Celtic Art Courses

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What Will I Learn in Celtic Art Courses?

In Celtic art courses, you'll study art and artifacts created in Western Europe from about 650 BCE to 1200 CE. You could learn about the origins of the geometric patterns, interlaced knots and ringed crosses representative of Celtic art and the techniques used to create them. Celtic art courses cover the enigmatic history and culture of the Celts revealed through excavations of settlements, chariot graves and sacred sites. Here are a few examples of typical Celtic art courses:

History of Celtic Art

The study of how Celtic art arose is the purpose of this course. Students may learn about the history and religious beliefs of the Celts, and how that influenced their art. Also covered might be comparisons to other civilizations, like Greek and Roman, that existed at the same time. An overview of the techniques that set Celtic art apart from other art forms might also be discussed.

Celtic Art

This course often covers the influences from other countries that gave rise to the distinct art and belief system of the Celts. Celtic mythology may be covered, along with a close look at illuminated manuscripts. Students may study Celtic metalwork, carvings on stone, and cultural legacies of the Celts.

Literature and Celtic Art

Celtic language, arts and music might be covered in this type of course. The cultural traditions of music, jewelry and storytelling are intertwined, and students may learn about the symbolism and traditional motifs that make Celtic art. This course may also discuss religious traditions and the folklore of Celtic culture.

Celtic Culture and Art

This course may cover the Celtic 'renaissance' and the traditions that remain in Celtic art today. The Hallstat and La Tene cultural periods might be discussed, as well as a comparison with other cultures from the same period and how they might have influenced each other.

Celtic and Irish Art

This course will explore the period of Celtic history in Ireland. Such topics as native Irish art and the influence of Christianity on Celtic art might be covered, as well as Irish and Celtic art like stone circles. Students may learn about the periodic Celtic revivals in Irish history.

What Programs Include Celtic Art Courses?

Celtic art courses are typically offered by colleges and universities through undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs in Celtic or medieval studies. Other fields of study, such as art history, also offer courses or concentrations in Celtic art.

Some schools offer a limited number of classes devoted solely to the study of Celtic art, but many classes incorporate the Celtic history, mythology, languages and religion into the syllabus. You could also participate in comparative studies in Celtic art as it relates to other cultures and eras throughout Western Europe, such as the late Bronze Age into the Middle Ages.

There are also Celtic art classes taught through organizations devoted to Celtic art, such as cultural centers or museums.

Can I Take Courses Online?

Some colleges and universities offer online Celtic studies courses that include sections on art. There are also numerous online resources, including websites affiliated with universities and organizations, such as the Celtic Studies Association of North America. These websites provide information about Celtic art displayed by museums and offer analyses of Celtic literature, history and culture. You can also find links to essays, articles, books and periodicals on topics related to Celtic art.

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