Career-Seeking: There's an App for That

Decades ago, preparation for a job interview amounted to little more than putting on your best suit, printing your resume on high-grade paper and wiping your sweaty palms on your pants before entering the interviewer's office. Today, you can run through practice questions and answers, research company websites and even use GPS technology to find coffee shops near your next interview site, all at your fingertips. Welcome to 'Job Seeking in the 21st Century'.


A Monster of an App

In the not-so-distant past, you might have imagined hand-held devices providing access to a global network of information to be a reality only in George Jetson's cartoon world of flying cars and robotic maids. But technology has reached a point where you can prepare for a job interview literally on the run. In the time it takes you to travel from one potential job to the next, you can access Web pages, leave yourself recorded notes and e-mail your resume to other hiring companies.

It's only fitting that, the…well, monster of the online job seeking industry, offers perhaps the most comprehensive job-hunting app on the market today. Interviews, boasting the 'Tools to Ace any Job Interview', might not have it all (or at least not perfected it all), but it has enough. More than similar apps, and maybe enough to make the difference between a job offer and continued unemployment.

Want tips on how to handle salary negotiations, or advice about proper follow-up etiquette? Maybe record some post-interview thoughts and observations? Or how about creating a video of yourself practicing your answers so you can watch and critique yourself in the parking lot before heading up to the real interview? These are just a few of the neat and helpful features available on Interviews, which is a free app on iPhone (on iPad soon) and available even to those without a account.

The Best of the Rest


While it may be leading the pack, Interviews isn't the only such app available to job-seekers. Some are free, some are not, and some are available on other mobile platforms in addition to iPhone and iPad. Other apps to consider include:

  • Interview Questions and Answers: Offers 150 common interview questions with answering tips. These answers can be edited for specific job titles. This app is available on both Android and Apple and costs $2 (though there is a free version on Apple as well).
  • Job Compass: Available free to iPhone users, this app allows you to find out details about a job within 5-100 miles of your location, contact the hiring company and even apply for the job through your iPhone.
  • iGetAJob: An app that organizes all of your job-hunting contact names, e-mails and phone numbers for quick and convenient reference. You can, for instance, enter the date you interviewed at a specific company, the name of the hiring manager and his or her contact information, and even salary details.

A Final Thought on Job-Hunting Apps

With the wealth of information and breadth of assistance these apps put in the palm of your hand ( Interviews even allows you to save a photograph of the attire you wish to wear to any given interview!), you'd think it would be a snap to find employment, right? As Jeff Greenler,'s vice president of marketing, told Mobile Marketer, the Interviews app can help those seeking jobs to arrive at interviews more prepared than their competition, and thus stand out from the crowd.

But as much as Interviews and these other apps can help you prepare, it's still up to you, in your best suit and sweaty palms, to land the job. Good luck!

Learn the best ways to use e-mail, smart phones and other technological innovations as you seek employment.

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