different way, these guys can help. Typically, you only need to answer a question or enter a contest to be eligible. These scholarships are really just contests, but if you win, it could mean $1,000 or more toward tuition or books. They also provide links for scholarships that are good at specific colleges. They post often, so keep an eye on their messages in your news feed.

Individual Scholarships

Always keep an eye open for scholarships offered by companies and organizations through their Facebook pages. For instance, Tylenol has a scholarships page for you to like. In 2011 they awarded over $250,000 to cover tuition costs for 40 students studying a healthcare-related major. By using the search bar, you can locate other companies offering or advertising scholarships through Facebook.

Facebook Tips

You've heard your parents say it, but there is certain etiquette to use on social media platforms. Remember to be professional on your own account - especially if the scholarship is being given directly through Facebook. You never know who might be looking at your wall or your comments. Never speak derogatively about someone or something because it could lead to your application being denied.

If you win, you'll be the face of that scholarship for the entire year (or length of time until it's given again). Because of this, you should be sure that your account picture is appropriate and that you represent yourself as any professional would. A family product won't want to give money to a person who swears, badmouths and posts terrible pictures on their account. It may seem like your personal space, but Facebook is an advertisement for you.

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